The Soulmate Holy Grail

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For most the quest for a soulmate is as attractive and elusive as the quest for the Holy Grail. Everyone wants one, but few know what it is.

Just about everyone seeks a soulmate, a divine complement whose love will lift them to spiritual heights and whose companionship will fill each day with joy and meaning. For many, the image of their soulmate is as magnificent a priceless gold and jeweled chalice, a perfect archetype in a beautiful body, intoxicatingly radiant or regal and handsome. But for those eager to find someone more authentic, their quest is for that “one in a million” who completes and spiritually fulfills them – someone worth the wait and definitely worth searching for.

As the vessel of spiritual illumination the Holy Grail points to a mystery locked within us all – a little secret housed in our hearts. Rather than an object imbued with spiritual power because of it’s association with Jesus Christ, the Grail actually represents the container of the heart through which one becomes conscious of the infinite light, unity, love and creative potentials within. That source connection in the heart holds yet another mystery – the connection to your twin flame. You and your twin flame are linked eternally in an intimate bond at the heart of your spirits, your oversouls. Your intertwined intelligences are angelic and synchronized to create a bonded love with creative potentials that are beyond imagination and anything you can experience here on earth. You twin flame unites with you to fulfill an important spiritual purpose. They awaken you to the spiritual power of love and push you to psychologically mature. As a complement, they embody unique masculine or feminine qualities that psychologically complete you. Through the relationship mirror you can eventually bring your more hidden qualities and talents into consciousness and integrate them, calling them your own.

When the door to your destiny opens, it is that heart-to-heart connection that will draw the two of you together for a chance at love and to fulfill the promises your souls made for this incarnation. When you meet your soulmate a divine spark is lit in the chalice of your heart and filled with the light of your communion. The recognition is instantaneous for some, but for others it takes a bit of time to recognize the divine connection.

At the age of 29, Thomas thought he was ready for that special relationship, one with his twin flame and divine complement. He knew she was out there somewhere in the world and the pangs of yearning drove him to use the magical power of the Grail to find her. In contemplation, he fashioned a ring by twisting silver jewelry wire into a braided band with two hearts linked together in the design. It was a promise ring designed to invoke the powers of the cosmos. At some level, he just knew the timing was right for his twin flame too and that the ritual would create a serendipitous opportunity for a soulmate reunion. Within a week, there she was, introduced to him by a close friend and within a few weeks he presented her with his promise ring. They were perfectly matched complements with unique talents, but differing styles of relating. He was a deep thinker and articulate. She was emotional, yet more practical than he. Both were holistic healers. He was a massage therapist wanting to pursue studies in transpersonal psychology and she had begun studying nutritional healing. Their idea for the future was to combine their knowledge and talents in the healing arts and practice side-by-side at a healing center. The Grail had worked its magic to bring the two together, but only through faithful commitment to each other could they weather the storms that life would surely present.

For Sir Galahad in La Queste del Saint Graal, the quest for the Holy Grail was marked by dreams, revelations and guidance from those placed on his path. His destiny had been set, his virtue tested and his prize awaited him because he was worthy to receive it. For those venturing on the path to find their soulmate, the path may hold tests and revelations as well. One must be ready, having psychologically and emotionally matured enough to prove their love and be ready to commit for the long haul. For some, a prior relationship is the proving ground. With one or more serious relationships under your belt, you learn what makes a relationship work and what doesn’t. It is not unusual for a prior relationship to mimic some of the same dynamics that you will have to revisit with your divine complement. Also, a previous partner may hold some of the very same qualities and personality characteristics. Because of them, you can better appreciate those qualities in your soulmate and you will be more prepared to deal with their idiosyncrasies.

Dreams on the quest for the “soulmate grail” are common. Some individuals may have had dreams years, months or just days before they ever meet their twin flame. The dreams often reveal key clues to a soulmate’s identity, pointing to some geographical location where they live or to some other hidden identifier that could unite the two.

A young man recently wrote me describing a series of reoccurring dreams about a mystery woman to whom he seemed intimately connected. He was shown the country and town in which she lived and he acknowledged that he had visited the town at least once in his travels through Europe. In many of the dreams, the woman was ill and he was trying to help her find the right medication to treat her illness. It was apparent that giving love, support, and healing was the primary theme. In the Grail romances, the Grail’s restorative and healing power is evident with the healing of King Arthur’s near fatal wound. For this young man, his desire and power to heal his soulmate could also prove to produce a miracle. At unseen dimensions twin flames often commune using the power of the Grail (their hearts) to lend energy and healing power to each other. The love between them proves to be the perfect magical elixir to ease each other’s pain and heal each other’s wounds.

If you are someone questing for you divine complement, you are likely tested most by the wait. But in divine time and by divine design your soulmate will arrive holding the mystery of the Grail out to you. Through their heart you will find your own and awaken to greater spiritual understanding of the mysterious spiritual connection you both share.

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