2023 Zodiac

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New Year, New You, New Adventures! It’s going to be an exciting and eventful one for everyone. We can’t wait to share all the good news that’s coming in for each sign. Astrology forecasting is a fun method of prediction based on your zodiac sign. The date of your birth determines what your sign is, and it is believed each sign contains its own unique set of characteristics based on that sign. This belief system goes back thousands of years and is based on the observation and interpretation of where the stars and planets were situated on the date of your birth. Whether or not you’re a staunch believer, it’s a fun thing to read and you must admit that, at times, some of the predictions are incredibly accurate.

We hope these zodiac predictions provide you with insight into this upcoming year. For a more thorough description, read your sun, moon, and rising signs. This will give you a well-rounded overview of what 2023 has in store for you. We’re excited to share that this year is going to bring about some much-needed reward and respite after the past few years. Everyone needed some good news, and this year is bringing you just that. Enjoy the love and abundance that awaits you!

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Love – You can release past pain, grudges, and heartbreak now. This year, your love life will blossom. This opens your heart and makes space for healing, growth, and love to enter. If you’re single, someone new and exciting is about to come in. If you’re in a relationship, you will be able to forgive your partner and commit more deeply. You will experience a more rewarding level of growth and closeness.

Money & Career – This is going to be a great year for your finances. Follow your gut regarding that wild idea at work no matter what discouraging things your coworkers might say. Your creativity is aflame, and your innovative ideas will lead you to success. It’s also a good time to consider investing in real estate. Trust your leadership instincts.


Love – Don’t let the disappointments of your past breakups make you closed off to new potential love because this year is looking promising for your heart. You have to be open to it though. You need to shake off that bitter, hardened shell you formed over yourself for protection. Now is the time to feel giddy about love and romance again! Get in touch with your inner child and have fun with the process of dating. If you’re already coupled, try new hobbies together or go on an impromptu road trip to arouse more laughter and excitement.

Money & Career – You have dumb luck on your side this year so now is the time to buy that lottery ticket, make that investment, or take a chance because it’s going to turn out very well for you. For once, follow your heart, not your head, when making career moves this year. Get back to the pure, fun feeling of curiosity and excitement when it comes to your job. Make decisions from that pure place.


LoveYou’re going to have a blast in the dating pool this year. There is plenty of fish in the sea and you’re ready to go swimming. Focus on giving more and receiving less. You will find a new level of connection and satisfaction this way. Choose activities that make you feel passionate, not just content, because this may just lead you to someone you make your heart flutter. If you’re currently in a relationship, get ready to grow closer. It’s a very sensual season for you, Gemini.

Money & CareerMaking money is going to be very easy for you this year because you’re going to employ unique strategies to make things happen. You know how to choose the best resources to tap into and effectively communicate with colleagues. Those of you in creative fields are going to prosper. You’re going to have luck on your side this year.


LoveIt’s time to tap into your bravery and take the plunge. Love is out there longing for you too, but you need to be bold and go get it. Let your passions lead you to new horizons. Your new love may be there eagerly awaiting your arrival. Do whatever it takes to renew confidence within yourself, Cancer, because the reward will be great. If you already have a partner, now is the time to pop the question or renew your vows.

Money & CareerThe previous year may have been tough on your finances, but it’s now a thing of the past! Your career and money situation has officially turned around and it’s going to be a solid year for you. An “onward and upward” mentality will take you far. At work, think outside of the box to find your solutions. It’s a lucky year for career expansion and job promotion so be brave and take healthy chances.  


LoveThe Queen is about to meet the King! This is going to be an amazing year for you regarding current and future partnerships. This is a lucky time for meeting your ideal mate. If you’re already paired up, you and your other half are going to create and build amazing things together. This is a year of solid, well-balanced, and harmonious unions all around.  

Money & CareerYou’re going to feel so secure in your finances that you are going to be eager to share them. Some of you lions that have been working awhile may choose this year to finally retire. You are also going to discover a great love for giving to those in need. You may start supporting loved ones or open a center for children or the elderly.  


LoveDon’t be discouraged by competition on the playing field this year. If you assert yourself and put in a little more effort than you usually do, you’re going to win. You will be surprised by a person admitting their crush on you, but if you hesitate, you may lose them and regret it later. Your natural gifts for strategy and consistency will pay off in your love life.

Money & CareerThis is a favorable year for changing jobs, switching careers, and sending off your resume. If you’re no longer satisfied with what’s being served at your current table, find a more abundant one. Also remember that just because your finances temporarily plateau, it doesn’t mean you’re going to lose it. Relax and detach yourself from the situation because your money is going to start increasing again.


LoveYou’re going to have a lot of fun on the love playground this year. There are going to be plenty of other people to play with and you will have no problem acting like a giddy child in love. Go on adventures and try new things. Make the first move, even if it scares you. Have fun! That’s what life is all about. This is going to be a great year for making new memories with new and current partners. Enjoy!

Money & CareerTypically, following your head in business is best, but this year you need to listen to your heart. What industry sparks your interest and fuels your creative endeavors? If a particular job elicits a feeling of bliss and excitement, that’s the one you should go for. This is a lucky year for your money, too. Financial abundance is going to be flowing to you swiftly and effortlessly!


LoveYou will be faced with a big decision regarding your love life this year. If you’re single, take some time to work on yourself before jumping into the dating pool. We attract what we give off, so get your energy right if you want to call in a healthy partner. If you are currently in a relationship, take an honest look at the situation. Is it fully serving you both to be together? If not, it may be time to move on. Think about talking to a trusted and respected professional or friend.  

Money & CareerThis is going to be a major transition year for you. Doors must close for better ones to open. If you experience sudden shifts in your finances and at your work, this year, don’t panic. Ride out the changes calmly because how you react to these changes will determine what opportunities present themselves to you soon. This may very well be the first year that you accept a transition smoothly and it’s going to be a game changer for you. Fear not, your future is bright!


LoveYou obviously worked on yourself last year because you are going into this year abundant, healthy, experienced, and quite the catch! All eyes will be on you, and you are going to get a lot of attention. If you’re single, you will have many options, but more importantly, you now possess the proper discernment skills to make a good decision. If you’re coupled, this is the ideal time to spend more time together, take those vacations, and make life-long memories.

Money & CareerIt’s your time to show off, humble brag, and not be shy about verbalizing your worth and the value you contribute. You’ll be shining at your job this year and all the right people will notice. The money is going to be flowing in as well, so don’t be shy about investing and taking smart risks. It will pay off! Don’t be surprised if people ask for your autograph and take selfies with you, too.


LoveNew love is in the air for you, Capricorn! You’re going into this year feeling more comfortable, confident, and social. This newfound spark within yourself is going to bring new, compatible love interests to you. You’re going to have a ton of fun getting out of your shell. Remember, an adventurous spirit pays off in the realm of love. The ideal partner you’ve been daydreaming about is just around the corner. If you’re in a relationship, get ready for a new honeymoon phase.   

Money & CareerWhatever that holding you back last year, is no longer a problem. You are free to move forward to bigger and better things. You have attained adequate skills and experience to snag an amazing opportunity that’s going to be presenting itself to you very soon. Your money looks solid as well since past investments are finally starting to pay off. Your financial outlook is undeniably good this year!


LoveThis will be the year of deep, personal growth when it comes to your current relationships and how you look at love in general. If you’re single, you may want to hold off on dating until you feel internally stronger. If you’re struggling in a relationship, it may be time to take a temporary break and reassess the situation. Seek out advice from trusted family and friends. It’s an ideal time to see if therapy is right for you as well.

Money & CareerYou will be craving financial independence this year. Depending on someone else for support may be leaving you feeling unfulfilled. If you’ve been considering starting an innovative side hustle or your own business, go for it. Those efforts will be supported by the universe. Perhaps you need to create your ideal position within your company if it doesn’t already exist. Thinking outside of the box and independence are qualities you should embrace for an ideal outcome.


LoveYou may very well find yourself stuck between two partners, unable to decide between the two. Engaging in open and honest communication is going to be the key to maintaining a healthy partnership. The decision may be between being single or not being alone. Don’t let fear and avoidance make the choice for you. Listen to your emotions. Once you clear out all the fog, what does your heart really want? Therein lies your answer. You also have an amazing support system around you in the form of trusted friends and respected professionals. Seek out their guidance.

Money & CareerThis year will require some extra attention and revaluation of your budget, money plan, assets, and investments. Something you’re overlooking could greatly benefit you. Maybe you just need to move a few dollars around to set yourself up better. Trust your instincts at work, too. Don’t ignore that gut feeling. It could help you make a wise career move. You’re going to experience a vital, but positive shift in your attitude about what you consider stability. You’re evolving for your greater good and you will see the light at the end of the tunnel very soon.

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May 2023 Bring You All You Desire and More

A woman's hand turns over a calendar sheet. The year changes from 2022 to 2023.

We hope these zodiac forecasts have brought you guidance and confidence as you start this new year. The coming months look to be filled with abundance, wisdom, adventure, and healthy lessons. If there are specific things you would like to call in this year, there are a few helpful exercises you can do. Meditation, visualization, journaling, and creating a vision board are all powerful tools you can use to assist in your manifestations. You are the creator of your life. Be the Magician and make the life you want to appear before your eyes. The past few years have been a doozy and you deserve some peace and good news after it all. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our trust advisors for any questions, clarification, or advice you may need moving forward. This year is promising to be an amazing one and we can’t wait to hear all about it. Happy New Year!

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