Which Soulmate Goddess Are You?

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Every woman is endowed with goddess-gifts, unique expressions of her personality. For the ancient Greeks, the four most popular and revered goddesses on Mt. Olympus were Hera, Aphrodite, Artemis and Athena. They had distinct personalities and were imbued with supernatural powers and human characteristics. Each held unique attributes, qualities, and propensities and their duties and responsibilities were admirable. Their love affairs were romantic, as well as tragic. Their mythologies wove a fabric of subconscious currents that still influences every aspect of life today, including our relationships.

These same goddesses exist deep within a woman’s subconscious. They are deeply imprinted archetypes, established patterns that form a woman’s personality, rule her emotions and even dictate her tastes in men and attitudes about relationships.

As a result, you have innate goddess-gifts (special qualities) that you bestow on your partner. When your soulmate looks into your eyes, he sees a goddess with the power to transform him, complement and complete him. Which goddess could he be seeing in you?

Hera, The Goddess of Marriage

Before Hera, the “Great Lady,” was enticed by Zeus, she was the Queen of the Heavens. Her breasts spewed out a stream of stars known as the Milky Way and she ruled over the elements of the earth. It wasn’t until she paired up with Zeus that she saw that having a complement would satisfy her more and earn her even greater respect.

If Hera is your ruling goddess, you are well aware of the fact that your soulmate completes you and that marriage is the ultimate respect of your union. You want commitment and faithfulness above anything else. Of all the other goddesses on Mt. Olympus, Hera is the most defined through her relationship and sits proudly on a throne as an equal to Zeus. Like Hera. the stability of your relationship is what you count on. You want it to run on an even keel and as a result you strive to do the things that make your soulmate happy, perhaps, too much so. You pamper yourself primarily because you want to look your best for your mate. You shun independence and would rather look for things for the two of you to do together. Like Hera, who kept the honeymoon alive for 300 years, you know what it takes to make a happy marriage.

However, Hera was known for her jealousy towards the other goddesses, seeing them as her competitors. If Hera dominates your psyche, you are likely the type to give up your women friends to spend the majority of your time with your soulmate.

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Aphrodite, The Goddess of Love

Aphrodite, whose title is “Star of the Sea”, was birthed out the cosmic conflict between Cronos and Uranus and emerged radiant and beautiful on a pillow of sea foam with her brother Eros. The most passionate goddess, Aphrodite is the goddess of love and lovemaking, known for using her magical pelvic girdle to entice the man of her interest.

If you are ruled by Aphrodite, you know how to romance your soulmate, lighting the passion fires at night and making yourself irresistible by flaunting your radiant beauty. An Aphrodite type sees her sex appeal as the answer to most conflicts and won’t hesitate to use her sexual magic to settle an argument with her mate.

Aphrodite seduced many men, but when she paired with Adonis everyone noticed her devotion to their union. Aphrodite proved to be his relentless savior, relinquishing all worldly possessions to gain access to Hades’s underworld and resurrected Adonis from the land of the dead. She was determined that their love would never die. If you are anything like Aphrodite, you will everything in your power to save your beloved from embarrassment, headaches or heartache. Guiding him when he needs advice, warning him when you see a clear and present danger, and calling him back if he strays too far from your heart. You would move to the ends of the earth to be with him. He is the center of your universe because without him your love has no purpose.

Artemis, The Goddess Sisterhood

The Goddess Artemis, Diana to the Romans, was best known in her role as protector of the vulnerable and could be seen traveling through forests hunting with her nymphs. At the age of three she asked her father, Zeus, for six things: To live without being distracted by love, a bow like her brother’s, a hunting costume, the job of bringing light to the world, sixty young nymphs as companions and all the mountains of the earth to live on.

If you are ruled by the Artemis archetype, it’s not that you are incapable of love or a romantic partnership; it’s more that you want to maintain some independence. Your untamed spirit won’t tolerate your soulmate putting any limits on you. Your idea of the ideal partnership is working out at the gym together, taking turns preparing meals, and traveling, especially nature trips, where you can share the adventure. For you, your soulmate is your playmate, with you as “big sister” leading the way. It’s the companionship of your relationship that means the most.

Artemis was matched with the god Orion and fell deeply in love, but her competitive spirit resulted in his death. A woman ruled by Artemis can be pushy at times or aloof and insensitive to her man’s ego and need to feel valued. But her strength is what likely attracted him to her in the first place.

Athena, The Goddess of Wisdom

Athena was birthed out of the head of Zeus fully grown and suited in golden armor—a father’s daughter. Her attributes are wisdom, virtue, fairness, strength and diplomacy. Women driven by her influence possess a strong intellect, are career-minded, and display a determined spirit that is willing to go battle if need be. She is the archetype of the modern career woman who sees herself as an equal to men, if not superior.

To suit your Athena personality, your match-made-in-heaven must be your equal. You will match up with someone as smart, who shares most of the same values and who is as outspoken and communicative as you. Because you respect men, especially those who are aligned with your patriarchal values, your relationship is harmonious. If not, you will diplomatically strive to make it so. With your partner, nothing excites you more than a political discussion, planning and strategizing your next career moves or bantering over philosophical views. To you a man with a mind is sexy.

On more than one occasion, Athena’s compassion and mercy surpassed her intellect. Once, while bathing, a mortal named Teiresias accidentally walked in on her and rather than killing him (the usual punishment) the goddess Athena covered his eyes with her hands, blinding him and at the same time giving him inner sight and the gift of prophecy. He became one of the most revered oracles in ancient Greece. As an Athena, you bestow your gifts of wisdom and insight to your partner, shining the light on his problems and helping him to gain insights into the darker parts of his personality. Your understanding of a man’s need for growth moves you to touch his soul with tenderness and compassion.

On Mt. Olympus, the four goddesses, Hera, Aphrodite, Artemis and Athena, were often jealous rivals in competition with each other. In the psychology of a woman, one goddess archetype usually dominates, maintaining a stronghold on her personality and driving her emotional responses with her mate. But the other three goddesses also dwell within her, ready to emerge to bring added energy to her relationship. A successful soulmate relationship requires the commitment of Hera, the romantic pulse of Aphrodite, the playful spirit of Artemis and sensibility of Athena to sustain it.

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