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Dreaming about snakes can be a bit frightening and unsettling, leaving you wondering what exactly your dream means. But because of the symbolic nature of dreams, there is no simple answer to what this snake represents. The interpretation will vary depending on factors such as what the snake was doing in your dream and what you are currently dealing with in your life right now. In this article, we will take a look at the various meanings behind seeing a snake in your dreams.

Your Opinion Matters

When considering the meaning behind the snake in your dream, in many cases, your feelings towards snakes are usually important. Snakes are often seen as something to be feared. So if they make your skin crawl when you are awake, they are more likely to represent something negative in your dream as well. But if you are a person who finds snakes charming, then they could also appear in your dream as a symbol for something positive

Types of Snakes

Another thing you should consider when researching the meaning behind the snake in your dream is what kind of snake you saw. The ways that they interact with their prey may parallel what they mean in your dream. For example, a boa constrictor may represent a person or thing that won’t let you go and inhibits your ability to take action. Poisonous snakes like the rattlesnake, adder, or viper can represent something that is toxic or evil. A cobra may be someone who is trying to enchant you with their charms And the typical garden snake is something that might frighten you but is actually harmless after all. If the snake is a baby, then you may be underestimating a threat that you are up against.

If the snake is dead or you kill it during your dream, it represents a threat that you have overcome.

Color Symbolism

If you cannot determine the type of snake in your dream, the color may also be used to interpret the meaning behind the snake. In the wild, bright colors like red and yellow are commonly used to identify that something is poisonous or toxic. Dreaming about a red or yellow snake is likely a warning sign that you need to be careful and perhaps stay away altogether. On the other hand, a green snake may be a sign that you have nothing to fear.


When you see a snake in your dream, it might feel more like a nightmare. It may represent something that you fear and are anxious about facing when you are awake. The snake may also be something that you find threatening, especially if the snake is chasing or biting you in your dream. In many cases, the appearance of the snake is a sign that it is time to finally face what you fear.


In the story of the Garden of Eden, the serpent tempts Eve with the forbidden fruit. The snake in your dream could be a representation of a temptation that you are struggling with. Or it could be a person who is trying to tempt you with something.


Although snakes are actually dry and usually pretty smooth to the touch, it is very commonly believed that they are slimy and disgusting. While it may be a myth, this concept can be significant when interpreting the meaning behind a snake in a dream. The snake may represent someone in your life that seems slimy and untrustworthy to you.


Although it may seem surprising, snakes are commonly used in icons related to medicine and health. Their appearance on the Caduceus and the Rod of Asclepius can be connected back to many stories from Greek mythology. Your dream may rely on this common imagery to utilize a snake to represent a doctor or your health.


Snakes shed their skins 2 to 4 times each year. The snake in your dreams could represent a period of renewal in your life. There could be a new opportunity heading your way or you may be undergoing a time of personal transformation. On a similar note, it may represent your creative energies or your ambitions to build something brand new.


Snakes frequently represent wisdom in many Asian and Native American cultures, due to their ability to shed and renew themselves. This means that the snake in your dream may be a sign of good things to come. More specifically, you will likely find the wisdom to solve a problem that has been challenging you recently.


In some Eastern cultures, dreaming of a snake represents “Kundalini,” a spiritual awakening. The snake will transform you and bring you spiritual growth. You can choose to embrace the process or run from it.

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