Dreams of a New Lover

For some singles almost every waking minute is consumed with thoughts of romance. The perfect man or woman on your arm, someone to cuddle up to, plan a future with and chart a course towards happily-ever-after is the subject of the daydream imagination. For others the subject rarely crosses their mind except at night when dreams of romance creep in.

What are romantic dreams all about? Are they a forecast for a real romance on the horizon or is it just the subconscious teasing you with a dreamy possibility of a romantic interlude?

A young man sent me his dream recently in which he was reunited with his ex-girlfriend from 10 years ago. He said that he barely thought of her in all the years since their breakup. So, he was surprised to awaken from a dream in which she was his co-star. In the dream, she was voluptuous in a red dress and bright red lipstick. She asked him to dance one last dance before she gets married. He naturally wondered what the dream meant.

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The subconscious stores our most memorable romantic experiences and recreates them when we need a dose of happiness. It is likely this man hungered for someone who made him feel as desirable and passionate as his ex-girlfriend did. In this case, the subconscious was creating a onetime reunion to awaken him again to his passionate side. In this way, the dream served his hunger for an exceptional romance in which he was dancing in the arms of someone who made him feel sexy and alive.

Many dreams of romance, sex and partnership are wish fulfillment dreams. They seem to compensate for the lack of sexual activity in the dreamer’s life and fulfill a deep psychological need for intimacy and love. The desire for love and intimacy is intrinsic to human nature. For some, this desire is on the surface while others repress their desire for love and sex, perhaps because of conditioning and a disconnect from their own biological and emotional needs. Most often dreams of romance excavate these needs and fulfill the desire of the human heart, feeding the soul what it craves most – a love-mate.

A Soulmate Out There Somewhere

A woman dreamer reported a slew of dreams that she had over the course of several years about a mysterious stranger who courts her and feels like an old friend. Each dream was different, however, all featured the special connection they share. Sometimes they were in each other’s arms being intimate and at other times sharing a special friendship that was childlike, compatible and easy. The young man looked nothing like anyone she has met before and the dreamer wondered if he was a real person or just someone her nighttime imagination had created.

When a dream of a mystery lover reoccurs over the course of several years the dream may be commenting on a real connection with someone afar. Two souls collaborate at night in the ethers, spending intimate time together and a connection that is best described as “out of this world” (spiritually profound). Because the dreamer mentioned that she is a clairvoyant dreamer and that many times her dreams predict events before they happen, it is almost certain she is dreaming about someone in her future – her soulmate.

Soulmate dreams are quite common, but seldom are they recognized as such until finally one day the two psychic lovers make their way into each other’s lives. It is only later that they remember the fact that they had been dreaming about each other. Sometimes the connection remains in the psychic realm for years before destiny brings the two together. And in rare instances the soulmates never meet, yet continue to appear in each other’s dreams from time to time over the years.

There is a particular spiritual aura to a soulmate dream that is extraordinary. Even in the ethers the rendezvous raises the dreamers’ consciousness and they sense and feel a spiritual power between them. The dream can be very romantic, ecstatic in fact. Soulmate dreams demonstrate that souls are bonded at unseen dimensions and experience a whole other life as twin-lovers in the upper dimensions.

A Romantic Lover Inside of You

I had a dream not too long ago that I was in bed intertwined with a man much younger than myself and we were teaming up as partners to create something special for our lives together. The dream had many segments and scenes unraveling a future course in my life, one in which I needed a great deal of masculine strength and energy to achieve. When I awoke, I immediately recognized my dream lover was just another part of myself – my masculine side. The fact that he was much younger remarked that inside I still had the drive and energy within me to achieve new goals, despite my senior status. The lovemaking represented the unity between my feminine and masculine sides, a unity that marries feminine intuition and the energy to seize opportunities and makes things happen (masculine intelligence).

Like my dream, a dream of a masculine or feminine counterpart, sometimes represents an archetype with inherent qualities and traits the dreamer has inside but fails to recognize. The subconscious renders the intelligence of this archetype into the image of a character with features and traits that best reflect the dreamer’s less realized inner qualities. Whether muscle bound, an intellectual type, mature, youthful, dark skinned or light haired, the features communicate particular qualities within the soul.

It is the psychological task of every individual to make the masculine and feminine conscious and to unite them. Therefore, dreams of a marriage or partnership with a mysterious complement are commonplace as the soul strives and struggles for balance. Differentiating a dream about the sacred marriage from a soulmate dream or wish fulfillment dream can be difficult for the untrained dream worker. But in general when the character resembles no one the dreamer knows from their life, seems to possess complementary characteristics and is involved in the dream activities and enactments as a sidekick, the dream is likely a sacred marriage dream.

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