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Purple Aura Meaning and Personality

Purple Aura Meaning and Personality

What is an Aura?

Auras are bubbles of energy that surround every living thing, including plants, animals, and even the earth itself. It’s believed that auras reflect the energy of the living being they surround and also come in different colors and intensities.

People’s auras can influence and respond to one’s body and spirit. For instance, one’s personality can reflect the color of one’s aura. An uncleansed aura can also cause physical sickness.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the purple aura – what it means, how it relates to love, friendship, and your career, and what it says about you.

What Does a Purple Aura Mean?

The purple aura is easily regarded as one of the most spiritual auras possible on the aura spectrum. Delightfully mystical in nature themselves, those with a purple aura seemed to be precisely tuned in on the thoughts, feelings, and even auras of those around them.

A large portion of today’s psychics and spiritual guides possess a purple aura as the innate traits can give way to psychic abilities when these energies are focused. However, it is entirely possible and extremely common to have a purple aura and not be a psychic, but simply have that emotional connection to people that makes you stand out among your friends and loved ones. With an endless capacity for personal and spiritual growth, the secretive purple aura is a powerful one that does not change or shift as easily as other auras can.

What Does a Purple Aura Say About Your Personality?

Those who possess a purple aura function almost as antennas for the people around them, absorbing all the information they may not even know they are giving off. Feelings, fears, thoughts, emotions, and even desires of other people all seem to make a beeline for you and your thoughts. Like all auras, a purple aura can vary widely in intensity from person to person. On the lower end you may simply feel a very high degree of empathy, while on the high end you may employ yourself as an empath or psychic, or at the very least possess an astute awareness of your abilities. You are highly sensitive by nature but capable of keeping your feelings undetectable at will to all but those who possess similar abilities as yours.

You are kind and loving to a fault, to the point where a small part of you still wishes to trust the manipulating party even when you detect their true motives. Nearly every action you take is for good, even if sometimes others do not see it. You may feel lonely and cursed more than blessed, but your own sadness is forgotten when another needy soul is nearby. Since all are an open book to you, you may struggle with self-made barriers, knowing when to say what you know and when to remain quiet. You likely have a strong attraction to the peace and simplicity of nature, primarily due to its lack of inhibitions and ability to be spiteful or malicious.

You are an explorer, and even if it does not manifest in the traditional sense, it very much applies to things on a spiritual or metaphysical plane. Your sensitivities will often prod you into one of two directions: either you will flee from surrounding yourself with suffering people due to an inability to avoid being overwhelmed, or you will devote yourself to more humanitarian efforts, embracing your innate ability for good. As such, purple auras can be moderately social or tend to stick to themselves with the latter being the most common. Friendships come easily to you, but keeping them may prove difficult if you express the thoughts and emotions you detect abruptly and freely. Friends may then begin to avoid you, simply out of a desire to keep their emotional states to themselves so use your powers with caution.

Love and Friendship with Purple Auras

Individuals who have been blessed with a purple aura frequently struggle with love and maintaining lifelong friendships. The mysteriousness of people with purple auras is overwhelmingly attractive at the start of a relationship, but it can be rather intimidating to partner with someone who knows nearly all about you while the same is not true vice versa. By nature, humans often hide many emotions out of shame or guilt, or even fear of weakness. Those who possess a powerful purple aura have few barriers to detecting these emotions, and it can be uncomfortable to friends and significant others. It is not uncommon for Purples to have a small circle of friends that are so close they might as well be family.

The benefit to knowing just how hurt people can be by your actions is that disloyalty is rarely found within the purple aura. You treasure every good person in your life and don’t chide them for their failures. Love, like friendship for you, is easy to come by but hard to maintain. Take heart in the fact that when you have truly found the person for you your love is so powerful complex it is unlikely to unravel in any way. The biggest mistake you can make is to marry out of pity, or to help someone and the guilt that will follow can easily consume you. Fleeting moments of lust and one-night stands are not your forte; you love with an unrestrained passion that can scarcely be matched.

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Purple Auras and the Workplace

The innate desire to be helpful by people with purple auras makes them a powerful asset in the workplace. Unsurprisingly, people with a purple aura will absolutely thrive in jobs that are humanitarian in nature, help animals, or serve their communities. Those occupations aside, it will be up to the traits and skills of the individual unrelated to an aura, which governs how well they perform. Though working alone can lead to more productivity, don’t ever expect a purple to rock the boat or cause drama. For people with purple auras who choose to employ themselves as empaths or psychics, the reward of knowing they are helping those in need has no true equal.

The purple aura is one enshrined in mystery and spiritual connections. Sensitive, caring and honest, Purples use their unique abilities for good even to the point of self-sacrifice. People who have this aura must live their lives in a constant balance to avoid burning out and withdrawing from society. While they can be hard to understand, there are few friends more trustworthy and supportive. As a Purple, you should trust your instincts as they are unlikely to lead you astray. Value your traits for what they are, true gifts that few can ever hope to possess.

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