5 Steps to Defuse Relationship Conflict over Spiritual Beliefs

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Finding love is merely the first step. Relationships are built on many factors: trust, attraction, hobbies and interests in common … and spirituality. So what can you do if you’ve found your perfect partner in all ways but that one? If your spiritual life is important to you, creating and keeping a relationship with a partner with a different faith can destroy what would otherwise be a true connection with your soulmate. It is possible, however, to maintain a love relationship with someone whose beliefs differ from yours by following these five steps.

  1. Find Your Common Ground

    If your differing beliefs are something as simple as merely practicing a different denomination of the same faith, this is going to be easier than if your individual faiths are seemingly in opposition, but even faiths that appear to be completely different often share the same simple core values. Discuss with your partner the basic tenets of your separate belief systems and find out what you have in common – it’s likely to be more than either of you think!

  2. Discuss the Importance of Your Beliefs

    Talk about what you both find important about your spirituality and belief systems. Is it the traditional service at your place of worship? Maybe it’s the special holidays that hold religious significance as well as pleasant memories. Perhaps one of you is accustomed to relying on the advice of a trusted psychic advisor, the reading of tarot cards and runes, or other nontraditional spiritual practices. Maybe you practice a blend of different faiths and practices. Share with your partner the beliefs you feel ground you in your spirituality, as well as the parts that perhaps you find less important. Again, you might find some common ground in what you both find necessary (or not!) in your spiritual beliefs. You might also discover surprising facts you didn’t already know about what you find most important about your spirituality. Talking with your partner about what you find essential is a good way to figure out what’s most important to both of you.

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  4. Discuss the Differences in Your Spiritual Beliefs

    Blending a life is not always about agreeing on everything. Understanding each other’s viewpoints and agreeing to respect them even if you don’t agree is a crucial part of maintaining a romantic relationship. Share information to educate your partner about what you believe. You might agree to attend a worship service with your partner, celebrate a special holiday, or encourage your partner to read information about consulting a psychic. By talking about what makes you different and helping your partner understand why one of you finds enlightenment through prayer or the other relies on the trusted words of a psychic consultant, you can better understand your partner’s spiritual needs and how to help each other fulfill them. Just as you don’t need to love coffee or red wine in order to appreciate your partner’s enjoyment, neither do you have to have the same spiritual beliefs to value your partner’s spirituality. Finding love is about more than being alike, it’s discovering all the ways in which you and your partner are different, and discovering how to blend the best parts of yourselves to create something new!

  5. Weigh the Depth of Your Spirituality

    It’s possible one of you may be more attuned to your spirituality than the other, or one may be less concerned about worship or practicing a faith. On the other hand, you might discover your commitment to your faiths are equally strong, a fact that might seem to be a problem until you consider that it means you have one more thing in common – your ability to commit to and find joy in something about which you feel strongly. Be careful, however, not to place judgment on the depth of your partner’s beliefs in order to sway the other person into believing as you do. If your partner’s not as committed to spiritual practices as you are, it might be tempting to try to sway him, but it’s always better to take someone by the hand than to push him from behind!

  6. If All Else Fails, Get a Referee

    Finally, if the subject of spirituality still keeps you knocking heads, consider seeking the advice of a neutral third party. A religious leader or even a relationship counselor can offer insight into blending beliefs, while a trusted psychic advisor can help you discover ways for you both to connect on a different level. The key is to be open-minded – if you’d like your partner to share in your beliefs or make some attempt at understanding them, you should provide the same.

Something else to consider is going beyond your current personal beliefs and expanding your spirituality to create something new you both share that’s neither one nor the other but a blending of what you both believe. Educate yourselves on nontraditional faiths, or explore modern spirituality. As with anything, it’s important to use practical research and experimentation to find the right blend of practices for you and your partner. Perhaps start by reading about different spiritual practices and religions, or reading about how to find a trusted psychic advisor. Be honest with each other about what appeals to you both about different faiths or beliefs. Find out what you’re comfortable doing, how it matches your current beliefs, and how you can both mesh these new ideas with your old ones. Visit a new place of worship together, or schedule a reading with a new psychic consultant who can help you meld the old with the new.

Meshing your spiritual beliefs with your partner’s can be a daunting prospect, but it needn’t be impossible. Finding love and respect for another person whose beliefs differ from yours is probably going to be the rule, not the exception to it. With mutual respect, education, understanding and appreciation, it’s entirely possible to mesh your spiritual beliefs while discovering new aspects of what you already believe and opening yourselves to an entirely new realm of spirituality. One you can both share.

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