The Power of Words

“I am unlovable” … “Nobody likes me” … “I am beautiful” … “I have all the time in the world.” Words and our self-expression are very powerful. Whatever you express begins to manifest almost instantaneously. You are telling the universe, “This is my truth.” God gave you the spoken word for that simple reason. Your …

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Dream Precepts: Unravel the Meaning of Your Dreams

Anyone who has kept a dream journal for a period of time recognizes their dreams are meaningful, often cleverly responding to daily concerns and the circumstances of our lives. There are several purposes to the dreaming process. First of all, dreams creatively problem solve. Secondly, they unleash hidden emotions, help to resolve emotional conflicts, and …

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Does Your Aura Change After Spiritual Awakening?

Spiritual awakening inspires great changes, transforming individuals during their journey toward inner peace. While this happens, personality and perspective become altered. This naturally affects the aura. However, only certain people will notice. Consulting a psychic can lead to deeper knowledge of the spiritual world, including the changes occurring deep in oneself. What Is Spiritual Awakening? …

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Who Has Your Power?

Many people feel discouraged by feelings of disempowerment. This happens when we give away our power by worrying too much about what another person is feeling, thinking and doing. Rather than focus on ourselves, we channel all of our energy into a situation that we cannot control. Can we truly control another? No! So, why …

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