Grey Aura Meaning & Personality

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Grey Aura Meaning & Personality

The grey aura is one of the trickier auras to place as it is always the middle of a journey and not a destination. Grey is naturally the mixture of white and black – a predominately positive aura with an all too often negative one. It should not be confused with a silver aura, which is distinctly positive. For Greys, the shade is everything and it can indicate the direction in which your life and the goals you have set are pulling you. The color grey when referring to auras is not a very common one to see, and that is because of the constant state of flux a Grey is often in. The detection of grey is really no cause for panic, particularly because panic and fear can feed into the darkness of your aura. Setting yourself mental goals that you know are obtainable can help lift you from a grey aura and return you to your true aura color. We must realize that not every journey in life goes smoothly, but it is our willingness to press on in the face of adversity that defines us.

Distinguishing Traits Of Grey Auras

The lightest greys usually serve as an early warning sign of drifting off toward negative emotions; however, we must not forget that the directions go both ways. For those going from a light grey towards white, grey could be representative of a defining discovery period for your unique abilities, and finding your path in life. For those who are not lucky enough to be heading into positivity, light grey often indicates confusion or a true lack of direction in your life which needs to be remedied before it progresses any further. It can be a sign that you have allowed pessimism to consume your thoughts and everyday life, but that you are still aware enough to right your course without much assistance.

As the shades of grey get darker, the internal struggles Greys must face become more pronounced. A splotchy or muddy grey can indicate a great deal of fear or someone that is gradually being consumed by panic and worry. These individuals may try to find solace in being secretive and avoidant of social situations despite this only making their problem worse. Greys that are in a constant flux between clear and cloudy may find that their energies are being stifled by something in their life. These cases are often the easiest to remedy provided you can locate and deal with the root cause promptly. The darkest of greys represent a pit that is often far too difficult to climb out of with no support. The deepest depression, unshakable grief and feelings of hopelessness reside in this area.

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The Path Of Support For Greys

Friends will always be the first line of defense for those who bear a grey aura. Whether they are there to celebrate your awakening and progression into a clarity of who you truly are, or drag you kicking and screaming from a pit of despair, make sure you show them your utmost love and gratitude. Not every path was meant to be traveled alone and finding and accepting help when it is most needed is important to get yourself on the right track. Despite the urge to isolate yourself, forcing yourself into as many relaxed social situations as possible will always be the healthier choice. Make new friends, or spend time with old ones to bring some brightness into your life. Most of all you should communicate your feelings to them, because it is very likely someone you know has been through what you have and made it out unscathed and back to vibrancy.

When suffering, it is not unusual to latch on to any and everything that lies outside of the trap of despair that you are wallowing in. However, you must be attentive when starting relationships while in an unstable grey aura state. As a Grey, you are not settled and, thus, your true self is not on display due to your state of change. Be careful not to lure in a partner who is simply responding to your semi-dependent state that will leave you with time and progress. True love can heal like nothing else in the world, but heartbreak due to preventable mistakes can send you sprawling back from where you came. For those already in a committed relationship, feel free to lean on your partner in your tough times and always be honest with your struggles.

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Addressing Your Grey Aura

With your support system in place to catch you when you fall, working your way to clarity can begin in earnest. With many problems you must always attack the root cause, but a grey aura leaves another option available to all. You can flood your life with so much positivity and change that there is simply no more room for grey to take hold. This works especially well in the case of grief, for this is not something you can simply solve as there is no target to tackle. Meditation, setting goals, and changing up your personal routines are also helpful ways to keep yourself moving toward the light. As much as your current struggles may drive you to be oversensitive and guarded, you must push past these feelings and do the exact opposite. Let your body, and not your mind, be your guide when you are unsure. A guarded approach to life doesn’t feel good, it isn’t empowering, and by that alone you should be able to determine what should go and what should stay. If you find yourself lost and searching for direction, a psychic advisor can often help you find the light in the darkness, but, as always, it will be your steps that must take you to it.

The grey aura represents a bridge within your life, and it is up to you to choose in which direction to travel. It can lead to negativity or be the first step in the journey towards self-discovery. Regardless of what being a Grey means for you, strive to head toward the light whenever you can, even if it is one small step at a time. Your friends, family and partner can offer you the support you need to make it through your struggles, but you will have to take it. Avoid the appeal of isolation and the pitfalls of overconfidence that lead to refusing help. Listen to your body and use it as a guide as it is truthful and plays no tricks unlike your mind can at times. There is no such thing as a hopeless or permanent Grey; relief and revitalization are always only a few steps away.

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