How Do I Know if I’m Psychic?

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Every one of us, and we mean every one of us, has experienced phenomena that can be classified under the psychic umbrella. Psychic abilities greatly differ and can vary in intensity from person to person. A psychic has an extrasensory ability to perceive data that is not physically present or previously known. They can see, hear, smell, and sense things beyond the physical realm. Maybe you’ve had a “gut feeling” about a trip or heard a song you were thinking about earlier in the day, or perhaps you had a dream about a loved one that has already passed. How do you know if it’s a one-time occurrence or if you truly have a gift? We’ve compiled a list of the most common psychic abilities so you can more easily identify your unique skill set and how you can learn to develop it.

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What Do Psychic Abilities Feel Like

Psychic abilities, or extrasensory perception, can manifest in numerous ways. Some of these include a strong intuition, sudden mood changes or anxiety, vivid daydreams and visions, seeing lights or colors around people, abrupt temperature changes, and your hair standing up on your neck or arms. These are all extrasensory messages coming in and giving us information about something unseen. Most people have had a “gut feeling” about a person or situation. This is an example of psychically perceiving something.

Physical sensations such as mild pains or tingles can arise suddenly when we experience a new place or person. You will often hear people say, “that person had good/bad energy”. This is an intuitive gift. Immediately picking up on a person’s energy, or aura is a psychic ability. It has happened to all of us at least once in our lives.

Many people experience a lot of these symptoms simultaneously and it can be difficult to determine exactly what it is. The more you tune in to extrasensory stimuli, the better you will be at interpreting what these messages are trying to tell you. Perhaps all this time you thought you had a physical ailment or anxiety problem when it could very well be something more mystical than that.

What Are the Types of Psychic Abilities

There are many different types of psychic abilities. A psychic person can have one, all, or a unique combination of them.

Clairvoyance is the ability to see auras, spirits, and events that have hap

Clairvoyance is the ability to see auras, spirits, and events that have happened in the past and future.

Claircognizance is the gift of knowing facts about a person or event without any previous knowledge.

Clairolfaction is the extrasensory ability to smell a person, thing, or place from another location or time.  

Clairsentience is when a psychic can immediately determine when a person or spirit has positive or negative energy.

Clairaudience is being able to hear words, music, or sounds from a deceased person or past or future event.

Aura Reading is the ability to sense and see a person’s energy, or aura. Auras can be brightly lit, dimmed, or a specific color.Mediumship is the gift of channeling and connecting with people who have passed on, acting as a vessel for communication.

Energy Healing or Reiki is the ability to heal a person’s energy without physically touching them. It can be done remotely or in the presence of a person.

Energy Medicine is the act of healing oneself physically without modern medical intervention, using only the power of the mind.

Astral projection is when a person can safely separate their spirit from their physical body for a limited amount of time to travel to another location. It can also be called an out-of-body experience.

Retrocognition is the gift of seeing details of a person’s past life or events that happened in the past.

Precognition is the ability to see events that will happen in the future without prior knowledge.

Automatic Writing is the action of channeling and writing down messages from people who have passed on.

Thoughtography is the ability to impress images and thoughts onto another person’s mind.

Some Signs You May Be Psychic

Most people possess more extrasensory abilities than they realize. It’s easy to chalk things up to coincidence, your mind playing tricks on you, getting older, etc. Maybe you’ve consistently experienced things you can’t explain throughout your life. Perhaps you’ve always felt you had a keen intuition about things. Psychic gifts are hereditary so don’t be surprised if your relatives have gone through some extraordinary things as well. A lot of psychic people have reported having a family member that had a special gift or they, themselves, have always felt different from their relatives.

Easily feeling overwhelmed and overstimulated, experiencing deja vu, knowing when someone is lying right away, and experiencing anything paranormal are all indicators you have psychic abilities. You may also have had an intense gut feeling that something was wrong or going to happen. Have you ever heard whispers, smelled strange scents, had intense mood shifts, or felt something brush past you without any clear indication as to its origin?

If you sense danger, can make accurate small-scale predictions, and have been described as empathic, you may be more psychic than you think. Another indication may lie in your interests and hobbies. Have you had a lifelong fascination with the spirit world, metaphysical studies, the occult, and all things paranormal? This may mean you already have a strong connection to these other realms.

How You Can Use Your Psychic Powers

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There are many ways you can use your psychic powers for the greater good. More experienced psychics do many kinds of readings for people, including but not limited to love readings, past life regressions, tarot and oracle card readings, aura cleanses, reiki healing sessions, and mediumship. If you’re interested in developing your abilities, there are many ways you can do that from the privacy of your own home.

It’s important to be healthy in mind, body, and spirit before you undergo any intense psychic exercises. Make sure you are not personally struggling with anything that may interfere with or cloud your psychic connection. It’s imperative you are grounded and balanced to receive clear information. Meditation is a great way to prepare. Use objects such as runes, tarot cards, stones, pens, paper, or a pendulum to help channel any messages you get. It’s also wise to consult with experienced psychics so they can provide you with useful tips and advice.

Some great exercises to help you get started are meditation, tarot cards, automatic writing, keeping a dream journal, and taking note of feelings and images you receive when you visit a new place or meet a new person. Stare into a candle flame and take note of what pops into your mind. Write down your dreams the moment you wake up and refer to them to see if what you dream about starts happening in your daily life. Pull some tarot cards for a friend and see what thoughts come into your conscious mind about their situation.

Can Anyone Become Psychic?

The short answer is, yes, anyone can be psychic. Everyone has had an experience they couldn’t explain before. As humans, we all possess this otherworldly ability. But for some, their gifts can be enhanced further through practice. All living beings are made up of energy. We can all sense and work with this energy. That is what a psychic gift is. Psychics can read energy and pull specific information out of those energetic vibrations. If you want to develop your gifts, you need to get acquainted with yourself and your intuition. Learn to pay close attention to any thoughts and sensations you get. You will soon understand which outside stimuli are connected to the physical world and which are not.

Children are more receptive to spiritual and paranormal events. They are more innocent and open to the energies around them. Adults have had years of negative conditioning, practicing denial, suppressing, and explaining away any supernatural phenomena. The next time your kid says something unusual or says they see something, hear them out. They may be naturally channeling a loved one who has passed on. Maybe you can reflect on your childhood and decode some experiences you had that you didn’t understand at the time, but now you recognize as possible psychic gifts that were trying to come through.

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Evaluate Your Intuition

Being psychic and developing your unique set of extrasensory skills is nothing to fear. These gifts were given to you for a reason and it’s one of the many things that makes you special. Pay attention to the synchronicities in your life. What metaphysical and spiritual practices are you naturally drawn to? Start writing down your thoughts and experimenting with different new-age tools. You will eventually realize your specific psychic gifts, and you can begin fine-tuning them. Becoming acquainted with your intuition and learning to immediately recognize when it’s telling you something will be a game changer for you. Once you practice and start feeling comfortable and confident, you can use your abilities to make your life easier and even provide a unique service to help the greater good.

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