Past Life Connections

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Have you ever met someone, and it felt like you already knew them? This could be a true past-life connection. It is believed we have all lived numerous lives and that we can meet people with whom we shared a past within our current life. As unlikely as it sounds, it can happen, and when it does, it opens your heart to amazing possibilities. Everyone comes into your life for a reason. Occasionally, a person comes into your life multiple times in multiple lives. Some believe it is to teach us lessons and fulfill soul contracts. Hopefully, the life you’re living now, and your future ones, will continue to place you in front of loved ones that will teach you unconditional love and priceless life lessons. If you’re not sure if you’ve had a past life or you’re curious if your current partner is a connection from the past, read on. This article can help put it all into perspective for you.

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What is a Past Life?

A past life is a previously lived experience in a different body, much like the idea of reincarnation. It’s the belief that your soul can inhabit different bodies at different times, experiencing complete life cycles, multiple times. This spiritual theory has been accepted and practiced for thousands of years in many countries and cultures. Who you were in past lives can better explain who you are in this one. People who follow this school of thought feel that your current emotional, mental, and physical makeup is a combination of who you previously were. Perhaps you’re a new soul and this is your first time on the Earthly plain or maybe you’ve been here many times before. Choosing to return to the physical realm as many times as you want is a fascinating thought.

How to Know if You’ve had a Past Life

So how do you know if you’ve been here before in another body in the past? You’ve heard people describe themselves as young souls or old souls. Which one would you use to describe yourself? Pay close attention to how you intuitively feel when you ponder that question. Some people use past-life regression techniques to recover possible past-life memories. These sessions should always be done with a professional as this method typically uses hypnosis. If you’re not ready to schedule a past life regression, but you’re still curious if you’ve lived a past life, there are indicators and clues you can tune into if you’re paying attention. Some of these factors may explain facets of your current personality.

Déjà Vu – If you’ve ever felt like you’ve experienced an event, place, or person before, it could be memories from your past life. This can be triggered by a song, voice, words someone says, movement, or literally anything. If you feel like you’ve done something the exact same way you’re doing it now, it may be because it’s already happened to you before.

Unusual Memories – Have you ever surprised yourself because you knew something that wasn’t taught to you? If you ever just knew something without explanation, it could be a memory from one of your past lives. These memories commonly pop up in your dreams as well.

Fears and Phobias – You may have always been afraid of something, but there’s no reason for it. For example, you could have a fear of drowning, but you know how to swim and have never experienced trauma in water. This could be because of a traumatic water-related experience in a past life.  

Passions and Habits – Your hobbies and interests could also be indicators of who you were in a past life. Maybe you have an affinity for something, such as painting or playing an instrument. Do you have a natural talent for something? Perhaps you were an expert in a past life!

Physical Pain and Birthmarks – Many people believe that if you were injured in a past life, you can still be affected in your current one. Believers of reincarnation associate birthmarks with past life scars. If you’ve ever suffered from inexplicable pain and the doctors are stumped as to why it’s plaguing you, it could be because you were burdened with an illness or injury in your past life.

What are Past Life Connections?

A past life connection with someone means you were intimately associated with them in a past life. This can be a spouse, child, romantic lover, relative, best friend, or work colleague. If you’ve ever met someone and had an immediate, strong connection, you very well may have known them in a past life. They may look familiar to you, and you feel comfortable around them instantly. It’s possible you’ve had entire families, relationships, and a lifetime of experiences with this person multiple times before. The strong energy you had with another person doesn’t dissipate, it simply moves elsewhere. So, it’s no surprise you run into people from your past lives and they quickly feel familiar. This is a very exciting concept when it comes to your romantic life. We all want to meet our soulmate and the idea that you could’ve been in love with this same person in a past life is an enchanting notion.

Signs You’ve Met Someone from a Past Life

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How do you know if you’ve previously met someone in a past life? The signs go well beyond just immediately feeling that spark with someone. There are ways to truly tell if this person has known you before. Keep in mind that you can have connections with anyone, not just romantic partners. When you meet someone that feels inexplicably familiar, start to pay close attention to how you are feeling, what you’re thinking, memories popping up, emotions surfacing, hobbies your share, etc. These can all be indicators that you’re sharing a deep level of intimacy with this person before.

Here are some signs you’ve met someone from a past life:

You get the feeling you’ve met before or already know them.

You experience feelings of excitement, heat, heart flutters, and chest pains when you’re close to them.

Both of you share many similar interests, hobbies, and passions.

Your emotions are heightened when you’re interacting, both positive and negative.

You both share an intuitive, telepathic, and psychic bond and can almost read each other’s thoughts.

It feels uncomfortable when you’re physically away from each other.

Time seems to slow down or speed up when you’re together.

You’re both drawn to the same places and those places seem very familiar to you.

You experience déjà vu when you’re together.

The relationship you both share is teaching you hard lessons and forcing you both to grow.

What You Can Learn from Past Life Connections

Past life connection relationships are like a soulmate and twin flame connection. They can manifest themselves as many different types of partners. People are put in our lives for many reasons. It can also be argued that we chose to meet them before we were reincarnated, and we chose the lessons we wanted to learn from them. Every relationship teaches you something about yourself. If you feel you did not learn something from a spouse, best friend, parent, etc., then you are doomed to repeat patterns until you do. It’s imperative you are always working on yourself as well so that you remain in an optimal state to be open, learn, heal, and grow from every meaningful interaction.

Past life connections have important teachable moments during relationships so be attentive to what is making you feel satisfied and what is leaving you empty. Did you love unconditionally? Did you stand up for yourself and speak your truth? Were you able to forgive? Maybe you discovered self-love during the relationship? Was your loyalty reciprocated? Past life connections can also vary in duration. Some interactions are short and intense while others can last a lifetime. Before you physically manifest here on Earth, you decide which lessons you need to learn and which soul contracts with past connections you are going to fulfill. You choose to manifest familiar souls back into your life.

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Your Personal Past Life

If you believe in reincarnation, you know your soul persists long after your physical bodies die. The life you are living now is just one of many incredible adventures you’re on. We hope this article has brought you clarity about your current and past relationships, as well as yourself. The people you meet along the way are here to teach you valuable lessons and help you sort out your karma. Your personal soul journey and whom you bring along for the adventure is a beautiful and sacred thing. The concept of reincarnation and past lives is an amazing way to further a connection with another person and to understand yourself. Every one of your lives is meant to be an enriching experience filled with love.

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