The Metaphysical Guide to Romance

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When you first saw that special someone, his or her smile lit the aisle in the grocery. As you glanced over your shoulder, he was also giving you a second perusal. You snapped your eyes forward, chagrined to be caught turning to look again, but you couldn’t help yourself for wanting one more quick peek. Then the laughter in your eyes reflected the same laughter from those eyes as they, too, took one more gaze. In the next few moments, chortling over each other’s shopping cart finds, you knew this chance meeting might be the life-changing moment you had been hoping for. Somewhat timidly you exchanged names and phone numbers. Then the telephone trilled with the invitation for dinner. With excitement you prepared for an evening of new experiences. As you sat at a table covered in crisp white linen with candlelight glowing, you exchanged conversation both witty and stimulating. The gentle caress of your wrist was magical. The evening unfolds and you find yourself enraptured with this new being. You say to yourself, “This must be written in the stars.” That thought is closer to the truth than you might realize.

Your choices may well have been written in the stars at your birth. The universe in all its vastness follows rules: the position of the stars, sun, moon and planets. Everyone is born to his or her place in the metaphysical world. Positions of the celestial bodies, stars, sun, moon and planets, at the time, day, and place of birth converge to influence our personality types and give rise to our strengths and weaknesses, our qualities and gifts. Also, the evolution of personal choices and the outcomes of those choices again adhere to rules of behavior.

We are not all so lucky to experience the grocery scenario described above. There are times when we need guidance in looking for a loving relationship. The truest way to understand our place in the metaphysical world and how we can enhance our ability to find a rewarding and compatible mate is to enlist the wisdom, experience and guidance from a psychic. A psychic has highly developed powers of intuition, the ability to ascertain information about past, present or future events outside the use of our five senses. Psychics have trained themselves to use this intuition along with various other tools to understand each individual’s position in the metaphysical world.

Psychics are born with the gifts that allow them to sense more about people than people can recognize about themselves and where they are placed in the metaphysical world. Like doctors, through years of training and self-discipline they hone their natural abilities until they become finely tuned. Psychics channel their gifts in ways that allow them to become guides. Those who seek their experience will be helped to understand how our lives unfold and how they can be shaped to unfold in more positive ways.

Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy that existed long before Aristotle gave name to it: first philosophy. Aristotle’s works were later identified as metaphysics: literally, before the physical. The study of this natural philosophy is to delve into unseen forces for an understanding of our existence in space and time and to relate causality and possibility to action and behavior. Science looks at empirical data that can be observed or measured. The metaphysical understanding of the true psychic can also be observed and measured. Many experimental tests have been developed in the 20th century to verify the results. But you have only to look at the lives of those who have consulted psychics and the results to know that a psychic’s understanding of how life and material forces act upon the persona (and the guidance from that knowledge) can and does change the way we make choices, enabling us to go forth purposefully.

Like health-care providers, who use blood tests, X-rays and written histories to make a diagnosis, psychics also have many tools to assist their insight for recommendations and predictions for an individual. Some of these invaluable tools include astrological charts and tarot cards. With these tools and trained intuition, a psychic will explore the paths that can be chosen for a more fulfilling life and the possibilities of a fruitful, dynamic and lasting love.

Astrological charts or horoscopes are built upon the individual’s birth date: day and hour and place. Through the discovery of the position of the celestial elements — sun, moon, planets — the psychic is able to analyze the character and personality tendencies of the individual. By ascertaining the relationships of the celestial bodies to one another and applying the accepted rules of influence, the psychic can evaluate events, current situations and predict future outcomes, thereby explaining the effects caused by our thinking and behavior. The ability of the psychic to understand these events allows her to guide the individual forward in discovery and decision making for positive movement toward a more fulfilling life and enhanced abilities to search for the ideal compatibility of an enduring love.

Tarot cards are a tool of psychics used to explore the past, present and future of the querent or subject. There are many spreads (number of cards and layout) available from simple to complex. Each card represents a character type, possible past, present, or future events or situations. The psychic uses her natural intuition about the individual and the value and position of each card in the spread. The psychic then guides the subject in understanding how life has been experienced and how life may unfold given the possible results of choices to be made. In this the psychic can steer the querent into choices for optimal outcomes.

Should you seek a psychic’s guidance? You would visit a doctor, requesting his expertise, to understand how your body was functioning. You would consult a psychologist expecting his education to help you understand the health of your mind. So, too, after experiencing the grocery epiphany and budding romance or simply wanting a direction to follow in your search for love, you would ask for the insight of a psychic to aid in the discovery of future paths toward a wonderful quest for a more fulfilling life and an enduring, compatible love.

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