How To Receive Angel Guidance?

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When we come into this world, we are assigned a guardian angel to watch over us. These angels are divine life coaches and protective spirits that guide us through our lives here on Earth. These beings send you messages in various ways to help you navigate your life according to your greatest good. Sometimes, these signs can be loud and clear, while other messages can be more difficult to recognize. We’ve compiled a list of signs people commonly get when their guides are attempting to communicate with them. We’ll also illustrate how you can more effectively receive and interpret angel guidance.

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What is Angel Guidance?

Angel guidance is divine information that is sent to you by a specific guardian angel. We are all assigned our very own angelic protector at birth and as our loved ones pass, they join the ranks, watching over us until it’s our time to join them. The guidance they send to you comes in limitless forms. Angel guidance comes into your consciousness through signs and messages intended to assist you and keep you safe. This divine communication mainly comes in when you’re feeling depressed, lost, and hopeless, when you’re about to be in danger, and when you need extra help realizing your divine purpose.

How Guardian Angels Help You

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Guardian angels help you consistently throughout your life so it’s important to be aware of it so you can more easily recognize it in the future. Angels are spiritual beings that cannot manifest fully into our physical world so they send us indicators of their presence in other ways that our human minds can understand. Your angel’s primary job is to protect you.

Angel guides protect you from spiritual and physical danger. You may not be aware of the numerous psychic attacks you are confronted with regularly, but your angels do. They divinely intervene and keep most of the negative, dark energy from affecting you, especially when you’re feeling vulnerable due to stress or heartbreak.

These loving spirits also carry you when you’re in an unhealthy state of mind. If you’re feeling anxious, sad, and unable to cope with life’s difficulties, they will be there comforting you with their light and unconditional love. Angels are here to help you heal so that you can return to your optimal state of being. Life can get tough and it’s common to feel alone, but next time you’re feeling down remember you have an angel at your side holding you up.

When you’re at your best, you are more likely to fulfill your life’s purpose. You came to Earth to satisfy your life’s mission and guardian angels are here to make sure you don’t get lost along the way. Angel guidance shows up as hard lessons, miracles, relationships, experiences, and rewards in order to deter you from detrimental roads and guide you to the right path.

Signs from Guardian Angels

There are many ways your guardian angels communicate with you. Here is a list of the most common ones so you can recognize them next time they happen. It’s of the utmost importance you learn to notice these signs because it could be a message from your angels warning you of danger or guiding you to a most amazing reward.

The Appearance of Feathers – This is the most acknowledged and common sign of angel guidance. You will begin to see feathers around and you will notice them, not anyone else. They could appear on the ground at your feet, floating in the air near your head, on your car, etc. When you see a feather, it’s reassurance that your angel guides are present.

Music – Certain words that are important to you at that moment can come through in the form of songs. Perhaps a loved one that passed liked a particular song and it came on while you were thinking of them, or a certain phrase came through when you were pondering a question. These are all answers, so listen closely!

Scents – Have you ever smelled something so familiar and pleasing it instantly warmed your heart? Angels send you messages of love and reassurance through meaningful smells. It could be the random scent of your favorite flower, the perfume of a loved one, or the smell of grandma’s freshly baked cookies. This could be a sign you should reach out to this loved one or take comfort in knowing they’re thinking about you.

Numbers – Repeating angel numbers are also crystal-clear indicators your angels are trying to tell you something. Every angel number has a different meaning, so it’s important to remember which digits you’re seeing consistently throughout the day so you can look up the meaning later. The numbers can come in the form of addresses, the time, the numbers on a receipt, etc. Every significant numeral has a message for you. Researching numerology can help you decode the message.

Animals – The sudden appearance of animals is one of the loveliest ways angels can send you messages. If a bird suddenly visits you at your window or if a butterfly lands on your shoulder, this is a sign your angels are trying to get through. A stranger’s pet may also suddenly be drawn to you and want to suddenly sit happily in your presence. Animals are incredible receptors for divine energy.

Dreams – Your angels may even choose to visit you in your dreams by sending you visions and scenarios. When you’re asleep your conscious mind is at rest, so you are more open to receiving messages from the spirit realm. What recurring dreams are you having? What are they telling you? Keep a dream journal at your bedside so you can write down the information your angels are sending to you.

How to Communicate with Your Guardian Angels

Meditation and prayer are the best ways to communicate with your guardian angels and receive angel guidance. If you are asking for a sign, put yourself in a deep state of openness and focus. Using relaxation and visualization techniques is ideal to get you there. When you’re ready and focused with a clear mind, ask your angels for help. You may have specific questions or maybe you just need a reassuring indicator that they’re with you. The answers could start flowing in right away so pay attention to what you’re hearing, thinking, tasting, and smelling. You could start seeing images come to your mind’s eye or feel a warm tingling presence surrounding you. Everyone’s angel is different because every person is different. The way you and your angel communicate with each other is special and unique to you.

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Receiving Your Angel Guidance

Angel guidance is easy to identify when you’re open to receiving it. Remember, your guardian angels and spirit guides are here to make your life easier and more fulfilling. You are being divinely protected and guided so you can have the best experience while you’re here on Earth. You can facilitate better communication through prayer, dreams, meditation, walks in nature, creating music, dancing, etc. Your experience is unique and beautiful. Ask your angels anything at any time because their answers will always come to you. Keep faith that you are never alone, and they are always here to carry you when you need extra love and support.

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