Aquarius Man Virgo Woman Compatibility


The water-bearer and the virgin make for an interesting, albeit complicated, match. Part of the problem is that Virgo women cherish their safe world of well-defined boundaries while Aquarius men live to color outside of the lines. The journey to forming any long-lasting relationship will be arduous and not for the faint of heart. The core needs of the Virgo are in opposition to Aquarius and he simply does not feel a constant pull to relieve her of her insecurities. While the water-bear will never settle down to her grounded, earthy position, he will gladly carry her along with him on his airy adventures if she will just allow herself to have fun. Fortunately, for this couple, clear and direct communication is easy for them, and Aquarius follows through on his commitments. Continue reading our compatibility guide to gain valuable insights about the Aquarius and Virgo signs.

Basic Compatibility

Aquarius-born are compassionate intellectuals with a powerful drive for helping others. They value freedom, individuality, and an ever-changing environment to keep things fresh and exciting. The water-bearer flees at the first hint of boredom and, thus, he is a very risky choice for signs who don’t mesh well with his personality. While he is empathetic and a true humanitarian, he frequently keeps his emotions under wraps and is often accused of being cold and distant. Virgo women are stable and practical, very highly valuing hard work and perfect order. She analyzes people to death and can be a harsh critic, but she almost always means well. Her kindness knows no equal, and she is steadfastly loyal to her soulmate and those she calls friends.

The biggest roadblock to a successful relationship and compatibility between a Virgo woman and an Aquarius man is Virgo’s need for predictability and stability. She has little patience for free spirits and those who risk all to be creative and stand out. Her shyness and insecurities really benefit from someone who will always act as expected and be there at the right time but, sadly, that is not an Aquarius. Not everyone wears their emotions on their sleeves and, in this case, Aquarius is simply too much like Virgo in order to fulfill her needs. She desires the strong, emotional and passionate man of her dreams to sweep her off her feet. Aquarius needs a woman who a living adventure, not the restrictive homebody Virgos tend to be. He sees the world as full of endless possibilities to be explored and she wishes to take the single reality they have and build it up together.

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Love And Relationships

As lovers of the new and interesting, Aquarius-born can be picky with their friendships. His heart is guarded, and it really takes someone unique and special to wiggle their way into a meaningful friendship with him. He is friendly to all and has more acquaintances than he can count, but he simply will not waste the emotional investment in people he will swiftly grow bored of. While it may seem cruel, it prevents a great deal of upset that would arise from pity friendships. Those who reach his inner circle can expect uncompromising loyalty and regular invitations to join him on his fun-seeking escapades. Virgo women are similarly guarded in friendships, but this is due to an acknowledgment of their own weaknesses. A failed relationship is emotionally devastating for the virgin, who reserves much of her emotional expression for only those close to her. What she wants most is to be sought out and to feel important to her friends, never having to actively seek attention. As a friend, she offers absolute devotion, support, problem-solving and advice, even when unsolicited.

If an intimate relationship between them will have any measure of success, the Aquarius man will have to concede to reaching the reliability and stability requirements of his Virgo partner. She, in turn, will need to allow him reasonable freedom, as freedom is what he treasures most. Sexual compatibility can be another roadblock as the virgin desires enough regular romance and passion to lose herself in. Aquarius often sees sex as simply one of the many spontaneous activities to do for fun. While he may be romantic at times, he lives life at a fast pace and doesn’t invest too much time in emotional buildups. Therefore, the Virgo woman‘s innate need for repeated confirmation that she is loved, and desired may go left unfilled. In truth, these two signs are unlikely to fight often, but they really fail to find a single point in which they fit together like pieces of a puzzle. Happiness will depend on several compromises from both parties, but the chance for unaddressed needs is great.

Working Together

In the workplace, Aquarius men will always choose to work alone if given the option, but are not always reliable even then. However, their helpfulness is an asset whenever they are required to work in groups. They are extremely creative and can be exceedingly passionate when it comes to putting forth their own ideas. The water-bearer struggles to follow the rules and be led, especially if he knows he could do things more efficiently his way. He has no focus on drama and generally stays out of trouble. Virgo women also favor working alone, much to the joy of the coworkers afraid of her perfectionist demands. She has no rival in organization and work ethic, and will rarely miss deadlines if at all. An Aquarius man and a Virgo woman forced to work together can potentially be a disaster in the making. Her rigid expectations will almost certainly bring out the rebel in him and hold up production. They both are best left alone – and apart.

A match between a Virgo woman and Aquarius man is set to be a challenging experience. The pair has no shortage of traits, needs, and values that are in direct opposition to one another and thus the list of necessary compromises will be long and detailed. Managing a loving relationship or friendship where both parties feel fulfilled is not impossible, but the “take me as I am” Aquarius will need to consider carefully if this is the road he wants to take. Ultimately, both signs simply need to ensure their expectations for the future are made clear long before a real relationship takes off. While the outlook can seem grim, it is often our most risky decisions that generate the most satisfaction.

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