Are You Trying to Fix Him?

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He’s a real fixer-upper. Just a few adjustments and he’ll be perfect. Change his clothes, his hair, his attitude and his career path, and you’ll have the man of your dreams. But why take on a man as a project, making him fit your specifications and turn him into something he is not? Instead of renovating Mr. Almost Right, you should be tackling your own relationship issues by consulting a psychic or astrologer.

Finding love isn’t easy, but settling for a “project man” isn’t the best answer. Call a psychic who will help you understand who you are and what you really want in a man, and you need never settle for a “fixer-upper.” What can a psychic tell you about yourself and your emotional needs that you don’t already know? A great deal, just by referring to astrology or reading the tarot cards.

Your astrological natal chart will tell an astrologer everything you need to know about the kind of man you are looking for, and why you feel the need to “fix” a man who doesn’t live up to expectations. The heavenly bodies the astrologer will be looking for in a woman’s chart are the Sun and Mars. The Sun represents the kind of man she admires and looks up to, while Mars shows the kind of man she is attracted to and sexually desires.

If Mars and the Sun are in harmony in your chart, you have a fairly clear idea of what you want in a man. If they are in signs that do not harmonize or have a difficult aspect between them, your ambitions and your desires may not mesh. You will have issues choosing a man who can give you the lifestyle you want, as well as the sexual response you desire. For example, you may have the Sun in a warm, loving homebody sign like Cancer, and Mars in a fiery sign like Sagittarius. Your ideal man will provide you with comfort and security, but at the same time you want someone adventurous in the bedroom.

You may think you have to remake a man to make him fit your specifications, but you cannot fundamentally change someone. The best way to know if the man you are interested in is right for you is to get your astrologer to compare your charts. If there are difficulties that cannot be overcome, and if there are things about him you will never change, it is best to know before you waste time and energy on a project that is bound to fail.

As your astrologer guides you through your natal chart, they will be able show you how to get what you want. Maybe you are a perfectionist who simply cannot help trying to improve on everything. In this case, your astrologer will look for a heavy emphasis on the sign of Virgo in your chart. Virgo is a perfectionist, who always has to tinker with things to make them work better. You may have relationship issues of your own, in that you are never satisfied with the way things are. If you have to keep trying to “fix” your men, maybe you are finding love in the wrong places. For example, if you have Mars in Capricorn and you desire a man who can run a business empire, it is no use hoping to find him at the disco. Join a golf club or seek out business seminars.

A tarot reader can also help guide you in the right direction. A tarot reading will tell your psychic what you are looking for and why you are not finding it. Perhaps you want the world and have impossibly high expectations of every man you meet. Ask the tarot cards why you cannot find your ideal man, and the cards in the reading will offer clues about your relationship issues, not your man.

For example, an abundance of Pentacle cards makes it clear that what you are looking for is substance and security. The King of Pentacles or Queen of Pentacles will show that you see yourself allied to a powerful and wealthy man. If you have fallen for a sun- and surf-loving hippie, trying to turn him into a driven businessman will only make both of you unhappy. If there are a lot of Cups present, such as the King of Cups or Queen of Cups, you are seeking a home-loving man who will give you security and warmth. Your cold-fish boyfriend isn’t going to become the King of Cupsfor you.

Seeing things realistically is something a psychic can give you that will help you in finding love. By reading the tarot cards or drawing up your natal chart, you will have a blueprint that you can use to find a man that won’t need fixing up.

The truth is, no man is a “fixer-upper” – each man is an individual with his own ingrained habits, emotional baggage, and relationship issues – just like you! Your ideal man is one you can deal with on a day-to-day basis, who will value you just the way you are – that is the very least you can offer him in return. If it isn’t working out that way, then call a psychic, because you need to understand what it is you truly want. It isn’t fair to take on a man and then draw up a new blueprint to make him perfect. Like you, a man wants to be loved for who he is, not for who you would like him to be.

By consulting a psychic, you will learn to understand yourself better. That is the real clue to finding love.

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