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The black aura is one of the few auras that is predominantly negative. Contrary to popular belief, an individual who possesses a black aura is not an evil or bad person in the large majority of cases. Often, they just need time to move on and recover from the negative feelings that are causing the black aura to appear. One of the primary causes of a black aura is an unwillingness to forgive yourself or others. It is never locked to specific wrongs and instead emanates from you when your focus and energies become imbalanced in favor of despair or raw negativity. This is just one of the many sources, but even illness can be a causative factor in your black aura.

Black Auras Are Not Forever

Many people who truly synergize with their natural auras may assume that an aura is simply another word for personality, thus avoiding those who are cursed with a black aura. This cannot be further from the truth as auras constantly evolve and can shift. Auras are easily influenced by your emotions, your soul’s wellness, and your level of spiritual awakening among many other factors.

Black is somewhat of a masking aura – in other words, a symptom rather than a result. Natural auras radiate energy outwards, while negative ones draw energy into themselves, sucking things in like a black hole. For example, the bright and bubbly yellow aura is consistently playful and optimistic, often passively provoking this positivity in everyone around them regardless of their aura color.

Typically, having a black aura means your natural aura is being stifled. The black aura consumes your natural aura and suppresses it while it is in effect, making it easier to feel hopeless and trapped. It is not a personality, not the “real” you, and it will only stick around as long as you let it.

Even if you are convinced you suffer from a black aura, remind yourself that auras can and do change, and this is not a life sentence. Recognizing the origin of your emotions and addressing it promptly is the quickest way to tackle the problem of an unwelcome black aura. Get an online spiritual reading on Keen for help identifying your aura and what factors in your life are affecting it.

Black Auras Explained

There isn’t a single person on this planet who is always happy, healthy and perfect. However, situations arise that can cause negative but nonetheless healthy emotions. Grief, for example, is often a major cause for a black aura. Grief is also a normal process that everyone will go through and take in their own stride. Therefore a momentary black aura that surrounds you when dealing with the loss of a loved one is no call for a complete overhaul of your life and spirit. Other common causes for a black aura are depression, loneliness and as mentioned previously, holding grudges or refusing to forgive. Any one of these emotions or issues can happen to everyone, and as long as they do not grow out of control and become long-lasting, they are no real cause for alarm.

Auras frequently increase in strength the longer they are held, due to the energy that causes them progressively growing in power as well. This trait of auras can make black auras divinely frustrating, and cause them to feel as inescapable as the emotions that drive them. This is why tactics that focus purely on forbidding yourself of negative feelings will ultimately fail. You can’t will away emotions without damaging yourself, which then leads you susceptible again in a vicious cycle. Some emotional wounds may never heal, but as long as you do not let the underlying feelings rule your life and emotions, you will not suffer from a black aura. If the presence of bad feelings alone caused a black aura, then everyone would have one. Just the mere presence of grief, loneliness, sadness and other issues will not create this aura as it is due to an imbalance in favor of the negativity.

Addressing Your Black Aura

Remember that short term black auras are possible during periods of grief, extreme stress, and other issues that may well be remedied naturally as the distressing factors lose their potency or you recover from grief. If you are convinced you possess a black aura of a more static nature, often the next step is seeking to remedy it. You can do this by focusing on the underlying cause of your black aura. Learning to forgive yourself or someone who has maliciously wronged you can be extremely difficult, but healthy in more ways than one, to move on provided you are no longer under the threat of physical or emotional harm from them. Often learning to forgive is all that is needed to free yourself from the black hole that a black aura can become, giving you a new lease on life.

Of course, not everything can be accomplished with willpower alone. It is not always that simple, and those suffering from a black aura should seek out help if they need it. As the source of your aura can vary widely from disease to simply stress, there is no one-size-fits-all answer, but you should not be content to suffer. A psychic may be helpful in revealing the intricacies of your aura, the source and giving you insight on what YOU need to do to fix it. Remember that point; you will need to take the steps as no one else can do it for you. Whether you receive your help from a close friend, a psychic advisor, or a psychologist doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you repair your black aura and allow your true self to shine through.

Black auras get a bad rap, which is well-deserved in some cases. Whether you are suffering from a black aura or know someone who is, rest assured it is not a permanent state. Finding the support you need and addressing the cause of your black aura will return you to your happier, healthier self. Think positively and focus on what you can change to keep your spirits high and wash away this aura’s stranglehold on your life. Never be afraid to seek out help; a little bit of discomfort is better than languishing. Most importantly, do not accept defeat and let a black aura define who you are.

Keen Editorial Staff
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