What is Psychic Protection, and How do I Develop It?

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Lee Anne was a client who had been working on developing her psychic abilities. She was naturally clairaudient but also had been practicing her clairsentience. An empath by nature, she liked being able to feel information in her body. But she also noticed that, as her psychic abilities grew, she was becoming more easily overwhelmed by energies around her, and she was scared that perhaps she would become a target for entities.

It’s true that as you grow in your psychic capability—whichever “clairs” you cultivate—you may find yourself becoming impacted by energies not your own. Clients get very excited as their psychic abilities begin to unfold and often forget that they have to learn to set new boundaries and develop techniques for psychic self-protection. This is not because there are bad things out there trying to “get” us, but because there is a lot of energy, negative thought forms, and just plain junk floating around that we become more sensitive to as we develop psychically.

Psychic protection is simply an intentional practice of creating energetic boundaries and clearing our energy fields regularly so that we aren’t always processing energies that aren’t ours.

Who Should Practice Psychic Protection?

Anyone can benefit, but the following groups will find a practice of psychic protection especially helpful:

 Healers, psychics, Tarot readers, energy workers


 People who work in physically or emotionally challenging environments; i.e. hospitals, war zones, morgues/mortuaries, rehab centers, bars, etc.

 Teenagers or sensitive children

Psychic protection is simple and easy—children can learn to do it—and it makes a huge difference if you work or spend time in places where there are a lot of people and/or challenging, intense emotions flying around. We absolutely are affected by other peoples’ energy. If you are exposed on a daily basis to the anger of other people, for example, you will begin to feel more anger yourself.

School, especially middle and high school, are places of tremendous emotional stress and flux. If you have a sensitive child or even a child on the autistic spectrum, the ambient energies can just be too much. Psychic protection creates boundaries that help keep outside energies from getting into your child’s field. Because children are so open and receptive, it is easy for them to take in the emotions of others. If they have a practice they can use to stay calm and safe, it empowers them and makes things easier at home!

Methods of Psychic Protection

There are probably as many methods of psychic protection as there are healing and energy modalities. I like to use the following simple ritual and then augment with oils or gems if I’m in a particularly negative or charged environment.

I taught Lee Anne this technique, and she noticed an improvement right away.

At the beginning of your day, take a few moments to calm and center yourself. This can be during or after meditation, in the shower, or simply as you are enjoying a quiet cup of coffee. Focus on your breathing, and take a few deep, slow breaths. Then, place your attention on your third eye, and imagine enclosing yourself and your energy body in an egg of golden light. Speak these words: I enclose myself in a protective sphere of golden light. May this light protect me from any emotions or energies that are not my own, and keep me as safe as my karma will allow. I ask my guardian angel to be with and protect me and my guides present to guide me. Love may enter and leave this sphere, and insight and energy of high vibration work for my highest good. Let it be.

You can modify these words to suit your own beliefs. The point is to consciously intend to create a boundary between yourself and the rest of the world, but not a hermetically sealed bubble. You may want to repeat this a few times a day, either when you feel that you should or if you are in an extreme environment or situation.

At the end of the day, I spend a few moments before drifting off doing the following ritual. I again imagine my aura, and I call in my guides and angels to give me a nice aura brushing. I say: Guides and angels, please clear my aura of any residual negative energies or emotions. Sweep my energy through with golden light, cleansing, purifying, and strengthening my own emotional and energetic boundaries. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It takes just a few moments, and I can sometimes literally feel the guides combing through my aura, making it light and “new.”

If you do need extra levels of protection, you can make an essential oil blend that includes frankincense, ylang-ylang, and sandalwood (always dilute in a carrier oil!). Lee Anne likes to just wear frankincense diluted in coconut oil at her chakra points. Helpful stones are black tourmaline, obsidian, or smoky quartz.

It’s important to remember that entities or beings can’t attach to you without your permission, and we attract negative thought forms through like vibrations. If you feel that it’s “too late” for psychic protection, you can contact a psychic or healer to help you clear your field and restore it to a healthful place.

For help with clearing your aura and understanding negative energies in your environment, call an advisor on Keen today.

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