Past Loves, Past Lives

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A glance, a smile, a sign of recognition on both sides. Is it possible that you have encountered each other in another life? Could you be looking into the eyes of your soulmate? And if you happen to be looking for that one special person, could this turn out to be the love of your life? Not just this life, but a past life too? The instant recognition is undeniable, and yet, you’ve never met … at least not in this life.

There are many ways to dig deeper into your attraction for this all-to-familiar stranger. Calling a professional psychic can aid you in your quest to know what you really want to know: Is this my soulmate?

He could be the reason you’re here, or he could be a support in your journey here, helping you as you try to resolve other challenges. He comes to you and protects you and makes you feel safe in a way no one else can. Since you are soulmates, you give each other exactly what the other needs and understand each other on a level deeper than you share with anyone else.

Can You Have More Than One Soulmate?

It is quite possible that we have more than one soulmate. The well-known psychic Edgar Cayce was of the belief that souls evolve in what we on Earth can equate only to communities; that the people in our lives, such as our brothers, mothers, cousins and even friends, have probably been with us in other lives in one way or another – and maybe not in the same roles or types of relationships we now share with them. Within our groups are people we come to recognize throughout our lives here on Earth. They are the people we connect with instantly or even sometimes dislike for no reason at all, because they have played many roles in our many past lives. The soul we are born with can carry a type of memory of past lives and therefore the way react to these individuals is probably due to our interaction with them in other lives.

Within these soul groups are one, two, or a few souls who travel with us no matter where or when we reincarnate; they know and understand us like no one else can and vice versa. These individual souls who are with us always are known as our true soulmates and are the ones with which we usually form our closest relationships in life.

Sometimes these soulmate relationships manifest for only a short time, just long enough to help us here on our journey, but in most cases, they are with us throughout our lives. Finding your soulmate here on Earth, and finding true love in general, may not always be an easy feat. Circumstances of timing, location and situations all play a part in the bigger picture and dictate where and when we meet up with our soulmates … again. If you’re looking for your soulmate and you haven’t met him yet, know that he is out there, and he is most likely waiting to find you too. It is that inner knowing that he’s out there that feeds our search to find “the one.” Though some souls in your soul community may not be with you on your current journey, your soulmate is here, just waiting to find you. You may find him when you are young, middle-aged or even later in life, but if it is planned or destined to be, you will find each other.

Déjà Vu and Shared Interests

Do you have an affinity for a certain time or era, such as ancient Rome or New York City in the 1930s? It could be possible that your interest in that certain time has something to do with the fact that you may have lived during that time. Is there a place you’ve never been before and when you arrive there, it all seems so familiar, like you’ve been there before? Some call this déjà vu, and some believe that déjà vu is simply the way we recall past life memories. Think about the circumstance that brought you to this place and you may start to realize the bigger picture of why you are here now, in this time, and with those individuals we have in our lives or meet throughout.

If you mention your interest in a certain time or place to a friend or relative, you may find that they too have a fondness for that same place in time, and that’s probably because you’ve been there together. There are certain ways to meditate on this idea, and if you would like to explore it further, a gifted psychic can guide you on your path to enlightenment. You may even want to explore the idea of past life regression. Either way, looking back on your past lives may help you to realize why you’re here and what it is you have come here to work on. Calling a professional psychic can give you the answers to the questions you ponder.

When you gaze upon a stranger for the first time and you feel that mutual recognition, there is no other feeling like that in the world. You feel compelled to know him better and to find out what makes him seem so familiar. If your past relationship with your soulmate was a loving and fulfilled one, you may just be here with him out of sheer love and the need for his companionship. Perhaps he’s come to help you here on your journey and you for his.

Alternatively, if you meet this recognizable stranger and form a bond with him and you have had issues in the past; you may come together in this life to work past the obstacles that may have driven you apart in other lives.

Each of us has at least one true soulmate that we interact with on many levels and throughout many incarnations. Call a psychic today and find your true soulmate, find where he is and when you will meet him or find out if you already have. Get started on making your life more complete and fulfilled and find your true happiness.

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