Tarot Birth Card Calculator & Meanings

Tarot birth cards can be calculated easily.

What is a Tarot Birth Card?

Did you know that tarot and numerology go hand-in-hand? Tarot birth cards can offer a glimpse into your life’s purpose and journey. 

Based on the date of your birth, these cards are comparable in certain ways to the more familiar zodiac symbols. Tarot birth cards describe constants and qualities in yourself—not moods or passing events. 

These are things that play an important role in the paths you take and the challenges you will encounter throughout your life. Discovering your tarot birth cards requires just a few simple calculations (tarot numerology) using a tarot card combination calculator. Then you will receive a pair of cards (or trio, in some cases) that will provide you with valuable insight into your life.  

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How Do I Find My Tarot Birth Card?

To find your birth date number, use this easy tarot combination calculator.  

 Calculate your two-digit birth number to determine the number associated with your tarot 

10 – Wheel 1 – The Magician
11 – Justice 2 – The High Priestess
12 – The Hanged Man 3 – The Empress
13 – Death 4 – The Emperor
14 – Temperance 5 – The Hierophant
15 – The Devil 6 – Lovers
16 – The Tower 7 – The Chariot
17 – The Star 8 – Strength
18 – The Moon 9 – The Hermit
19 – The Sun 10 – The Wheel, 1 – The Magician
20 – Judgment 2 – The High Priestess
21 – The World 3 – The Empress


Special Circumstances For Calculating Your Tarot Birth Card

Most people only need those three steps to find their tarot birth cards. But certain birth dates have special circumstances. If the chart doesn’t work for you, keep reading.   

My total from step two is greater than 21.   

If you have a number greater than 21 after completing the steps, don’t worry. All you need to do is add the digits of the number you got from step two. For example, if your total from step two was 29, you should add 2 + 9 to get 11. This new number is the number of your first birth card.   

The chart shows that I have three tarot birth cards, but everyone else only has two.   

People who go to number 19 have three tarot birth cards. If you look at the chart of tarot birth cards, you may notice that the pairings are also formed by addition. 

For example, cards 16 and 7 are linked together because 1 + 6 = 7. The number 19 is a special case. Adding 1 + 9 gives you 10, which is a valid card number. However, 10 is also a two-digit number. If you add its digits (0+1) you get 1. That’s why people who get 19 have three tarot birth cards: 1, 10, and 19.   

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Questions to Ask Yourself When Interpreting Your Tarot Birth Card

Once you have calculated your birth date numbers, it’s time to interpret them to understand what role they have in your life. Ask yourself: 

  • What do I need to learn from this card? 
  • How can I face the challenges of this card?
  • How can I make the most of the opportunities I see?
  • What pictures, symbols, stories, colors, or features am I drawn to? 
  • How can I tap into the deeper qualities and gifts of this card? 

You can also sleep with the card under your pillow or keep it in your handbag, pocket, or wallet to see if you pick up on any specific thoughts or feelings by tapping into your intuition. 

What Do My Tarot Birth Cards Mean? 

Now that you know your tarot birth cards, here’s what they mean:

The Wheel and The Magician (10 and 1)

The spinning Wheel represents the cycles of change that are always present in life. You recognize these changes and are easily able to adapt to them thanks to the resourcefulness of the Magician  

Justice and The High Priestess (11 and 2)

You are very intuitive in almost every situation. Justice gives you the logical clarity you need to make quick decisions and remain objective. The High Priestess keeps you highly connected with your inner voice.   

The Hanged Man and The Empress (12 and 3)

Like the Hanged Man in suspension, you are able to easily handle any delays or pauses in your life journeys. This grace, as well as your nurturing spirit, comes from the Empress tarot birth card.    

Death and The Emperor (13 and 4)

When one door closes, you have the stability and authority of the Emperor to open a new one and pursue that new path. Death may bring the end of a cycle, but, for you, it is a chance for new beginnings.   

Temperance and The Hierophant (14 and 5)

You have the qualities of a great leader. You have the great wisdom of the Hierophant, which is necessary to  lead. Temperance helps you resolve conflict. You bring calm serenity to any situation.   

The Devil and The Lovers (15 and 6)

You are very sensual and passionate about everything you do. The Devil card means that you are playful, which can lead to problems with materialism. However, the passion of the Lovers can restore balance.   

The Tower and The Chariot (16 and 7)

You possess the ability to carry forward even in turbulent times. The Tower is a destructive force, but amidst the rubble, new paths emerge. Then the Chariot leads the way forward, maintaining a careful control over all impulses.   

The Star and Strength (17 and 8)

A well-known icon of wishing, the Star represents hope and an overall optimistic outlook on life. This stems from a great inner strength, which can carry you through the hard times of life.   

The Moon and The Hermit (18 and 9)

As a Hermit, you tend to be solitary, preferring to follow your own inner voice and intelligence. You use this to find your path through the darkness and dreams that the Moon brings.   

The Sun, The Wheel, and The Magician (19, 10, and 1)

The Wheel of Fortune card keeps you in touch with the ever-changing world around you. You find it easy to adapt to whatever comes your way, thanks to the Magician’s powers. And much like the Sun, you always have a bright outlook on life, bringing you joy and contentment.   

Judgment and The High Priestess (20 and 2)

Intuition guides the High Priestess. Your best results come when you trust the voice within. Because of the Judgment card, you are not afraid to re-evaluate any situation and make the best decision, even if you must break through many limitations to achieve this.   

The World and The Empress (21 and 3)

As the Empress, you’re guided by love. The act of giving and receiving love from those in your life is very important to you. You seek to unify the various aspects of your life to create a harmonious and welcoming World.   

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