How to Smudge a House?

A close up image of a burning white sage smudge stick in a house used for energy clearing and healing

Smudging, or saging, is a cleansing ritual that has been around for centuries and used by multiple cultures such as Native Americans, Roman Catholics, and Ancient Egyptians – just to name a few. Using sacred plants like white sage, rosemary, and palo santo in ceremonies is a way to purify your space, enhance body and brain health, and renew the energy in a home. Some consider this method to follow certain principles of feng shui while others associate it with prayers and religious blessings. The actual act of smudging depends entirely on the personal preference of the person doing it, but there are some basic rules to follow to get the most out of the experience. Whether you are new to smudging a house or you’ve done it many times, it’s always helpful to get a refresher course so you can clear your space effectively. Here are some basic tips and ideas on how to smudge a house.  

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What is Smudging?

The act of burning sage and other plants to create smoke in an effort to clean the energy of a physical place or person is called saging, or smudging. This process clears out negative energy and replaces it with positive vibrations. Think of it as an overall energetic cleanse. As you burn the sage, or other chosen botanicals, it creates a mild smoke that fills a space and purifies it. It’s believed that the swirling smoke symbolizes your intentions and carries them to the heavens, thus your wishes for a peaceful environment being fulfilled. It can also be done on an object or a person. This practice has been around for a long time and is a great way to instantly shift the feeling of a space. It’s common in homes, healing spaces, and religious structures.

Why You Should Smudge Your House

There are numerous physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits to smudging your house. The ritual dispels heavy, dark, and negative energies, making space available for positive energy to come in. This boosts your mood and alleviates stress and anxiety, leaving your home or office a more calming environment. Because it settles your mind, burning sage can also assist in deeper and longer sleep. You can rest well and wake up feeling restored and more productive the next day. As a result, it also is considered a cognition-enhancing agent as it boosts your brain activity. Sage plants naturally contain antibacterial properties that purify the air. So even as you’re receiving a soothing psychic cleanse as the sage is burning, it’s also keeping viruses and bacteria away so you can breathe cleaner air. This also keeps bugs away and acts as a type of natural insect repellent. Another fun benefit is the lovely smell that fills your space while you’re smudging. It’s up to you what you want to add to your sage for a lovely aromatic experience.

What Kind of Sage to Use in Smudging

Your sage mixture is entirely up to you. There are many factors you need to consider before you smudge your house. Take into account any smoke sensitivities or allergies you or your fellow occupants may have. Typically bundles of white sage, sweetgrass, mugwort, rosemary, palo santo, cedar, rose petals, and lavender are used in smudging ceremonies. These ingredients are heavily associated with purity and cleansing. White sage is the most popular. You can also add in a few drops of your favorite essential oil to enhance the smoke and smell while you’re smudging your home, office, or car. You can buy them pre-rolled or learn how to mix and make your own bundles. It’s fun and easy! These tools can easily be found in new-age shops or online.  

How to Smudge Your House

Hands of a spiritual woman holding burning smoking sage smudge stick and smudging a house

There is no wrong way to smudge your house. If it feels right to you, go with it, but here are some basic tips to enhance your cleansing experience. You can sage your house any time of day or night at any time of year. It’s a good practice to smudge your house regularly to ensure the energy is consistently cleansed. A good rule of thumb is once every month or two. Pay attention to how you’re feeling when you step into your home or your office. If something feels heavy, icky, or “off” then it’s a good time to do a quick smudging. You should feel safe and relieved when you enter your home, not tired or stressed.

Take your sage bundle and light it on one end. Blow out the flame so that a mild stream of smoke appears. Hold onto the end that is not burning and with your other hand and hold a burn-resistant bowl, shell, or plate under the bundle to catch any falling ashes. Walk around the outside perimeter of your home and inside your home in a clockwise direction. Gently wave the sage back and forth to keep it lit and smoking the entire time. Some people prefer leaving the bundle sitting inside a shell or bowl and using a feather or fan to keep it going. The details are up to you! If it goes out, it’s ok, simply relight it and resume your cleansing ceremony.

It’s good to have windows and doors open so the negative energies can escape. That also prevents you from feeling overwhelmed by the sage smoke while it’s burning. Make sure every room is smudged and don’t forget attics, closets, basements, staircases, corners, etc. While you’re making your rounds you can listen to relaxing music, say prayers and blessings aloud, recite home protection incantations, or chant a soothing mantra. This is your personal practice, so cater it to your specific desires.


How Long Does it Take to Sage Your House?

The length of time depends on the size of your space and how much time you have to dedicate to the ceremony. There is no incorrect amount of time. Typically, people spend 15-20 minutes smudging their home, but you can take as much time as you need. A quick 2-minute cleanse of your desk or one room is just as effective if you’re pressed for time.

What Should You Avoid When Smudging?

Don’t leave anything burning unattended. Make sure it’s fully extinguished before walking away Don’t set burning materials down directly on wooden or flammable surfaces. Avoid extinguishing your burning sage with water. Getting it wet will cause it to harden, and you won’t be able to relight it at that same spot.  

When Should You Smudge a House?

A good rule of thumb is to smudge your house when you first move in, when the seasons change, after you’ve had guests staying over, after a big party, when you’ve had renovations or repairs done, after you’ve had an argument with someone in your home, when you return from a vacation, and anytime you feel the energy is stifling or negative.

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Closing Your House Smudging Ceremony

Smudging is a beautiful technique that can be used in your home, office, car, on yourself or loved ones, and even to cleanse objects. It can be personalized to enhance your belief system and spiritual practice. Create the ceremony around your wishes and desires. Combine it with meditation, visualization, music, and any other practice that brings you a sense of peace. You deserve to continuously operate in spaces that set you up for spiritual success and emotional well-being.

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