What Crystals are Good for Sleep and Luck

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Crystals are an amazing addition to any health and wellness practice you have. They are not only pleasant to look at, and comforting to hold in your hands, but they also contain healing energy that can alleviate an assortment of ailments. You can wear them as jewelry or place them around your home as restorative decoration. Crystals and stone healing have been around for thousands of years and continue to bring people numerous benefits today.

The Ancient Sumerians used crystals when they created their mystical elixirs. Plato recalled the Atlanteans using crystals for telepathy. The Ancient Egyptians added crystals and gemstones to their ornate jewelry, incorporated them in their healing and protection rituals, and used them when preparing their loved ones for the afterlife. The origin of the word “crystal” derives from the Greek word “krystallos”, which means “ice”. The Ancient Greeks believed crystals contained limitless powers. The Native American Hopi tribe uses crystal quartz to alleviate symptoms and diagnose illnesses. In Europe during the Middle Ages, crystal amulets were used to heal the sick.

Today, crystal healing is closely associated with the metaphysical and New Age spiritual movement. These precious stones are still acknowledged for their medicinal properties and are used in a variety of ways to help people. If you are struggling with anxiety, poor sleep, or just desire a little more luck in your life, read on. We’ve compiled a list of crystals that are popular for their curative powers.

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Why You Should Use Crystals

Using crystals in your everyday life is easy and low-cost. It’s incredibly convenient to toss a stone in your bag or throw on a bead bracelet and enjoy its benefits throughout the day. You can add a stone to your keychain or place quartz on your desk for an ever-present boost of healing without even thinking about it. There’s a reason crystal magic is one of the most popular trends in alternative medicine. It’s uncomplicated and fun!

It is believed that crystals have the capability to interact with a person’s energy field. They can “send out” and “receive” vibrations. For example, black obsidian can absorb any negative energy that may be stuck to you. Rose quartz can send out warm vibrations and open your heart chakra. Working with stones can level you out, both mentally and physically. They can align your chakras and show you areas that are unbalanced. When you hold a crystal, healing is immediately activated, and you can feel better instantly.

Practicing crystal healing opens your imagination, and makes you feel connected to something deeply spiritual and profound. Stones and crystals come from the deep belly of Mother Earth so it’s no surprise you feel grounded and connected to nature, which is incredibly healing. Every stone you touch has a unique electronic frequency. This frequency can transmute your body’s energy, releasing anything that may be blocking you. This allows for a positive transference of power, leaving your body feeling calm, relaxed, and recharged.

Best Crystals for Good Luck

A woman is meditating with a crystal quartz in her hand. She sits on the floor at home.

We could all use a little more luck in our lives. These six crystals are the most common ones associated with good fortune. You can wear them as jewelry or carry them in your bag and enjoy the blessings that come your way. The more you add these fortuitous gems into your life, the more series of wins you will notice. With these stones, Lady Luck is sure to watch over you all day!

Green Jade




Smoky Quartz

Tigers Eye

Best Crystals for Sleep

Not getting enough sleep can ruin your day and start your week off wrong. When we’re not at our best, nothing is right. There are many remedies for poor sleep and crystal healing is a wonderful addition to your nightly routine. These semi-precious stones can be placed by your bedside to enhance your slumber. You will sleep like a baby and wake up refreshed and energized. Sweet dreams!


Green Calcite



Lapis Lazuli


Which Crystals Are Good for Insomnia?

If you’re suffering from insomnia, our heart goes out to you. It’s a difficult thing to deal with. These healing crystals can help calm your monkey mind and serve as a relaxing agent for your body. You can place them on your bedside table, wear them as bead bracelets, or safely wrap them in a scarf and place them in your pillowcase. Gift yourself a healing, restorative slumber, and may deep sleep find its way to you.






Clear Quartz

Which Crystals Are Good for Anxiety?

Dealing with anxiety is the worst, but it doesn’t have to be. These top six crystals are popular for their anti-anxiety healing properties. Their calming frequencies will balance you out and you’ll feel right as rain in no time. Wear them as jewelry, carry them in your bag, and have them placed in your office and home. Every little bit helps when you’re on a healing journey. Namaste!




Rose Quartz



Which Crystals Are Used for Protection?

If you need an extra layer of protection when you leave your house every day, consider incorporating these incredible protection stones. You may notice half of them are black. The color black absorbs negativity. Carry these stones with you throughout your day and you’ll start feeling a lot safer out there. You deserve peace of mind.

Black Tourmaline

Black Obsidian

Black Jade




Which Crystals Are Used to Attract Abundance?

Show me the money! If you start incorporating these stones into your life, you start to see more abundance flow. These crystals are great for attracting wealth and prosperity. Many of these stones are green. Green is the color of good fortune and luck. Place them in your purse, wallet, office, and place of business. Adding them to locations that relate to money will speed up your monetary blessings!

Green Aventurine






Which Crystals Are Used for Good Fortune?

The road to success is not straight but incorporating these success crystals may help smooth it out a bit. These types of crystals have been used for thousands of years to enhance career success, accomplishments, and quicken manifestations. Whatever your personal definition of success is, we know you will achieve it!







In Conclusion

You now should have a better understanding of these beautiful crystals, and you are already thinking about how you include them in your daily life. Gift yourself more contentment, money, luck, sleep, and a stress-free existence. You deserve it. Sure, most of this article discussed the healing properties of crystals but let us not forget how lovely they are to look at. Simply having them in your space every day is enough to lighten your mood.

Crystals can be worn as jewelry, hair accessories, keychains, pet collars, attached to backpacks, or simply carried in your pocket. Some people even put them in a spray bottle with distilled water to create a purifying infusion and spritz themselves whenever they need a boost of healing. Choose your crystals based on what you want to achieve and place them around your home accordingly. For example, put sleep crystals next to your bed, money crystals in your wallet, and cleansing crystals in your bathroom.

We hope this article has opened your mind and heart to the possibilities of alternative crystal medicine. Every year, more people open themselves up to the healing properties of crystals and the numbers continue to grow because it honestly works. Next time you pick up a crystal, know you are holding millions of years of Mother Earth’s history right in the palm of your hand. What power! Enjoy your exciting new path to healing.

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