Giving Your Relationship Soul

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Your relationship feeds and nourishes you with companionship and love. And if you are like most women, you want to keep the juices flowing, the intimacy building, communication steady, and the commitment on a solid foundation. But what about the deeper concerns – your souls and the soul of the relationship? You will want to grow your relationship so that you are always moving closer, touching each other’s hearts and deepening your connection at the level of your souls. You yearn for a soulful relationship.

The care and feeding of your souls and the soul of the relationship may take a bit of creative thought. You’ll want to introduce the right ingredients to make your relationship soulful and meaningful. Here are 8 creative ways to light up your partner’s soul and turn your relationship into a soulful one.

  1. Talk About What Matters Most to Him
    Draw out your man’s soul by asking what really matters to him, what he wants for himself and for you. Your mate might have forgotten the dreams he had for his life when he was 20. Perhaps he dreamed of sailing around the world, writing a book, or standing in front of a schoolroom full of kids. These dreams fueled his soul at the time and by getting him to remember them now, you might just reignite them in his mind to accomplish in the future. If he accomplishes just one of his dreams, you perhaps will have helped him fulfill his soul’s purpose.
  2. Treat Him to Some “Soul Food”
    Write “I love you” with mustard on a hotdog, with ketchup on an opened-face hamburger, or with chocolate sauce on a plate topped with a strawberry and you’ll have given him a bit of food for thought on how much you love and adore him. Treating you mate with “soul food love signatures” will do more than satisfy his palate. He will be licking his lips for more of you.
  3. Dance to Soul Music
    There is nothing like slow dancing to soul music to coax out the soulful lover in your mate. Start with something like Love and Happiness by Al Green, turning up the volume and dancing cheek-to-cheek. Move on to Try a Little Tenderness by Otis Redding and hum along in his ear. Then top it off with Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye and you have set the stage for an evening of soulful lovemaking. The loving feel-good lyrics of these “oldies but goodies” will put the soulful groove back into your romantic relationship.
  4. Touch Him with Your Soul Through Conversation
    The deeper you go in conversations the more he’ll be touched by your soul. Spend an hour cuddled up on couch telling him your fondest childhood memories such as, the things your granddad said that turned your head around or how your mother fixed you oatmeal dotting the top with raisins to make a smiley face. Tell him secrets you have never shared with him before, your inner most feelings and philosophy about life. Lead him on a journey through the storyline of your life and he will travel into the depths of your heart and soul and emerge with a bigger piece of you than he ever thought he could have.
  5. Share Your Dreams with Each Other Every Morning
    Dreams are the storylines of your souls told in the soul’s language of symbols and elements. In dreams, your fears, sorrows, as well as your joys are revealed. By sharing your dreams with each other, you gain entry into the terrain of your emotions, ones that fuel you or those that hinder you from expressing what’s in your hearts. Also, dreams can reveal a lot about the two of you and your relationship dynamics. Sharing your dreams helps you both maintain that important emotional connection as well as bringing your histories and future together to light.
  6. Treat Him to a Psychic or Astrology Reading
    Yes, your guy probably has many unanswered questions. Maybe he’s wondering about his next career move, how to deal with his demanding boss or even the mystery of his connection with you like, if you were together in a past life. The gift of a professional psychic reading will not only answer the important questions but also open his mind up to the spiritual dimensions of his soul and the hidden side of life. With a soul reading, for instance, he can gain insight into the many facets of his personality, his soul’s legacy and a storehouse of talents he may not have known he had.

    Because you love him as much as you do, you wish you could give him the sun, moon and the stars. And you can. An astrological transit and progression reading will help him understand the energies effecting the situations at hand and help him set his course for the future. The information he comes out with will be as meaningful for you as it is for him.

  7. Get Him to Read to You From His Favorite Book
    The intimate and soulful moments you create now will become your fondest memories in the future. Hours of reading aloud to each other will nourish your relationship, especially if the book is meaningful to both of you. Whether poetry, a suspense novel or love story, the experience will slow you down and refocus you both on what is important – spending quality and tender time together.
  8. Help Him Trace His Roots
    Tracing your mate’s family history can become a yearlong research project for the two of you, one that will create hours and hours of enjoyment and intrigue and surprise with each discovery. Maybe you’ll discover that his great grandmother’s mother was a full blood Cherokee or that his great grandmother was the first Black woman to own a movie theatre in the US. You will be doing your part to give him a sense of pride while at the same time growing your relationship closer. The historical facts about his family may very well fill a book, but more importantly the process will do a lot to make your relationship a fulfilling one.

If you are with your soulmate, your souls are already deeply connected. But if you want to continuously bring out the “soul” in your relationship, you may have to think of even more creative ways move him and groove him continuously towards your heart.

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