What Do I Do If I’m Unhappy With My Psychic Reading?

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Life is uncertain! We all know that, and yet we plan, have expectations, and form attachments. Many people bring a hope for a particular answer or outcome to their psychic readings. They want to know that their ex is coming back, that they will find true love this year, or that their money worries will finally end. Because of these hopes and fears, clients may not have realistic expectations, and sometimes they might even feel dissatisfied with the reading. 

However, most readings will offer some important nugget of wisdom, even if a person doesn’t feel like the entire reading resonates. And if you take the time to integrate the reading, you just may find that any initial disappointment gives way to understanding and gratitude. 

What Happens If You Don’t Like Your Reading?

Of course, all our advisors want you to be satisfied with your reading. That’s why they are here, after all—to help you! But if for some reason, you feel your reading was not as it should be, then we want to know. You may be eligible to receive a credit to your Keen account, in Keen dollars, for the conversation. Credits are a maximum of $25 Keen dollars, and you are permitted reimbursement for one unsatisfactory conversation every 30 days.

To request a credit, submit a customer support form within 72 hours of the conversation you want to be credited for. You’ll need to include transactions details—so have the advisor name, date, time, and dollar amount of the reading handy. We will review the request and respond to you within 72 hours. Keen does reserve the right to approve, deny, or issue a partial credit for any request. 

It’s important to keep in mind that dissatisfaction isn’t the same as disappointment. Sometimes a prediction might not come true, for example, or you don’t hear what you want to hear. This doesn’t mean you will necessarily receive a credit. If you felt your psychic was inappropriate or unprofessional, this is a more legitimate consideration. While this is rare, of course, humans—including psychics—aren’t perfect!

I’ve gotten readings I didn’t think much of, but because the reader spent their time, energy, and honest effort with me, I just chalked it up to “win some, lose some.” You may not have an amazing experience 100% of the time. In cases where my own clients have expressed dissatisfaction, I encourage them to dig deep into why they feel unhappy—and what they were really expecting. It takes time to integrate a reading, and I ask them to take a few days to reflect. Of course, if they aren’t a fit for me or my style, they should look elsewhere for services or possibly reconsider whether working with a psychic is right for them. And remember that a different reading on a different day could yield completely different results.

Ways to Make Sure You Have A Successful Reading

To give yourself the best possible chance of having a reading you love, it’s important that you thoroughly prepare for the reading, choose the right psychic for you, and set realistic expectations. Also, make sure you understand the medium you are working with, as an in-person reading will be a different experience than a chat or phone reading. Being prepared will help you manage expectations and know the types of questions and topics you can ask about (there are some issues we advise not to contact a psychic about).

A reading is an organic process created by two humans, and as such, the energy you bring to the table matters a lot. If you are skeptical, in crisis, or upset, you might want to wait until you are more receptive to get a reading. Open and curious clients will have the most successful experiences because a psychic can more easily work with their energy. 

Understanding how psychic ability works and knowing about the different tools advisors use is helpful, too. Some people love astrology; others prefer a simple intuitive reading. Checking out advisor profiles and reviews is key to getting a good match, so make sure you take the time to browse around before calling in. Just like any relationship, you may find you have great energy with one person but not with another. 

Finally, it’s good to keep in mind that a psychic reading is not a magic bullet. A psychic can’t make decisions for you or solve all your problems. They are compassionate, talented guides who are in touch with the most loving and benevolent energies available. A psychic reading is a tool to help you grow and expand your life so you can create more of what you want. It may happen at times that you have a reading you don’t like or aren’t inspired by—this is life, after all! But if you keep an open heart and mind, I feel sure you’ll be happy more often than not.

Head over to the advisor profile page to find the advisor that is right for you. Keen features talented psychics who are standing by to help you live your best life. Call today!

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