Best Jobs for an Aquarius

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If you know an Aquarius, you are already aware they are truly unique people. There’s nothing they can’t do when they put their mind to it. Creativity abounds with this air sign. You will always be entertained and a little wiser after a conversation with them. They are intelligent, outside-of-the-box thinkers that love to work toward improving our world on a grand scale. Aquarians are non-conformists and make their own rules. They do best in situations that allow them freedom and flexibility to be themselves. Careers that interest them must be purpose-driven. Aquarians require jobs that will nurture their logical, creative, and humanitarian gifts.

Deciding what your career will be is a big step, and although no one is stuck in any job forever, it’s beneficial to choose something that interests you early on and stick with it if possible. For an Aquarius, this can be challenging because of their fluid nature. They can easily get pulled into unsatisfying jobs because they don’t easily fit into categories comfortably. We dove deep into this quirky and lovable sign to find out what makes them tick. We’ve compiled a list of professions our Aquarius friends will thrive in. If you’re an Aquarius that is struggling to decide on a career path, read on.

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Aquarius Personality and Traits

Aquarius, also known as “the water bearer”, is an air sign and the eleventh sign in the zodiac. People born between January 20 and February 18 call this sign home. In traditional astrology, Aquarius is ruled by Saturn, while in modern astrology, it’s ruled by Uranus. Saturn represents responsibility, hard work, and determination while Uranus governs innovation, expansion thinking, and technology. Aquarians truly embrace all these qualities. Therefore, they thrive in careers that allow them to reach large amounts of people, using their innovative and creative talents to make this world a better place for everyone.

Aquarians are self-reliant, clever, creative, and positive. Their rebellious and unique nature makes them hard to classify into any category. It’s not always easy to spot one because they can come across as very different from each other. For example, there are famous rock stars and introverted scientists that fall under this sign. What they do have in common is their innovative thinking and love for humanitarian causes. These are genuinely loving people that are always doing their part to help people and the environment.

They are driven to improve society and make the world better for future generations. This may sound too big to be achievable, but not to Aquarius. They are the most intelligent and expansive thinking sign in the zodiac. If anyone can do it, they can! And they do. They will problem-solve, test, theorize, work, and strategize until there is a solution. Sometimes, these water bearers can come across as detached, blunt, eccentric, and antisocial. This is usually because they are always going to place more importance on intently solving a big-picture problem, than trying to maintain a busy social life.

Best Career Choices for an Aquarius

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Honestly, Aquarius can excel in anything they put their minds to, but there are specific career paths that will suit them better in the long term. If you’re an Aquarius that is fresh out of school or ready to change your career, this list may be of great service to you.  These jobs will put your unique skill set to use and satisfy your need for purpose. Most of these jobs allow for freedom and flexibility so you can continue to march to the beat of your own drum without feeling confined or limited.

Project Management: Aquarians love planning, coming up with new ideas, and make great leaders. A project manager is a suitable position for them because they will be able to effortlessly lead and organize a team. They are exceptional problem solvers and will thrive in a stimulating environment that needs continuous rearranging.

Psychologist: This will be a very rewarding career choice for an Aquarius. Because of their innate drive to help lots of people and their keen intuition, they will feel right at home as mental health providers. They are great listeners and well-intentioned people. Their logical minds and big heart provide the perfect advice.

Environmental Engineer: The water bearer is not intimidated by a big job. In fact, they prefer them. Especially if that job benefits the environment and a large group of people. They have a strong sense of responsibility and determination that will help them see any big project through. Their curiosity, critical thinking, and sharp logic make them great engineers.

Scientist: Aquarians thrive in the scientific field. They are naturally innovative and love to test out new theories. This sign tends to be a lifelong student at heart because they love learning. Any area of science will suit them. There have been many successful biologists, chemists, geologists, and physicists that have the Aquarius sun sign.

Nurse or Doctor: We mentioned before how imperative it is for the Aquarius to fight for the greater good. What better profession than a medical caregiver? They are loving advocates at heart, and they are compassionate and sympathetic to their patients. Their curious nature works well with recognizing symptoms and diagnosing illnesses. Running a lab or working in the biomedical field are also great options.

Judge: Aquarians make excellent judges because they can be fair, honest, and objective. This is not a zodiac sign that will be confused or muddled by emotions. It’s almost impossible to manipulate them. It is easy for them to remain detached, rational, and clear to make fair decisions. Offering practical solutions is one of their specialties so they will thrive in this career.Teacher or Professor: This sign loves the pursuit of knowledge and higher education. They are comfortable in leadership positions and work very well with others. It’s only natural for them to fall into educator roles. This allows them to educate the masses using their intelligence and creativity.

Are Aquarians Successful in Life?

The Aquarius defines success very differently than the rest of us. It could even be argued that they are the sign that really “gets” what life is all about. They don’t choose their path for money. If they truly feel that they’ve made the world a better place, then they consider themselves successful. This sign understands the importance of mental and physical health and work-life balance. Aquarians will rarely choose overtime over a family vacation.

They are almost always successful because of their enthusiasm, excellent work ethic, and “work smarter, not harder” attitudes. We can all learn a valuable lesson from our Aquarius brethren because they show us that when we put quality over quantity and follow our hearts instead of bank balances, our lives will be more fulfilling. And as a result, the people around us will benefit, too. Aquarians also make wonderful colleagues which can make a positive impact in the workplace. These are not greedy or suspicious people. They are more than happy to share their work and creatively collaborate with others.

Aquarians are also very successful because they are not ruled by money or the fear of lack. They are also not power-hungry so it’s rare they make bad ego-based decisions. Money and success come easily to this sign. There isn’t much their sharp mind and boundless imagination can’t do. These people draw in money and success effortlessly. They live their best life, helping others along the way, do incomparable work, and as a result, money chases them, not the other way around.

What Subjects Are Aquarians Good At?

If you are an Aquarius that is in school or thinking about returning, and you’re not sure where you should focus your studies, read on. We’ve compiled a list of subjects to focus on that will cater to your unique set of talents. Aquarians are logical and detailed so pursuing degrees in science, engineering, technology, mathematics, or medicine will be great options. Their independent, humanitarian and entrepreneurial personalities are a good fit for business, social work, environmental planning, and nonprofit management degrees. For our more creatively inclined Aquarians, pursuing a degree in music, filmmaking, and design will keep you satisfied.

Key Takeaways for Aquarius Careers

We hope our Aquarius friends are feeling empowered and guided after this article. You should be impressed with yourselves; you guys can do anything! Remember to focus on a career that would make you happiest and don’t worry about the money. It will come. You thrive in pursuits that nurture your creativity, the need for freedom, and ingenious minds. Avoid jobs that have strict structures, rigid hierarchies, tight management, and no possibility for growth. You find your way easier than most because you’re less likely to settle. Good for you! The world is a better place because of your lovely Aquarian souls and we thank you for your continued valuable contributions.

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