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By Adeena Love Psychic 

#1 Reunion Letter

Working with a Reunion Letter to create the future with your twin that you want to be living can be a perfect way to use the Law of Attraction on your Twin Flame journey. Reading your letter weekly helps you to shift onto the timeline. The letter must contain the vision of your future relationship and what you want to achieve together as a couple.

#2 Find Your Blocks in Yourself and Your Twin Flame’s Everyday Life.

Pay close attention to your everyday- even when it seems unrelated, it can actually mirror the blocks to your Twin Flame union. Something as simple as the time we wake up, or something so small in our daily routine can greatly affect our twin flame relationships.

#3 Heal Your Inner Self and Soul

The same applies to your inner self. Once you bring the memories back into the conscious mind and release the repressed emotions, you are already well on your way to healing.

But inner souls are often more complex because the inner soul needs a parent energy to heal. Become your own inner parent and give your inner soul the love and the attention it seeks. This is an important aspect of loving yourself, which we will discuss later.

#4 Clear the Past

Another way to speed up union is to clear the past between you and your twin. Especially clearing up the past disconnections from the runner can have a positive relationship between you and your twin flame. It’s actually this kind of stuff that triggers the ‘running’ that many Twin Flame couples run into on their journey. The person running doesn’t consciously know why they are running.

#5 Forgive Your Twin

As you can see, all that you and your Twin Flame have encountered along your journey together? It was never meant to hurt you.

#6 Learn and Discover

There is so much to learn and discover about a twin flame relationship. There are multiple types of twin flame relationships and there are multiple stages. The more knowledge you have a twin flame relationship, the easier to establish the reunion.

#7 Manifest, Meditate, Visualize

Step seven can be the most complicated, as this needs to become a daily part of your routine. This is something that is very beneficial for any twin flame relationship, no matter how far along you are. The biggest complication is that our day-to-day life sometimes does not allow us to take the time for our spiritual well-being. Making the time and space within your life, even just for a few moments a day, can greatly change your relationship.

There are multiple ways to speed up a twin flame relationship. Every couple is different. If you would like to look into your twin flame relationship further and determine what steps you can take to speed up your twin flame relationship, contact me today.

I also offer twin flame analysis, custom affirmations, and meditations.

I hope this article helps you on your twin flame journey. 

Many blessings,

Adeena Love Psychic 

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Hi! Im Adeena, love psychic and twin flame specialist. I have over 27 years experience doing readings for clients. I specialize in reuniting you and the one you love, relationship repair, life path correction, and twin flames. I will help guide and navigate you through all love marriage and relationship problems. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you. Many blessings!

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