Metaphysical Recovery Options After Divorce

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There’s a shift in the rhythm of life after separation and divorce. No more daily calls. No shared meals, holidays, or in-laws as part of the family. Things you’ve never had to do or haven’t done in ages are now your sole responsibility. Couples who were friends with both of you find it awkward to include you in events you previously shared. The bed is all yours, the nights are often longer, and returning to life as a single person all too often feels like an overwhelming, heavy load.

Dealing with divorce is in many ways is like dealing with a death. There should be time to allow yourself to cry and grieve, but this is not the time to isolate yourself and lick your wounds. Whether you’re thrilled to be out of the marriage or feel emotionally out of control because the one you still love left you, this is a time of major adjustment where you need support, understanding and guidance back to a fuller, happier life.

More and more people are turning to a psychic to aid in after-divorce recovery and healing. Professional psychics offer insight and understanding into your individual situation and can help in unique ways unlikely to be found anywhere else.

Psychics belong to a category of metaphysics (a word created by Aristotle to describe sciences beyond physics that we don’t yet understand). They offer a variety of choices in healing your life. Some are purely scientific, like astrology. Others range from being grounded in pure science or grounded in spirituality. Which choice resonates with you? Selecting the right psychic to aid in your recovery from divorce brings the fastest results and relief.

Seeing You Clearly

Clairvoyance literally means to see clearly and has also come to mean the ability to see beyond the range of ordinary perception. If your ex was the one to leave, did you know something like this could happen before you were told? Was there a pit in your stomach, a thought in your mind, a “knowing” as s/he sat near you? If you were the one to initiate the divorce, could you tell that your ex knew before you said anything?

All of us have some clairvoyant ability. We might sense who’s calling before the phone rings or know what a loved one is thinking — even if miles away. And although each of us has a form of intuition, some are born with “the gift” and routinely “see” people and how best to help them turn the negatives of their thoughts into positives. Just as everyone can boil water but some are born with the talent to become world-renowned chefs, or all of us can hum a tune but some can break glass by singing the perfect pitch, psychics simply have a higher degree of intuition than the average person.

Any competent psychic is a basic clairvoyant providing a flashlight on the dark road to your healing and emotional recovery after a divorce. Often, additional “tools” are used by psychics to help them focus their clairvoyant ability. Those tools can be things like guidance from spirits or angels or they can simply be physical items.

It’s in the Cards

Tarot cards, once thought of as more of a game, have proved their reliability and accuracy when in the right hands. You can study this art on your own, but it’s not just the cards themselves that provide an accurate reading. For that you need the intuition of a professional psychic. Tarot helps pinpoint the road to your healing after divorce, which stresses need to be relieved first, and how to achieve these goals. Tarot is also a fast way to view multiple sides of your situation and provide insight into yourself and others simultaneously. Look for a psychic who’s experienced in tarot if you relate to cards and symbols.

Help from the Stars

Do you relate to astrology? Did you read your horoscope and your ex’s with regularity? Were you warned the marriage wouldn’t last because of the incompatibility between your two signs? Do you want to speak with someone who is specifically grounded in science and not just clairvoyance? Then finding a psychic who uses astrological references will work best for you. Finding love in the future will bring better chances of success when you understand who is the best match for you and why.

Mother Nature’s Got Your Number

Math is the language of the universe. All things in nature work in conjunction with numbers and cycles. With just the month, day, and place of your birth, along with the same information for a potential mate, there’s a simple way to determine if someone is incompatible, compatible, or your true soul mate by using numerology. If you have an affinity to numbers, then look for a psychic who also specializes in numerology. You’ll learn what to do in which stages of your life to be healed and how to determine if a future mate is a good match or not.

More Ancient Wisdom

The universe offers many different ways for us to heal ourselves and our lives in depth. So there is no end of options for you when you’re consulting a psychic after your divorce. Perhaps the ancient art of I Ching, casting three coins or dividing yarrow sticks, fits well into your comfort zone. Or maybe you relate better to stones. Runes consist of 25 stones that have different traditional meanings when cast in different positions. Don’t be afraid to ask for a psychic who has a more obscure talent. Some even can read palms over the phone!

Healing from divorce is a process. A failed marriage includes loss of a friend, trust, a lifestyle, and self-confidence. What you need now is to replace those losses with a better relationship with yourself, a sense of happiness, self-confidence and knowledge that finding love in the future will produce a better, longer-lasting match.

It might seem like a tall order now, but consulting a psychic is the first baby step that has already helped tens of thousands of others to a new life.

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