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Yes or No Questions to Ask a Psychic

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If you are interested in seeking guidance from a psychic advisor, you want to make sure you are prepared. It’s important to make the most out of your session by having an idea of what you want to ask. Better yet, you can have specific questions at the ready so you can get the most out of your reading without wasting any time.

There are two different approaches you can take when formulating a list of questions to ask your psychic. If you are looking for gentle guidance and direction while keeping your options open, keep your questions broad so you can get a general outlook on your future. If you are focused on a particular life plan and want as much information as possible, you can ask very specific questions.

If you’re a person with tunnel vision and you want the specifics of what your future has in store for you, then a list of pointed questions is the way to go! And you can’t get clearer answers than with yes or no questions. It leaves no room for muddled misinterpretation. We’ve compiled a list to help you get started.

Yes or No Questions to ask About Your Love Life

Love is the most popular subject psychics get asked about. Whether it be long-term, short-term, marriage, casual sex, 20th anniversary, or the first date, love is a wild and wonderful game we all play. It makes life more colorful and fulfilling. Love can be your salvation or the cruelest mistress. It’s no wonder that love and its trappings have inspired films, songs, poetry, art, and temples. If you’re overwhelmed by the thought of romance and not sure how to ask about it, we’ve put together a list of questions to ask a psychic about love that may help.

Will I get married?

Is he/she “The One”?

Will I meet my soulmate by (year)?

Should I start dating again?

Should I get on dating apps?

Will I fall in love next year?

Will I meet my partner at work/school/gym/church, etc?

Does he/she love me?

Will they call?

Are we going to have sex on our next date?

Does this person have long-term potential?

Should I be single right now?

Will I ever learn to love myself?

Should we break up?

Will my partner be loyal?

Yes or No Questions to ask About Your Ex

Do you find your mind wandering back to your ex? Were they the one that got away? We understand that relationships can get sticky and confusing. You’re not alone! It’s difficult to fully let go if you never received the closure you required. It’s impossible to move on unless you have answers to those nagging questions. Real talk: they are your ex for a reason. Live in the present, not the past. But if you’re still not satisfied, there’s nothing wrong with getting clarity on a past love by conferring with a psychic. Hey, it’s more dignified than stalking their social media, right?

Will I get back together with my ex?

Do they still think about me?

Did they cheat on me?

Have they moved on for good?

Will my ex contact me again?

Was breaking up the right decision?

Should I get back together with my ex?

Did my ex give me an STD?

Will my ex call?

Will my ex try to get back with me?

Yes or No Questions to ask About Money and Career

Money and career-related topics are the second most popular reason people consult psychic advisors. Financial insecurity can be scary. When our money and jobs are at risk it causes us stress and a sense of instability. Sure, we can do our part by working, saving, and having multiple irons in the fire. However, nothing is guaranteed and in this economic landscape, any additional advice and insight help. Finances are an incredibly broad topic so we’ve listed some specific questions you may want to ask that can help you navigate the future of your almighty dollar.

Am I going to win the lottery?

Will I get that promotion?

Should I ask for a raise?

Should I send my resume to (company)?

Should I quit?

Am I on the right career path?

Should I start my business?

Will I grow in this company?

Is this the right job for me?

Will I be happy at this new job?

Will I meet my financial goals next year?

Will I be able to save (amount) by (year)?

Does my boss like me?

Do my colleagues hate me?

Get your questions answered by scheduling a reading with a trusted psychic advisor.

Yes or No Questions to ask About Family

Family matters can be the most heartwarming or heartbreaking to deal with. Of all the topics we’ve covered in this article, this one is the most complicated. Family-related issues take up a lot of space in our lives. It’s important to gain as much advice and insight as we can before making major decisions that affect our loved ones. We hope this brief list covers enough topics to stimulate your mind enough to know what to specifically ask during a reading about your family. And we wish you and your family abundance, health, and happiness, always.

Am I pregnant?

Will I ever get pregnant?

Is my child safe?

Should I consider birth control?

Will my parents live long lives?

Does my sibling miss me?

Will my parents get dementia?

Should I hire an assisted living nurse for my grandparent?

Will I successfully adopt?

Will I have a child by (year)?

Was I adopted?

Can I salvage my relationship with my (family member)?

Will I make it home for Christmas?

Will my (family member) ever get sober?

Yes or No Questions to ask About Your Future

The future can be an intimidating mystery, but it doesn’t have to be. You can have a life plan and put something away for a rainy day, but the only thing guaranteed in life is change. Sometimes, we need a little insight into what can be in order to decide on a life path direction. Instead of feeling anxious about the unknown, you can ask for guidance from a professional psychic reader. Every little bit of insight helps on this magical journey we’re all on!

Should I buy a house?

Will I move/ relocate next year?

Will I live a long life?

Should I take up a new hobby?

Will I travel more next year?

Should we move in together?

Is it time to retire?

Should I get a dog or cat?

Will I move abroad by (year)?

Should I go back to school?

Yes or No Questions to ask About Your Health

If we don’t have our health, we have nothing. It’s the foundation from which all things grow. It’s imperative to take care of your physical, mental, emotional, sexual, and spiritual health in order to live your best life. No matter what your current health situation is, it can be altered and improved. Consulting with an intuitive psychic reader about your health is a great addition to your current health plan but be sure to also consult with medical and mental health professionals, engage in healthy habits, and have a positive spiritual practice in place. A well-rounded lifestyle makes all the difference.

Will my injury be all healed by (date)?

Should I take this new workout class?

Will I lose the weight by (this date)?

Will I be (disease) free by next year?

Should I get that surgery?

Will these medications work for me?

Should I get on medication?

Will this surgery go well?

Will I get (disease) in the future?

Do I have bad habits that negatively affect my health?

Am I mentally and emotionally healthy right now?

Will my stress subside soon?

Should I see a therapist?

Get the Clarity You Need

Now that you have a detailed list of yes or no questions for your next psychic reading, we hope you move confidently in the direction of your ideal life feeling fortified. Every person is different, and you should navigate your reading according to your personal taste and comfort level. By the end of every psychic reading, you should feel satisfied and more confident with the intuitive information you received. We hope this article helped prepare you with the right questions for your next session with your trusted psychic advisor!

Find answers to your life questions by scheduling a reading with an expert psychic.

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