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Reclaim your Power through Root Chakra Meditation

a symbol of the muladhara or root chakra

Imbalance in the Root Chakra 

On January 1, John decided to follow up on executing his New Year’s goals. He decided to make a list of his four primary goals. It looks something like this. 

1. Get rid of his low spine/tailbone aches by improving his working/posture habits
2. Improve his immune system response
3. Earn more money and improve his financial security
4. Feel safe and self-sufficient

As John stared at his list, he wondered what he might do to attain his goals to a satisfactory level. For example, getting rid of aches and pains and not getting sick seemed straightforward. He would feel he achieved his goal when he felt his optimal self and stopped hacking and wheezing. 

But what about financial security, feeling safe and self-sufficient? Would he feel safe when he had $100,000 in the bank, half a million, or simply handling all his bills on time? John looked back at the past year of his life and smiled. Yes, he has attained a lot. 

Five years ago, this man was struggling with a salary of $60,000 and wondering if ever his salary would increase. Currently, he earns 150K per year but still does not feel safe, does not save, and lives paycheck to paycheck. How much would he need to make to feel safe, feel like he’s in control of his life, and aligned with the mainstream financial status quo?

Before we look at John’s root chakra imbalance, let’s examine what the root chakra is and what it does.

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What is the Root Chakra (Muladhara)?

The root chakra (also called Muladhara in Sanskrit or “the root of existence”) is the 1st chakra located at the spine’s base or tailbone. The color red symbolizes the root chakra, and the word ‘chakra’ means wheel. 

There are seven main chakras along a person’s spine. These points are spinning vortexes of energy that facilitate everyday survival, spiritual path, alignment, fulfillment, and every aspect of human life. 

The root chakra is the grounding chakra responsible for connecting us to the Earth, where we find solace, security, stability, and overall facility in managing an accomplished daily life. In addition, the Muladhara provides us with the driving force to attain any physical goals.

What is a Root Chakra Meditation?

The typical formula for a chakra meditation involves first relaxing and breathing all the way down, bringing the energy down, and focusing on the root of your spine (breathing into the tailbone area).

As you breathe, you may visualize a deeply nourishing color red that envelops and nurtures your chakra. Since it’s easy for the chakra imbalance to affect other chakras, typically, it’s best to perform a meditation that involves balancing all seven chakras. 

A quick search on YouTube or Spotify will show you a myriad of options. Pick a couple of sustainable favorites and stick to them. 

How do you Meditate the Root Chakra?

One of my favorite root chakra meditations is by Anodea Judith, notably when lying on the ground or on the beach. However, not all of us have the time or the luxury of 80° weather all year round. In reality, most need a time-efficient way to maintain their health and balance. Like any other practice or exercise, a chakra meditation functions best when performed regularly. Think of chakra meditation similarly to conducting regular maintenance on your vehicle. Consistency is the key. 

How can you Balance or Heal the Root Chakra?

There are many methods of balancing and activating the root chakra. Some examples include meditation, breathing exercises, mindfulness, gratitude, journaling, visualization, affirmations, dance/music, herbal essences, yoga, nature, crystals, and color therapy.

a woman meditating in the woods

How do you feel when your Root Chakra is Balanced?

People with a balanced first chakra feel stable and secure and have a healthy survival instinct. These individuals are often focused and very present in their life without avoiding conflict and addressing each challenge as an opportunity for more. As I’m sure you can already perceive, such individuals are responsible, reliable, dependable, and grounded. Individuals with a strong sense of belonging and an ability to care for themselves and others demonstrate a well-balanced root chakra. 

A Holistic Approach to Balancing Chakras

After making his list, John stared at the paper. Finally, he decided that the perfect way to improve his posture problems is to take periodic breaks and care for his physical body by signing up for yoga classes. 

After all, who knows, maybe he will even meet someone and help his social life? To take a step further along and improve his physical health, John decided to investigate his diet. He incorporated low-carbohydrate root vegetables and herbs, such as ginger and garlic, to help feel grounded and connected to the earth.

As John evaluated his money problems, he decided that getting help would be the best recourse. Since money seemed to go hand-in-hand with anxiety, he found Megan McCoy, a renowned financial therapist that reevaluates peoples’ relationships with money. 

John decided that his everyday stresses piled into a perpetual anxiety, and he needed to face the problem head-on rather than avoid it. John already felt better by taking action. 

Next, he looked for a lifestyle and a way of thinking as far from a scarcity mindset as the north pole was from the south. Lastly, John instilled meditations and affirmations into his daily routine to foster a mind state and patterns of abundance, safety, and belonging. 

So, what happens when the Root Chakra is activated?

Three months later, John woke up on a beautiful Tuesday morning. Half an hour early, he jumped out of bed and grabbed a glass of water. Before settling into a daily five-minute meditation, John looked around for two minutes and felt gratitude at how his life was changing. 

Once the meditation was over, he took a few minutes to journal and feel proud of his improvements. His life was changing, and everything was coming along swimmingly. Every day he took some time for himself and woke up half an hour earlier to prioritize his well-being. 

By the fourth month, John had moved into a beautiful new apartment overlooking the river. He got a raise immediately after the move. His daily yoga classes improved his flexibility, posture, and any aches and pains were a distant memory. 

Then, amazingly, he met Rachel, a cute, brown-haired girl that radiated positivity and joy. John deeply admired Rachel. 

Let’s fast forward a few months. As John and Rachel celebrated New Year’s, surrounded by friends, John felt deep gratitude and his sense of belonging. He was proud of himself for achieving so much balance and happiness. When he considered how far he had come, he gave thanks for his physical body, mental fortitude, and spiritual connection to all that is.

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