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Have you been soaring weightlessly through the air in your dreams lately? Most of us have dreamed of flying at one time or another, but for you, it may be more than just an enjoyable dream. The feeling of flying is different for everyone. For some it causes a thrill, for others, it brings on anxieties and intense fear. It can represent absolute control to the point of feeling powerful or it can mean a loss of control as you have nothing to balance on or anchor to. While there are no official meanings for dreams, commonly accepted interpretations can give you additional insight on what meanings your dreams may hold. Explore what experiencing the world on wings can relate to in your life.

The Desire For Escape

Flying through the air can represent so many things, but the feeling of true freedom is one of the most frequently expressed feelings. This freedom your mind is craving can be a freedom from the struggles of your life, or even just your emotions. You may be trapped in a monotonous situation while your body just screams for a break or the influx of something new and exciting. If you feel you are barely making it through work, drama, and stress on a daily basis, a flying dream can feel like heaven. For once, you are leaving all your stress behind, and far below never to bother you again. It is out of sight, and that is a peacefulness that many people crave.

In this case, the dream is providing a momentary release and is a sign that your body and mind need to rest and recharge. There are some situations where we don’t have the freedom or ability to take a break or get some downtime in. Your mind can attempt to address this need with the only free time you have available when you are sleeping. While this isn’t a negative thing per se, you should still continue to try to obtain time to relax and recharge. Your physical, mental, and emotional health with thank you later.

The Allure Of Power

Feeling powerful enough to fly by some otherworldly means is what can make flying dreams feel exciting. You are just an everyday guy or girl by day, but in your dreams, you are practically a superhero. Once again these types of dreams tend to arise based on what is noticeably absent within your life. If you suffer from a feeling of powerlessness, you are more likely to dream about situations where you have extraordinary abilities. Your internal desire to be better and more capable than you currently are can fuel these dreams into existence. Within these dreams, you typically have absolute control and a fearless demeanor. Death-defying tricks and low drives increase that feeling of being unstoppable. All in all, most people wake up feeling incredible and count it as the positive experience it truly is. The dream itself doesn’t need to mean anything more than this, and it is perfectly normal for those who worry such an imagination may seem childish.

On the opposite side, flying through the air can make you feel powerless if you are not in control of your movement. It can have some relation to the more terrifying dreams of falling. Your high level of fear in a situation that would otherwise be exciting can be a sign that you are anxious about big changes in your life. You feel off-balance and unable to ground yourself. The feeling is new to you and thus can be quite overwhelming. Despite the clear anxieties associated with this type of flying dream, this is more of a reminder to take it easy than it is a worrisome negative. Find your support system and communicate clearly that you need them as your life shifts into anew stage. Remember that you do not need to share your dreams with others unless you want to, so do not let such fears of judgment prevent you from getting the support you need.

Brand New Perspective

Flying dreams can have another, often overlooked meaning: the ability to see things from a new perspective. Perhaps you are confident and determined, but one frustrating obstacle in your life continues to defeat you. Dreaming of yourself flying low and able to see the world in a whole new way can your mind’s method of addressing the struggle. This can be especially true if your dream tends to focus on noticing things you couldn’t see from the ground. Observing soaring birds up close, experiencing the feeling of clouds against your skin, and navigating obstacles from above.

For example, you don’t just see the cars packed around you as you would if driving, now you can see the accident itself and observe the best route to take around it. While these little things may not directly relate to your real-life problems, they can hint at a need to see things from a new perspective. At times our stubbornness or annoyance can cause us to have tunnel vision and only view things from our own side. Empathy is not simply the ability to feel what someone else does; it is also the ability to understand and potentially see things from their perspective.

While some flying dreams may be simply our mind having fun, others hold real meaning for us if we are willing to look just a little further. The good news is that most flying dreams are positive and lift our spirits by letting us do things we can never achieve. You are the master of your own dreams, whether they are comforting, worrying, or creatively thought-provoking. With an endless amount of possibilities in our dreams, there is simply no one size fits all interpretations. Your dreams can mean something special for you and if curiosity takes you, consider the insight a live session with a dream interpreter can offer to you.

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