Psychic Predictions and the 2020 Election

What lies ahead?

When it comes to getting psychic advice, we’ve mentioned several times that the future is not predetermined. Only you are in control of your destiny. Your job is to take the insight and advice a psychic gives you and make your own decisions. 

While this is true, some psychics specialize in making future predictions concerning world events — big ones. We’re talking about viruses, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, plane or train crashes, deaths, murders (yes, psychics really can help solve crimes), stock market crashes, and presidential elections (how timely, right?). 

We’re not going to tell you who to vote for, the next debate winner prediction, or even what some of the most popular 2020 election predictions are (there’s a little bit of both floating around out there.) However, we will tell you what you can expect from a psychic future reading of your own. 

Are Psychics Even Real?

Just because Nostradamus forecasted Hitler’s wrath, Jeane Dixon accurately predicted JFK’s assassination, and identical twins Linda and Terry Jamison claim to have projected the World Trade Center terrorist attacks doesn’t mean you necessarily believe in psychics. We get it. Even some of the world’s greatest psychologists like Freud and Williams James studied psychic ability to provide more clarity, yet it’s still a debatable topic. 

Even so, the reality is, millions of people around the world have had success obtaining spiritual guidance from a psychic. Trustworthy, experienced psychics rely on their intuition and innate abilities to provide you with clarity and direction on a particular matter. Some pros even use divination tools such as astrology, tarot cards, crystals, numerology, and rune stones, though only when at a professional level. The more seasoned the psychic, the better they can utilize such apparatuses. For example, they will increase the number of tarot cards dealt in a hand — which is more advantageous for the recipient. 

Psychic Predictions Versus Psychic Readings

Yes, there are psychics — typically well-known ones — whose claim to fame is accurately predicting the world events as mentioned above. You can bet that right about now, several psychics have made their election predictions. However, when you get a reading from a psychic such as those here on Keen, don’t expect them all to tell you when you’ll get married, what your future spouse will look like, or if you’ll win the lottery. The reality is, such personal predictions are burdensome because they are not set in stone. A psychic advisor will help you overcome roadblocks, and guide you in the right direction to make better decisions. 

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