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By Keen Editorial Staff

What does your aura say about your personality? If you have a blue aura, the answer could be more complicated than you think. Blue auras are often associated with calm, sensitive personalities, but sensitivity manifests in many different ways, just as blue comes in many different shades. Your energy has something important in common with the sky and the sea, but just like these natural elements, it might be still or choppy, bright or cloudy. So, what kind of blue of are you, and what does that mean for your daily life?

Learn what your specific type of blue aura actually says about your mood, personality, and spirituality wellbeing.

What is the Basic Meaning of a Blue Aura?  

Before diving into different shades, it’s helpful to take a look at the color blue and its most common meanings. In art and interior design, blue is a calming color, psychologically linked to a feeling of tranquility and relaxation. Unlike “warm” colors like red and orange, which conjure and correspond to emotions as heated as the flames that produce them, blue is a cool color that’s linked to nature’s calmest elements – and humanity’s calmest tendencies. While red auras surround passionate, self-possessed people, blue auras surround compassionate, intuitive people.

Of course, these traits can be applied and revealed in very different ways, so blanket statements don’t usually apply to auras of any color. Auras themselves are unique electromagnetic fields, which reflect the spiritual conditions and dominant chakras of the people they surround. Your aura, quite simply, is an oval-shaped field of light and vibration that shows the current state of your physical, mental, and spiritual self. It may reveal important truths about your life and your moods, and if you know this light is blue, you’re already off to a good start… but you’re not quite there yet. Don’t know the color of your aura? Call a psychic advisor on Keen to find out.

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What Does a Blue Aura Say About Your Chakras?

Your dominant aura color usually corresponds to your most dominant chakra. In other words, your blue chakra is as dominant as your aura is blue. Each chakra is linked to a different color of the rainbow and a different part of your body, from the red root (lower body) to the violet crown (brain). So, which chakra is blue, and what does that mean about your aura?

The thyroid or throat chakra, the fifth of seven chakras, is linked to the thyroid and the color blue. If you have a rich, royal blue chakra, you are deeply in tune with your throat chakra and therefore your voice. The blue chakra, or throat chakra, is strongly linked to honesty, self-expression, and good speech and communication skills. The more dominant this chakra, the more likely you are to exhibit these skills and tendencies.

What Shade of Blue is Your Aura?

Each color of the rainbow actually represents a multitude of different shades and tones, and the same goes for auras. After all, these fields are reflections of humans as unique and unpredictable creatures. Before you can truly evaluate the meaning of your blue aura, you’ll need to identify how dark or light your aura is and where its particular shade falls on the color spectrum.

To start, is your aura true blue, or does it lean toward green or indigo on the color spectrum? Other shades may be present in your aura, and it may also be muddy or vibrant, light or dark. Brightness and light correspond to positive energy, while dark or muddy shades are associated with more negative moods and personalities. Meanwhile, the presence of other colors may suggest some personality traits associated with other aura colors, even if blue remains your dominant shade.

Here are some of the most common shades of blue auras. What does your particular shade say about your personality traits and behaviors?

Turquoise Aura

Edging toward green on the color spectrum, a turquoise aura reflects a connection to the immune system, which could mean your personality skills are perfect for a healing profession. You are sensitive and compassionate, and your body and mind are quick to adapt to threats and soothe negative emotions or events, which may not always look like calmness to others. As long as you have healthy outlets for your empathy, a turquoise aura is a good indication that you have a positive effect on others.

Royal Blue Aura

The purest blue of any blue aura shade, royal blue is so strongly connected to sensitivity that it sometimes suggests clairvoyant abilities. Whether or not you’re in touch with a higher spiritual plane, you’re likely to be generous, open, giving, and have a well-developed sense of intuition and empathy. You’re not afraid to embrace new opportunities and environments, because you’re not chained to any permanent state or clouded by fear or negativity.

Sky Blue Aura

Auras that are light, bright, or semi-transparent, reflect more positive energy than auras with dark, muddy tones, which suggest negative energy and negative moods. The lighter your blue aura, the more peaceful and positive your personality probably is. Light blue is a serene, communicative color, and light blue auras are linked to clarity, honesty, and serenity. While all light shades are associated with positive interactions, light blue has a particularly strong link to good communication skills.

Cloudy or Muddy Blue Aura

The presence of gray, shadowy, or muddy tones could mean exactly the same thing about your energy: it’s darkened. Cloudy, muddy, or opaque blue auras may belong to people who fear, rather than embrace, honesty and communication. Because blue auras often surround sensitive people, this fear can be particularly difficult, and particularly influential over your decisions, if you don’t know how to control your own intuition and voice. If you have a cloudy or muddy blue aura, you might be afraid to truly express yourself.

Blue-Indigo Aura

Does your aura resemble a shade somewhere between deep blue and deep purple? A blue aura with shades of indigo may indicate a personality that tends toward deeper, more intuitive feelings. After all, indigo is linked to the third eye chakra, and indigo auras indicate deep intuition and sensitivity. Because blue and indigo are next to one another on the color spectrum, staying calm and communicating well are skills that often go hand-in-hand with relating to others and feeling deeply.

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