Capricorn Man Taurus Woman Compatibility


Taurus Woman Capricorn Man Compatibility

When a Taurus woman and Capricorn man get together, it’s usually a match made in heaven. Because they both share the earth element, they already have a mutual understanding and have similar views on life. Compatibility comes easily to these two. Expect a solid, steady relationship if you’re looking to grow this love match.

She’s Steadfast and Strong

The desire for serenity is a key aspect of her personality. She’s exudes a quiet composure, and it takes a lot to test her patience. Like her symbol, the bull, she’s a generally a peaceful creature, but know your boundaries. If she reaches the point where her temper flares, forget all her passive qualities. She can attack you with her words and her actions. And it will hurt.

Her character is also backed by her strength. A Taurus woman follows her moral compass and it always points her in the right direction when it comes to choosing practicality and hard work. It takes her a while to make up her mind sometimes, but this is because she likes to consider any situation before jumping in. This is also true when she’s deciding whether to get serious with a relationship or any type of commitment.

Taurus also has a materialistic streak. She is drawn to the finer things in life, so gifts of high quality and value will go a long way if you’re trying to win her affection. Don’t think twice when it comes to fine dining, as she is gratified when indulging in many morsels of richness and decadence. This is part of her sensuality. Aphrodisiacs? These were probably made for the Taurus woman!

He’s Committed and Driven

Like Taurus, the Capricorn man also loves the finer things and works hard to attain them. Because of this, he tends to spend more time at the office than at home. Though his partner might appreciate his drive and ambition, he must be careful to maintain a healthy work-life balance. He has a hard time with this, as he expects to take care of his partner while he’s out making a living.

True to his traditionalist nature, Capricorn is very much the formal gentleman. His fashion style is reminiscent of an era where people would dress up to get on airplanes and he’ll always hold the door open for you. He’s also traditional when it comes to showing affection. He’ll want to get to know you before making any moves. That first kiss might only come after he’s sure you’ll return his affection.

When a Capricorn man is ready for commitment, you won’t have to worry about infidelity. He will also expect this from his partner as he takes family values very seriously. He will try his hardest to be a good provider, a good father, and a good partner. Take note that Capricorn expects to get in return everything he gives. He cannot stand people who take him for granted.

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Are They Compatible Enough?

Because Capricorn and Taurus are both earth signs, they are generally grounded and peaceful. They also work hard and like to stick to routine. And they love all things beautiful. But, there’s more to the surface when it comes to their initial compatibilities.

Taurus is a fixed sign, and is known to be one of the most stubborn and jealous signs of the zodiac. When a Taurus woman sets her mind on something, she will try to get it at all costs. And when she thinks she is right about something, she will hold on to her principles. Lucky for her, the Capricorn man is generally tolerant. He might even use his creative intelligence to convince her otherwise. He is the wisest of all earth signs and his maturity will steer him the right way when it comes to dealing with her shortcomings.

She’s also very fixed on routine, and has problems when the more adventurous Capricorn wants to venture out. She’s a placid creature of habit, but Capricorn will always feel the need to explore and discover new things. In the end, Capricorn’s fierce loyalty will prevail, so he never goes too far. If she respects his space and learns to find happiness in her moments of solitude, they’ll do just fine in this area.

Capricorn, on the other hand, is a cardinal sign. A Capricorn man will be the one to get things going, and is quick to start projects. He can sometimes get impatient with Taurus who tends to slack off, and she might find him domineering when he wants her to get moving. He is fond of starting things, and he must make sure to finish them. He wouldn’t want you to accuse him off all talk and no action, so he does strive to deliver. At the end of the day, a Capricorn man won’t disappoint. With his wit and enthusiastic energy, he always wins.

If they want to be in it for the long haul, Taurus and Capricorn are one of the most compatible signs of the Zodiac. If the universe brings these two signs together, success is usually in the cards. They just need to learn how to use their similarities and earthly qualities to the benefit of their relationship. And if they do, there will always be security, peace, and stability.

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