Why Spiritual Awakenings Can Change Relationships

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Change is inevitable. It sweeps through our lives on every level. It can affect us mentally, materially, physically or spiritually. A battery of emotions usually accompanies it, as even a positive change brings stress into our lives. A spiritual awakening is an intensely private change in which you become more in sync with your inner self or soul.

But the process can be a frustrating one, particularly if the individual’s partner hasn’t yet had the experience and isn’t even sure that such an event can take place. As you become more aware of your soul’s knowledge, you become more open to the karmic plans of the universe. The one you want to talk to the most about what’s going on inside may be off limits because your partner would view you in a different light. He may feel angry, scared for your sanity or wondering how far you’ll go for attention, but he won’t really hear you. You can’t really blame him. After all you don’t look any different, and chances are nothing out of the ordinary has happened – at least on the physical plane.

Some people begin to talk to themselves in a subconscious effort to reach their soul for its knowledge. You literally try to bounce your feelings or ideas off yourself for a deeper karmic understanding. You may feel alone, even in a crowded room. “Have you had this happen?” you yearn to ask (or a question like it) but don’t out of fear of being judged. Once you spill the beans, there’s no going back. So instead you take more alone time to think and sort out your thoughts. This can lead to your partner feeling neglected. You may say nothing is wrong, but your actions and attitude say otherwise.

We give off energy just as we absorb emotions from those around us. When you consult a psychic, they will be able to help you unravel the web of feelings you inside you. They can pick up not only on you but also on spirits around you.

Spiritual guides try to help us when we’re going through tough times, whether mentally, physically or spiritually. Unfortunately our emotions often get in the way of their efforts to influence us along certain lines. A hunch or sudden desire that ultimately works out well for you or benefits someone may have been a guide spiritually nudging you in the right direction.

Ironically, when you’re experiencing the wave of a spiritual awakening, you can become frustrated with all the emotions as change threatens to disrupt your long-term relationship with someone near and dear to you. This state of upheaval can be enough to dull the “voice” of your guides and leave you feeling very much alone.

You may want to consult a psychic for relationship help because an outside party who can tune into your energy may be able to give you insight on how to approach your partner. Not having someone in whom you can confide may leave you looking for other outlets. Sometimes this can lead to behavior that is out of character for you.

A psychic can give you insight into what is going on inside you and offer ideas on how to reach out to your partner for the support you need even if you can’t explain exactly what is going on with you. Relationship help comes from reading your energies and the impression of your loved one. Psychics also use spiritual guides and can receive helpful messages that can get you back on track toward a loving and secure partnership.

If your partner is open to consulting a psychic, so much the better. But don’t be surprised if the psychic asks to speak to you separately at first. Sometimes helpful spirits around you will seek to make contact, and it can get confusing. Sensitives often see through one entity and mistake it for advice from another. This can lead to some bewildering suggestions if the person it’s intended for is confused with a partner.

If you seek help for yourself from a psychic, your relationship can still benefit from the knowledge that unraveling karmic strands can bring you. Sometimes a psychic will pick up on relationships that existed lifetimes before between you and your present partner. It may be why you were so attracted to one another in the first place. It also may account for why one or both of you become angry so quickly over seemingly meaningless actions or words. This may increase with a spiritual awakening, as your mind is more open to past-life impressions. While most of the time you won’t be able to piece together enough data to form memories, you may pick up on enough to increase your moodiness.

Once you understand the reasons behind your loved one’s perhaps negative response to your state of mind, it may become easier to deal with your partner in a positive way. A spiritual awakening brings with it the seeds of knowledge you need to let go of anger, pain, guilt and other negative bindings so you can move forward rather than treading water and splashing each other – or in some cases slipping beneath the surface.

A psychic can counsel you on how to let go of those emotional weights you’ve been clinging to for years. Once you’ve gained inner peace in the knowledge that things are going according to plan, you can embrace your partner with a newfound freedom. Unconditional love means accepting a person for who he is.

If the foundation of your relationship is built on solid ground, a psychic can help guide you into a calm place where you and your partner are free to love and support each other as you let the weight of past arguments and wounds drop away. A spiritual awakening ultimately should lead you to deeper and more meaningful relationships with those you cherish. But sometimes-gentle guidance from a psychic is a welcomed beacon.

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