Choosing Your Highest Good

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In life, we are always presented with choices. There isn’t just one path, one person and one way to do anything. In the psychic business, one is asked almost daily, “Is he coming back?” “Do I take this job?” “What should I do?” To answer you, I take the probabilities and find what is in your highest good.

A client asked me, “What do you mean by ‘highest good?'” Our “highest good” is what keeps us on our path – growing, learning, and walking steadily towards our soul purpose. It’s when Spirit is most delighted because we are moving forward and not backwards. Don’t worry; even the most enlightened of folk backslide at times. We are all human and we are here to learn. Nobody gets everything right the first time.

Is there just one possibility to keep us on this path? No. And this is when my job becomes fun, but also, quite frustrating. I can tell you, “Yes, he is coming back, but you will be disappointed. There are two other possibilities out there that are more in your highest good.” As humans, we hear and focus on, “He is coming back” and glaze over the other possibilities that Spirit is presenting us.

We have Door A: The reunion with the ex-boyfriend that will lead to disappointment and no further growth, or Door B: The choice between two men, either who will give us the type of relationship we need and that will assist in our learning process. So what do we choose? The highest good? Or the same old option?

Career matters are no different. I have a client who is incredibly talented and I could see her writing and directing films. It turns out that this is indeed what she is on the path of doing, but she is disappointed because of a lack of funding and audiences haven’t received her films whole-heartedly … yet.

I couldn’t see any reason for this person to be discouraged about funding or her audience. I just kept hearing, “Go! Go! Go!” from her guides who wanted her to enter a particular contest in spite of her reservations.

My client had internally built up a lot of alternative options. I had to ask, “How would you feel if you gave up on your film making?” and she stated she would feel like a part of her had died. Of course, she would feel like a failure if she walked away from her heart’s desire. It felt good to tell her, “Yes, this is your path and you will be supported. Don’t worry.” It was natural to peek through some other doors, but she had already walked through the one towards her highest good.

I’d be dishonest if I said I had never picked “Door A” in spite of promising “Door Bs” in my life. I have even made the worst choice because I allowed my ego to tell me what I wanted in matters of love, career and personal matters. Advisors would tell me what was in my highest good and I would ignore it. I know what it’s like to want something so bad that it’s impossible to see the other possibilities out there. My job gets tough when I have to tell someone that they will get what their ego wants, but they will once again be disappointed because the situation isn’t going to have the desired outcome. At these times, I hope the ego doesn’t filter out the “but.” Remember the “but” and remember that our job is to always guide the client down a road of empowerment.

When presented with choices, your highest good may not be what you asked for, but it is what you need: a gift from Spirit. Don’t be upset because things didn’t work out the way your human ego planned. Take a look at the situation, let it go with grace, and have faith that what is in your highest good will come.

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