The Relationship Between Love and Spirituality

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True love and spirituality are indivisible: There can be no love without the selflessness of an evolved spirit and no spirituality that is not based on love. When you set about finding love, you will encounter everything from sexual obsession and needs-based love that takes more than it gives, to “free love,” where no commitment is made. So how do you navigate this maze to decide which love relationship will nurture you and your partner?

By consulting a psychic, you can take the first step to learning about the relationship between love and spirituality. A psychic will know at once if the connection you have made with another has karmic implications, or whether it is simply a passing fancy with no possibility for spiritual growth.

Finding Love, The Personal Way

What if your love is pure and true, and this is “the one,” surely you will just “know” in some higher spiritual way, won’t you? Not necessarily. Just as with any spiritual matter, you need guidance to ensure you are not following a path of deception. Knowing the relationship between love and spirituality will help you avoid the common pitfalls of finding love. Guidance will help you understand how to find love that is both true and spiritually nourishing.

Don’t be concerned that this means a spiritually nourishing relationship requires a celibate way of life! The relationship between love and spirituality doesn’t write sex out of the picture; it heightens it to such a degree for both partners, that pure ecstasy is the natural result. A couple can be so highly evolved in their connection that they can find fulfillment in Tantric sex, by heightening the sexual experience for both partners through meditation and muscle- & breath control. Learning how to delve into this part of your relationship will have a major impact on your union. Figuring out the atmosphere between you as a couple and knowing if you’re are on the same wavelength will be invaluable to you and your partner.

The Tools and Techniques of a Psychic


Direction in determining your connection, by comparing the astrological charts (also known as birth or natal charts) of you and your partner, is just one way you can find the power within your relationship. These charts are drawn from your birth dates and important dates within your bond. Were you two destined to be together? What lessons do you both need to learn to grow in this relationship? Counseling will help you gain a deeper understanding of connection to each other. If the mark of Uranus, the planet of uncertainty, is in either of your charts, it would indicate one of you needs to learn a lesson from this relationship and once you’ve learned it, you might move onto another relationship.

Once your charts are drawn up, they might be integrated using the techniques of comparison or synastry. You’ll be able to see which astrological aspects you share, which will conclude if you have common goals and beliefs. This will also show if there are areas of conflict. Aspects which indicate spiritual connections include the planet Neptune and the zodiac sign Pisces — knowing that Neptune can mean deception a careful investigation will probably need to take place. If the planet Pluto is involved, there could be a deep karmic tie between you and your significant other and help in understanding if this karmic bond is beneficial to you or hurtful to you is very important. A psychic is well aware of the deep responsibility of giving advice on such a delicate matter. When you ask, “Is this the one to whom I am spiritually bound in love?” they will not skim over with glib comments but will go deep into the nature of the attraction. You need answers, not platitudes.

Tarot cards

A psychic who uses Tarot cards takes the same basic approach as astrology. They may prefer to interview both of you together or work with each of you for individual readings. Often the readings will show that each of you has a completely different expectation of the relationship, and misunderstandings are likely to arise. The cards that she will be looking for to turn up in your reading are ones of higher spiritual connection, such as The Star, the Ten of Cups, and the Nine of Cups. These cards could reveal that your union is blessed.


Sometimes runes are the method of choice to gain deeper understanding of a couple’s relationship. The runes act as an oracle, pointing out inner choices that are present for you but may be below your awareness. They can reveal subtle motivations or secret concerns that may be interfering with your relationship and spiritual growth. If you draw the Partnership rune, you will need to understand the partnership at hand may be with yourself or the divine, not necessarily with the lover in your life. And if the Separation rune is in your spread, it may simply mean there is some part of yourself you must relinquish in order to be in the right relationship.

Finding Love That Keeps Growing

A truly spiritual love can also be a little frightening. To evolve to this state, you need to trust your partner absolutely and surrender yourself to the higher purpose designed for both of you. Assistance will both reassure you that your trust is not misplaced and help you follow your heart. In time with your psychic’s assistance, you will find that spiritually-nourishing love works on all levels. There will be respect, commitment and sexual harmony between the partners. This may not just happen right from the start, but it may be something that you and your partner, possibly coming from different backgrounds, beliefs and values, can aspire to.

In this modern world, it can be startling to be confronted with instincts and desires older than time when you are simply seeking love. To be united in spiritual and earthly bliss with “the one” is what most people seek — yet when it happens, some may find it just too great a commitment. If this is the case with you or your partner, your psychic can be relied upon to help clear up the confusion and doubt. Maybe you have good reason to hesitate, or maybe you are walking away from the greatest moment of your life. Your psychic will help guide you in order for you to make the best decision. Perhaps the timing is not right for such a great commitment, or perhaps you have reached the stage in your life where you are ready to take on this major life change and all the challenges and joys it will bring. Your psychic will know and will guide you accordingly with the wisdom of the stars, the tarot cards or the runes to find the relationship between love and spirituality — and to live it, with your whole heart and soul, every day for the rest of your life.

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