What is the Difference between a Psychic and a Clairvoyant?

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Many people wonder what it means to be psychic or clairvoyant. They ask how these individuals work and if they themselves have the gift. Is a psychic and clairvoyant one the same or are they different? This article will clear up any misconceptions and explain what it means to be psychic and/or clairvoyant.

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What is a Psychic?

By definition, to be psychic is to have the ability to receive and pass on information in a way that cannot be explained or accounted for. The term “psyche” is Greek, and means the human soul, mind or spirit. A psyche is all parts of one’s characteristics or qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character. 

A psychic is a person who has the ability to connect with another person’s soul without being given prior information. They can channel another’s past, connect it to their present and predict their future. Common to psychics is the ability to tap into a person’s aura or “energy field”. 

Every living being has an aura.  It is the magnetic field which surrounds us and it reflects an individual’s energy.  An aura is made up of several layers. All of these layers reveal emotional and rational components of every individual. A psychic is extremely intuitive; they have a feeling of something to be true without conscious reasoning. 

People go to psychics for many reasons. Mostly, they want reasons for why things occur in their lives and predict an outcome. Thus, they make a connection between the past, present and future. Peter Hurkos, in 1941, had the ability to give clues to the Manson murders and the Boston Strangler. He was able to pick up important clues that he didn’t know previously. 

What is a Medium?

A medium is a particular type of psychic who can receive and transmit messages from the spirit world. They connect the living with their deceased loved-one. However, a medium cannot influence a spirit.  

They can only transport messages giving comfort to those who remain. There is a sensory connection between the medium and a spirit. They also use a combination of clairvoyance with their psychic abilities as messages or information is received. A medium can channel different lifetimes as well connecting a spirit guide or protector to a living human being. 

What is a Clairvoyant?

A clairvoyant is a person who claims to have a supernatural ability to perceive events in someone’s life. They can gain information about an object, person, location, or physical event through extrasensory perception. Clairvoyant is a French word, which means “clear seeing.”  Specifically, a clairvoyant sees images in their minds. 

These images seem like a movie. Images  or moving pictures are not the only thing that is conjured up. Sounds or voices are as well. A clairvoyant relates images from the present, and does not predict the future.  They may often work with a psychic to interpret the images.

The 18th century French aristocrat, The Marquis de Puysegur, was a clairvoyant. He clearly saw images in his mind’s eye of a person’s life.

Psychics vs. Clairvoyants: What’s the Difference?

A psychic and a clairvoyant are different but they are connected as well. A psychic or medium uses clairvoyance. And a clairvoyant uses psychic abilities. However, a clairvoyant visualizes present events and a psychic connects a past and present to predict a future. 

Anyone can be psychic or clairvoyant. However, these abilities must be nurtured. These individuals develop their gift and pay attention to their intuition. Most importantly, they give others peace of mind and clarity.

Being clairvoyant or psychic is the ability to really know something even though there’s no logical reason for why you are so sure.  This can be called a “gut feeling”. You may feel a strong emotion out of nowhere and then a friend or family member contacts you to let you know something bad happened.  You were actually turning into their emotions and you were aware of what was coming. 

Being clairvoyant often presents itself in strange and vivid dreams. These dreams turn out to be true.If this happens to you, then you may be clairvoyant.  Keeping a journal about these dreams and meditating can allow images to flow through your mind more easily.

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How will I know if I am Clairvoyant?

Now to know if you are clairvoyant.  If you are, then you’re able to receive information through images, colors, or dreams.  You probably think that you are daydreaming, wishfully thinking, or just playing with your imagination.  

These things are true too, but these are very real signs.  You may see gloating shadows or colored dots in the air. You may see glittering lights too.  You also may daydream a lot too.  And your dreams are bright with color and  are so close to being real. You may often wander in a museum to look at art.  

Being clairvoyant is related to your visual senses. You also see things out of the corner of your eye, where you begin to check if someone is there. You are good at figuring out puzzles that others can’t and see an end result before starting a project. Just don’t doubt what you can do.  

A Psychic and a Medium Reading

A psychic reading can be a life changing experience.  They may reveal your hopes and dreams, a sign from a loved one who has passed or even give a warning of your life choices.  But how do they work?  Do they check your Facebook?  Do they call your aunt ahead of time to get information about you?  Did you share too much  before the reading? The answer is no.  

They do not know you beforehand.  There are hundreds of tools and talents psychics have in order to read your energy and emotional fields.  A clairvoyant may see your aura, or see blocked energy fields around your heart chakra, to see you are suffering a heartbreak or loss.  

A psychic medium may be told by your Grandmother who has passed that you are thinking about making a big change in your career.  Psychics dedicate their lives to mastering their gifts, tools, and spiritual well-being to help others. You need to be open to a reading

How does one communicate with Spirit?

Having psychic abilities can be difficult to develop and uncover.  Some people are lucky to notice this ability at a young age but others don’t. This ability must be practiced. So, how does one get strong intuition? First of all, stop second guessing yourself.  

Trust yourself a bit more and know what it is that your inner self is telling you.  One’s intuition knows  the truth and the right thing for you. Quieting your mind is a first step in helping to develop your intuition. 

The best psychics are able to stop the mind chatter and allow messages from spirit guides and departed loved ones to come through. Meditating is necessary to calming the mental chatter. You may consider joining a class given by a psychic in order to develop your abilities. 

A great thing about psychic or clairvoyant ability is that you can develop it.  You can strengthen it and use your abilities to make your life and others’ richer.

Channel Your Intuition 

Psychic readings don’t involve a crystal ball and velvet table cloth. Readers may use cards, bones, crystals or tea leaves. Whatever helps them channel your message. If you ever found yourself saying, “I knew this would happen,” your own psychic energy will surface. 

You can also change the future that is set out for you.  You can alter your own destiny which is free will. A psychic taps into your energy to see things about your past, present and future.  They do not read your entire life.  They give you a scoop of important details obtained  from your medium.  You then can use these details to change and or improve your life.

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