Everything You Need to Know: Traits of Cancer Risings

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What Is A Rising Sign?

While one’s sun sign represents the will and ego of the personality, the rising sign depicts the mask we wear for the outside world. The rising sign shows the world what we allow outsiders see—rather than who we are on the inside. It also represents the energy people notice about us first. Whether it is our physical appearance, the way we dress and do our make-up, or how we present ourselves on social media—the ascendant is the glamor we put out there for people to notice and see us. But, it’s very different from the internal reality of our lives—which is shown in other houses of the birth chart. 

A birth chart is made up of many factors. In order to create one, the birth date, year, time of birth, and location is needed. The ascendant represents the exact time of the day—the exact second—that one is born. In the birth chart, it is the first sector of the wheel and is shown by a specific zodiac sign, as well as degree and the planets that are in the first house. Each planet adds flavor to the energy of the zodiac sign. Think of this as an ice cream cone that you’re putting toppings on—the ascendant is the cone itself, the sun sign of the ascendant is the ice cream flavor, and the planets in the first house are the sprinkles, marshmallows, and maraschino cherry on top. Make sense? Hopefully it’s beginning to. 

Once you have the birth chart ready, you can dig into the first house (which is also known as the ascendant and rising sign) to understand how you relate to others and how they connect with you. This is what makes us unique and different from our typical sun sign.

For instance, if you are a Capricorn sun and your drive in life is towards business pursuits, having a Gemini ascendant would bring in a more playful energy to your personality. You wouldn’t be as serious and would seek more attention from the world. Now, if you had a Cancer ascendant, your tenderness and softer side would show more than the austere side of your psyche and persona. 

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Cancer Ascendant Personality Traits 

Some of the personality traits used to define the Cancer ascendant are: 

  • Affectionate 
  • Cuddly
  • Sensitive 
  • Tender 
  • Emotional 
  • Nurturing 
  • Loyal
  • Stubborn 
  • Unwavering
  • Unconditional 

Known to give tough love, it’s hard to get to know a crab ascendant on a deeper level until they fully trust you. This can take minutes, months, or years.

However, once they let you in it is forever. They’ll never let go and will dig their pincers in you if you try to move away from them due to their codependent and needy nature.

Unlike other ascendant signs, they have to feel comfortable in the presence of those they surround themselves with. They can’t be rushed when it comes to love, and so they let only the right people in at their own pace. Hence, the reason why they seem distant and protective of their space and boundaries when in the presence of new people with whom they haven’t bonded with yet or are getting to know on a deeper level.

Are Cancer Risings Emotional? 

Unfortunately, the answer to this question isn’t an easy one. Simply put: Yes and no. Typically, Cancer risings have tender hearts and sentimental qualities to them. However, the lesser known side of the crab is that they are super protective of who they surround themselves with and let in, due to their hard shell. At first, they can appear tough to others, but over time if they feel comfortable with their surroundings and pals, they’ll drop the austere act and let their emotions show.  

We also have to look at the planets that are aligned with the ascendant. If the Moon and Venus are in conjunction with the rising sign- Then yes, you’re looking at someone who wears their heart on their sleeve. However, if strict Saturn is present on the ascendant, then they won’t be soft natured or emotional. 

The last thing we check out is what zodiac sign the Moon is in because it’s the planetary ruler of Cancer. A Capricorn and Aquarius Moon sign denotes someone who is emotionally withdrawn, but who is pragmatic and likes to work on practical issues with others.

What Are People Born With Cancer Risings Like?

Since Cancer is a Cardinal sign, those born under it are quick to jump into action. Meaning, they like to complete projects quickly and jump into situations based on their intuition. Many notice their nurturing side because they like to take care of friends, lovers, and family. Angelina Jolie, who has adopted many children from different countries in the world, is what many call a “global mother”. She cares for people—no matter what their circumstances and background are, as she’s always giving and helping. 

At times they can be extra moody, due to the fact that they are synced up with the moon, which changes phases and signs every few days. Therefore, it’s hard to know who they really are or what they’re thinking beneath the surface, as they are constantly growing and evolving.

At the core, they are sensitive creatures, who are in need of constant affection and adoration. If they don’t receive the tender, love, and care that they crave, he will simply begin to act out by hurting others with their actions and words.

a woman with plump cheeks, full lips, and deep-set eyes

What are the Physical Features of a Cancer Rising?

Think of Angelina Jolie as the Cancer ascendant archetype. They tend to have fuller facial  features (like big lips) and a moon shaped face (like an oval). Cancer rules the breast, so a Cancer ascendant may have a curvy or voluptuous figure—which makes sense because they’re the mommies of the zodiac. 

Cancer risings can have rounded foreheads or pointy chins—due to the fact that their face emulates the moon. Usually, their hair is shiny and thick, since the moon goddess Selene had horns of hair coming out of her head. Also, their hair can be shoulder length or longer, since Selene’s hair was that length and they may subconsciously emulate their goddess. 

They are also known to talk fast—especially when they’re up to no good or lying—and have a special way of walking. The way they prance about is different than most, as crabs walk side to side instead of forward and backward. Therefore, the Cancer ascendant carries themselves in a unique way that is like no other.  

What Does It Mean If Your Ascendant Is Cancer? 

Having a Cancer ascendant means that you are a lunar babe. The appearance and sentiments of your inner self that you’re putting out in the world depend on the phases and sign of the Moon in your birth chart. For instance, if you’re born on a Full Moon, you will be a relationship oriented person. If the Full Moon is in Scorpio, then you’ll be someone who approaches love and partnerships with a passionate intensity. 

Having a Cancer ascendant generally means that you’re someone who has a compassionate and empathetic nature, but will fiercely defend themselves and those they care about. When confronted with dilemmas or drama, they’ll use their pincers to poke or pinch people who hurt them. They do this to ensure that they aren’t hurt first by those they care about.

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Who Is Cancer Rising Attracted To?

Usually, they’re into their opposite zodiac sign—which would be Capricorn. The strict nature and aloof emotions of Capricorn can help in balancing out the energy of sentimental Cancer. One can also look at their Saturn sign in their birth chart, as that’s the planetary ruler of Saturn, to find out the type of energy and person they want to pull into their life.

Overall, they like people who are withholding and require work to make the partnership work and stand the test of time. Cancer risings are looking for security more than anything and long for an emotionally safe place. If that is in question, then they split. 

Who is Cancer Rising Compatible with?

As an astrologer, I firmly believe that there are no two zodiac signs that go together extremely well. More so than not, people choose to align themselves with others who make them work hard for the relationship. That means that they go against the conventional astrological, compatibility methods.

However, if you’re asking based on the ascendant sign and for fun, I would have to say that a Cancer ascendant would get along with Earth signs, like Virgo, Capricorn, or Taurus. They will also try to align with other Water signs, such as Scorpio and Pisces.

Most importantly, when trying to understand who a Cancer rising is best matched with, one should look towards their little moon sign in their birth chart to get the real dish and information. Also, their natal Saturn, because Cancerian energies are often drawn towards Saturnian people who can dry their tears, are soft, strong, dependable, and discipline their temperaments.

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