Five Steps to Get Closer to Happiness

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One of my psychic friends and I were talking about positive emotions such as love, happiness, joy and peace … and where they come from. I often get emails from clients, and even casual emails from friends and family, telling me that they are so happy because such and such happened. I always giggle because I want to ask, “Well, what were you feeling before such and such happened?”

We are conditioned to believe that what we seek – love, happiness and acceptance, comes from without. This is not the case. Sometime during our formative years we are programmed to seek outside sources to gain what we truly can give to ourselves. However, we all have the special ability to feel happy and loved even when our external circumstances are less than ideal. Isn’t it great that we were given such an amazing birthright?

The truth is, love and happiness exist whether you see them or not. You have the power to grasp them at any given moment. This is your choice. You can either hold out for something to happen to make you feel great, or you can take steps towards feeling peaceful with your given circumstances and even happy with those circumstances – now! You can come to a place of happiness and feel loved and accepted, no matter what.

Is there a magic bullet to get into this state? Not exactly. It takes work, and for some of us, it will take a lot of work. Here are 5 steps to reclaim your birthright to be happy:

  1. Acknowledge the reality and your accountability within a given circumstance

    Once you own your feelings and your role in the current situation, you move out of helpless victimhood and into a place of personal power.

  2. Forgive yourself and others for what has happened – let that old story go with love and gratitude

    Have a letting go ceremony if necessary. Stop convincing yourself that you won’t be happy until such and such happens. Stop telling yourself that you won’t be loved until you have a romantic relationship. Take control and change your thoughts to a more upbeat radio station. Better yet, figure out where those old futile beliefs came from and find forgiveness for yourself, others and the circumstance that implanted them.

  3. Do not dwell on the past and more importantly, do not dwell on the need for your current circumstances to change

    There isn’t anything wrong with having desires, but we must break with the addiction to outside “wants” for fulfillment and happiness. In order to do so, focus on the present situation and what you are grateful for now: Friends? A cherished pet? Beautiful weather? Physical health? Career? Even if you only find one thing to be grateful for, focus on it and come to a place of peace with your present life. Small steps still result in progress!

  4. Create a new story where you can shine as the star

    Pay attention to your hopes, dreams and desires. Find comfort, even when things seem to be stagnant or tumbling down around you. When old thought patterns arise, trust that there is a reason for why things happen and let them go. This can be the tricky part because letting go opens up a place of lack that we are tempted to fill back up with wanting. Do not go there. Only you can plug those holes with a new storyline.

  5. Be happy!

    Tell yourself, “No matter what is going on around me, I am happy and I am loved.” Use positive affirmations to keep yourself from going down the doom and gloom road. Use positive emotions as fuel for the manifesting process. By saying, “I am happy” or “I am loved” you are attracting these types of feelings. Focus on areas of your life that affirm happiness in the present – new friends, a new hobby, a cup of coffee, a free dessert or a spa day.

    As you attract positive experiences and emotions related to other areas of your life, you will begin to see how silly it is to depend on a new job, a reunion with your ex or a new lover for fulfillment and happiness.

It just takes time, dedication and practice to not rely on a particular outcome as the source of love and happiness in your life. Always remember that the vibrations of love and happiness exist all over the Universe and they are free to grasp at any given moment. It’s your birthright!

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