Creation and Perseverance: February Tarot Forecast

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Monthly Tarot forecasts can assist you in navigating the ups and downs of the days ahead with insight and grace. I pull a card for each week with the intention that this card will represent the energies that need to be worked with both personally and globally. Obviously, everyone may experience the card differently, but keep the archetype and energy in mind as the month unfolds.

Week 1 (Feb 1-5): Queen of Discs (reversed)

Moving into February, we may find ourselves coming down from the increased energy of the new year and any resolutions we created. It may be that we are flagging in our intentions as we muddle through short days and, in Northern climes, winter slogs ahead. It’s time to renew our internal energies and cultivate hope from the coming spring. The pagan holiday of Imbolc is practiced around the first of February and is a festival of Spring and rebirth. It teaches us that, deep beneath the frozen ground, seeds are just starting to awaken. Abundance is blooming. The Queen of Discs is the mistress of manifestation, drawing everything to her that she needs. She is the fertile earth itself. Reversed, she indicates that gestation of true wealth starts from within. What are you hoping to create this year? Begin to cultivate those qualities and goals inside yourself.

Week 2 (Feb 6-12): The Magician

Emerging from the inner creativity of the Queen of Discs, the Magician provides a perfect transition to outer creation. The first of the Major Arcana, the Magician is perfectly at home in the world of matter before it becomes form. This archetype works with the Law of Attraction, which tells us that we have all the tools needed to manifest what we desire, just like the Magician. The key is to be able to see, feel, hear, taste, and smell that which you want to attract. The Magician knows that matter is yours for the forming. To activate the Law of Attraction, we first begin by feeling, on every level, that which we want to create.

Week 3 (Feb 13-19): Five of Cups

Though a short month, February can drag by. By the third week, if we are in the winter months, we are longing for better weather and the promise of spring. If the first two weeks of the month have been filled with the secret excitement of creating within and beginning to feel our creations coming to life, the third week can bring a sense of anticlimax and disappointment. Add into the mix Valentine’s Day, a holiday loaded with an array of complex emotions for many people. The Five of Cups suggests that disappointment is largely temporary, and there is no sense crying over spilled milk or what is not yet in our grasp. There is always more opportunity, abundance, and flow in the Universe than we think. Feel your feelings, by all means—but then move on.

Week 4 (Feb 20-28): Nine of Wands

A card of perseverance, the Nine indicates that while we may feel exhausted, our goal is in sight. We’ve been journeying through the winter towards our desires and intentions. Can we keep going? Keep up the good fight? Or is it time to surrender and just make the best of what we already have? Whatever our choices, the energy of this week indicates that we do have the strength to continue. We will indeed reach safe harbor, the spring will emerge, and we will begin to see the sprouting of our desires if we have been diligent and faithful in our pursuit of them.

February finds us wanting to focus on the creative principle. In the deep silence of winter, what are we dreaming about bringing into form? There is time to cultivate visions and create in the beginning of the month, and by week three, we can release disappointment and frustration if we encounter early setbacks or have to let go of things that no longer serve us. The future is bright, however, and we should not dwell in any sorrow. Goals will begin to come to life as days grow longer and the earth and our hearts warm. Gardeners often dream of budding sprouts that will not emerge until spring; let this final month of winter be the fertile ground in which you plant the seeds, dreaming your visions into reality.

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