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By Keen Editorial Staff

White auras represent a state of profound purity of an individual shining from the inside out. This aura as a whole is the most resistant of auras to corruption and other negative energies that usually surround us. As with all auras, there is a natural spectrum of tints associated with the color, ranging from the purest white to the worrisome cloudy or murky tones. Unlike many other aura colors, a white aura can have multiple meanings – it can be both a beginning and a destination. Most infants are thought to begin with a white aura, representing their untainted and innocent state ready to be molded by life’s emotions and experiences. Of course, adults can, and do, possess white auras, particularly those with strong spiritual connections. Regardless of the origins, there can be no doubt that a white aura represents a true and unselfish good.

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Personality Traits For White Auras

The white aura is more distinctly associated with the healing arts than any other aura, though not in the conventional sense. As a reflective aura, white often wards off bad energy and negative auras by presence alone. Individuals with a white aura are protective by nature, defending the weak or vulnerable from enemies real or imagined. While not traditionally empaths, they possess a large degree of empathy and are similarly prone to be drawn to those in need. Those who have a white aura are often tuned in to when something is wrong, or someone is struggling. Unlike empaths, however, their innate innocence allows them to be fooled by the deceitful. Many people with a white aura have similarly been manipulated solely by an unrelenting desire to do good and be helpful.

Depending on your personal and spiritual beliefs, the white aura can hold far greater meaning. Often, it is assumed to represent a connection to divinity or a person closely guarded by angels. For example, individuals who miraculously survive catastrophic situations are said to have had a white aura around them, even if only temporary. Whether you truly invest belief in these traits are not, it is inarguable that those with a white aura are good and wholesome people in general. Honesty, loyalty, abstaining from what is bad, and a demonstrable selflessness is clear for all to see. As with all auras, this one can shift or change as children lose their infantile innocence and take on other aura colors or as adults become less resistant to the surrounding energies.

Love And Friendship With White Auras

Friendship and love with white aura individuals are easy, as long as you support their moralistic views and do not fall into the category of what is bad. As friends, they are loyal and always there to help. As a negative, those with many flaws may feel judged or even unworthy of being around them as a measure of guilt even if the white aura individual never mentions it. Whites often have a transcendent view of the world, feeling an inward responsibility to a higher power or drive that can become a source of frustration to soul mates who aren’t at all on board with the idea. Thus it is important to approach any relationship with someone who has a white aura as a package deal. While it may change in the near or distant future, you should assume its permanence and act accordingly.

There is a greater burden than normal placed on those who enter a relationship with a White. Their purity, naivety, and desire to find the good in all frequently leaves them vulnerable to deception and abuse by others. The whitest sheets are the easiest to stain, after all. While it is cruelly ironic that the most protective aura color can defend all but itself, suitors should keep this extra level of responsibility in mind. Expect love to be as true, deep, and fulfilling as humanly possible, but know their aura will not allow them to have a world containing only you. Their nature will always seek to unselfishly help and heal the world, and thus you can be at their side but never block their path.

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White Auras In The Workplace

People with white auras are happiest in jobs with social interaction or one that benefits others. If their career lacks both of those traits, it may be very hard for them to succeed as their mind is frequently elsewhere. You can often find them in animal rescue organizations, as ground level charity employees, as nurses, therapists, and in a variety of occupations where their inherent traits can shine through. They are extremely unlikely to cause any problems or holdups within the workplace and are relatively dependable. That said, helping someone is worth anything to them, and it is not unheard of for a White to sacrifice his or her job for that one great deed. Even in these cases, there are simply no regrets, and it is always well-intentioned.

The white aura emanates purity and repels negative energies and those in league with them. While lacking the innate hypersensitivity of the purple aura, it is no less spiritual and determined in its drive to assist those suffering and in need. Those who possess a white aura make great friends and lifelong partners, but their first duty will always be to their seemingly divine and unselfish calling to help both humans and animals. Their unique innocence may come at a cost, and Whites will always be dependent on their loved ones to provide an extra layer of protection from the evils of the real world. Overall, the white aura shines through with its goodness, and it is always a good aura to be around.

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