Pisces Man Gemini Woman Compatibility


Gemini and Pisces, you need to keep it real. You both can have your heads in the clouds, but if you can stay grounded in the good sense and watch out for a few other simple issues, your partnership has a good chance of working out. Pisces men and Gemini women a lot in common and high potential for compatibility — it’s all about how you express yourselves.

Up in the Air

Listen, neither of you are airheads, but you do spend a lot of time on other planes, so to speak. Ms. Gemini, you’re the thinker, writer, information conveyor, and investigator. You’re the analytical one who likes to hear about new ideas. Mr. Pisces, you’re the philosopher, dreamer, sentimentalist, and spiritualist. You’re the emotional one who likes to ruminate. When you two get together over a common interest, wow, can those words fly.

The Gemini woman isn’t above reminiscing, but she does like the new as well. She can come across as cool (as in uncaring) sometimes, but that’s really because her mind is concentrating on the topic at hand. Talk is important to her, not because she wants to hear her voice, but because that’s a form of communication. Text and email will do as well, and Ms. Gemini, a classic paper letter is always a treat, isn’t it?

The Pisces man can get sentimental, and if he tries to not be sentimental but goes too far, he can seem cold and stern. Pisces likes the new as long as it doesn’t destroy the old (unless the old was absolutely terrible). Talk can be important to him, but he needs time to ramble occasionally. Mr. Pisces, face it — you like to think about those big cosmic issues, and you don’t want to be interrupted when you do.

Gemini’s need to analyze can be at odds with Pisces’ emotional core, and Pisces’ need to think about the big questions in life can annoy Gemini when she wants to look forward. But, if you can work out an arrangement, almost like a code word, to show that something in your communication is breaking down, then you can avoid a lot of issues. It’s kind of like when someone who prefers to hash out issues has an argument with someone who needs to walk away from arguments to cool down. They have to arrange to step back so one can cool down, but then come back together to talk about the issues behind the argument.

What you two need to do is agree to respect each other’s space. Gemini, let Pisces have his time to ponder, but Pisces, come back to Earth quickly if Gemini needs you. And Pisces, don’t get offended if Gemini doesn’t seem to share your emotional reaction to something — and Gemini, don’t treat Pisces’ emotions as unnecessary.

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Changing Seasons

Both of you are mutable signs, and this is good and not-so-good. The not-so-good is that you could both be forever criticizing and changing a plan, overthinking it to the point of rendering it dead on arrival. Mutable signs are the editors who go through an almost-finished product, fixing flaws and suggesting changes. This is great to some extent but can get tiresome if the two of you don’t know when to stop.

The good side of it is that, if you have mutual plans, both of you can bounce ideas, suspicions, worries, and glimmers of hope off each other to see if these are really issues worth concentrating on. As long as the two of you can draw a line and stop changing things, your evaluation skills can lead you to happy experiences.

Gemini is air and Pisces is water and, while these two elements aren’t very clashy — you’re not like fire and water, which alternately evaporate and extinguish each other — they have some implications for your partnership. Air is traditionally intellectual and water emotional, and you see how that goes right along with your personalities. So the thinking-feeling dichotomy is going to be emphasized for you two. If you’re aware of it, you can handle any problems –  if you forget and expect the other person to react to things just like you do, it’s then that the clash will become evident.

How Relationships Would Fare

A friendship for you two will do just fine as long as the Gemini woman doesn’t tease Pisces about his emotions and the Pisces man doesn’t scold Gemini for seeming like she doesn’t care. Friendships tend to be the most adaptable relationships because you’re not tied to each other legally or financially, or in terms of residence (if you’re housemates, one can move without really tearing up lives). So, you two can weather disagreements a little more easily. If you have common interests, especially in the philosophy, metaphysical, and sci-fi realms, you’ll have a grand time together.

Business partnerships could do well because Gemini can analyze trends and go out and network, while Pisces can look ahead at how the response to those trends could affect customers and the reputation of the company. But here there’s a catch, and it’s that dual mutable influence. Make your plans, refine them, and then, for goodness’ sake, stop, and just put the plan into action. Just do it. Put that plan down, you’re not revising it again! It’s good to cover your bases and have backup plans. It’s not good to overthink yourselves into oblivion.

As for love, this could definitely work, again, if you both respect each other’s way of responding to events and news. But there is also a clash here to be aware of. A Gemini woman can seem like she’s not really invested in the relationship sometimes, but that’s because she’s one of those signs that needs to have intellectual stimulation all the time. It can seem like she’s not always serious because her mind is elsewhere, even though she may be totally invested. A Pisces man is loyal and expects loyalty, and he can react badly if things aren’t going well in that department. That does not mean that he’s going to be possessive or dangerous. But he has to be careful about not seeming that way, and both signs need to be honest with each other. If either isn’t, that can let some rifts form.

A Gemini woman and Pisces man can make it work with care. A great project to work on for both of you would be getting full astrology readings and comparing them to see where else you might be compatible, and the mix of new information in a metaphysical field is right up this relationship’s alley. Give it a go, you two!

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