Will Your Relationship Last?

Will Your Relationship Last?

The long term success of any relationship depends upon sharing mutual interests and having compatible priorities. Having complementary approaches to work, family life and friends is important too. Check out this handy guide to see what qualities you’ll need to stay in a relationship with each zodiac sign.

To stay in love with an Aries, you’ll need plenty of energy and a certain disregard for the rules. Aries people are highly spontaneous, driven and independent, so your relationship will work best if you are flexible, quick thinking and not at all clingy. Develop your own interests and don’t be too dependent on your Aries partner.

Relationships with a Taurus endure best for tactile, warm and affectionate partners who like stability and certainty. Show your Taurus plenty of physical affection and be demonstrative – nothing cements a Taurus relationship like plenty of cuddles. Don’t push your Taurus out of his or her comfort zone too often. Easy does it.

Those with plenty to say for themselves have the best chance of creating lasting love with a Gemini. Intellectual rapport is essential for this sign to stay in love, so political debates over the breakfast newspapers are par for the course. A good sense of humor helps too, and you’ll need to indulge your inner child.

To stay in love with a Cancer, it’s vital that you’re prepared to put family interests first. Nothing, but nothing, trumps family as your Cancer partner’s top priority. You’ll also need empathy and a good deal of patience to deal with Cancer’s ever changing moods. Cancer relationships work best with partners who don’t take the moods personally.

If you want your relationship with a Leo to last, you’ll need to provide adoration, respect and undying affection. Leo people need to know that they’re the center of your world. Hold your own, however. Your Leo partner is looking for a king or queen to rule equally with, not a maid or a jester.

To keep the love burning with a Virgo partner, you’ll need to make the best of yourself. Paying attention to health is very important to Virgo, and your partner will also want you to be discriminating about the company you keep. If you strive hard in life and keep trying to better yourself, your Virgo relationship will endure.

To stay in a love with Libra, it helps if you like the beautiful things in life. A lovely home, cultural outings and a lively social life are all essentials for keeping a Libra happy. And if Libra’s happy, the chances are you’ll be happy too, as this loving sign doesn’t demand very much from a partner.

To keep the flame burning with a Scorpio partner you’ll need a high sex drive and a very thick skin. Scorpio is a passionate partner but also a volatile one, so a calm head is essential. Scorpio relationships work best with a partner who takes the amazing highs with the painful lows and remains unfazed throughout.

A love of the great outdoors goes a long way to keeping a Sagittarius relationship thriving. If you love travel too, you’ll be set for a very happy life together. Sagittarius partners are easy going and undemanding, but very blunt, so it helps if you are able to take criticism in the constructive manner it was intended.

Capricorn partners are mature, faithful and committed. To keep this relationship happy, you’ll need to be responsible and willing to work hard to keep your family on track. Because your Capricorn partner can be overly serious at times, your sense of humour is an essential relationship component.

To stay in love with an Aquarius requires an independent mind and a willingness to follow your own interests. Your Aquarius partner isn’t particularly demonstrative, but if you can understand their unspoken but sincere love and commitment, you’ll have a great chance of making this work.

An enduring relationship with your sensitive Pisces partner requires a lot of empathy, kindness, and a gentle touch. Pisces people are often overwhelmed by their strong emotions, so it helps if you can be a rock of stability in their otherwise stormy sea.

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