The Darker Areas of Your Soul

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Everyone holds a mystery and secrets in the subconscious. Most never travel beyond their personality and ego to understand a psychology that is of a deeper and sometimes darker nature – the dimensions of the soul. In fact, most don’t even know what the soul is.

The soul is the multi-dimensional evolutionary body that Carl Jung, the father of depth psychology, defined as the “Self”. The soul contains evolutionary memory of the collective legacy of human experience, memories of its previous incarnations, archetypal imprints and the union of opposites – dark and light and male and female. Defined through its accumulative evolutionary experiences, the soul is multifaceted and transforms and evolves through each successive lifetime of improvement lessons. Some souls are more evolved than others and all hold old wounds that emerge in the human experience as conflicts to be resolved and karma to be completed.

First and foremost you are a soul having a human experience that is designed to help you emerge reborn to your oversoul, commonly called your “spirit”. Now, the next question is: What is the spirit? Your spirit is your angelic self, a body of light and higher intelligence that is unified with the Source.

Everyone has dark areas of the soul that need healing before they can truly evolve to embody the higher intelligence of their spirit. One must travel the labyrinth of their soul from time to time to unearth what is hidden deep within. The most direct avenue of soul work is the study of dreams. Dreams emerge from time to time that reveal hidden conflicts and dark areas of the soul that need to be brought to consciousness and healed. The dreams reveal the personal conflicts of an individual soul and also the more collective wounds and conflicts such as, the battle between the light and the dark (good and evil).

Seeing Into the Collective Soul

As souls we share our consciousness with every other soul in heaven and on earth. We are truly one. Their problems are our problems to some extent, because we shared a legacy of experiences and psychic information through a commonality bond. There are issues that are true for everyone. These issues are termed collective issues, because they reside within the collective soul of humanity and everyone has them. Some of them were imprinted in the beginning into the human soul. The fight between good and evil, immortality versus death, the grief or rage surrounding the violation and degradation of sexuality, the degradation of cultures, races and genders, and the collective sins against the body of the earth and all its creatures, are all examples of collective wounds that reside deep within us. Therefore, battling a dark lord or an evil demon in a dream may remark on conquering a dark side of the soul. This is a battle that each and everyone one of us must win by choosing love over hatred in every instance.

The Shadow of Darkness on the Feminine Soul

A dreamer sent me a dream the other day for interpretation that she found extremely disturbing. In the dream, there was a young woman who had been raped and then murdered by a gay man, who in the dream was a friend of her friend’s ex-boyfriend. The young woman’s body decayed and transformed into the bones of her mother, grandmother and those that came before. The dream remarked on a collective wound of sexual violation and disempowerment. The bones of the ancestors mentioned a legacy of degradation carried through from one generation to the next. Not only that, the dream revealed a mistrust of gay men who many still, unfortunately, stereotypically consider sexual predators. Those two wounds were up for review not only for the dreamer but also for her best friend, whom the dream seemed to be about. A needed clarification is that rape in a dream does not necessarily represent sexual violation. Sometimes it is a metaphor for domination or the disempowerment of the victim.

Conquering Dark Vampires

Pop culture’s fascination with vampires, those creatures who derive power by drinking the blood of victims, has its roots in the collective soul. Since the beginning, souls have shared energy with each other. However, there have always been those who stole the lifeblood (psychic energy) of others, the majority unconsciously but some knowingly. A dream just told to me by a woman psychic examined her soul’s attempt to conquer this legacy. In the dream, she was at a mall. Amongst others were a large group of demonic vampires creating a threatening presence. Her first thought was to escape and never return to the mall. However, as she was about to leave the mall a tall man, whom she described as having a great deal of light, met her at the door. After her conversation with this being of light she was able to muster up the courage to go back into the mall. The male, with so much light around him, represented her own masculine higher intelligence that could help her conquer her soul’s fear of having her energy stolen. The dreamer was to remember that the light of her spirit was always with her and a power she need to embrace.

Saturn in the Seventh House

I had a dream many years back in which I was witnessing a horrifying scene out of the 1800’s. There was a young woman who was pregnant and in labor. Her husband, who was at first standing over her, came down on her and began to force sex, raping her. The woman lay there submitting, but I could see terror on her face. The baby was stillborn. A moderators voice bellowed out in the dream, “This happened because of Saturn in the 7th house”. I woke up perplexed because I, personally, don’t have Saturn in my 7th house, nor was Saturn transiting through that house at that time, according to my chart. And it would be unusual for me to submit to anything. The dream was expressing the collective theme of patriarchal domination robbing women of their “creations”, symbolized by the baby. The 7th House in astrology is the house of relationships, usually between male and female. Saturn is the archetype that rules as a father figure, creating laws and enforcing them. For centuries the patriarchy has rule the creative process robbing the feminine of value, respect, equality and honor. My dream was pointing to a very real condition entrenched in my soul that needed to be recognized and transformed. Despite the fact that consciously I wouldn’t let any law or any man usurp my power to succeed, the subconscious conflict interfered with the fruition of my goals. This is a common issue for most women. For some, patriarchal values still dominate their thinking, but more pervasive is the fact that the internal conflict within the soul causes women’s projects to be stillborn. They creatively die, never manifesting in the material because of an archetypal conflict.

Healing these deeper and darker areas of the soul can be a challenge for most. Dreams illuminate the wound and ingrained patterns, but it may take a cleansing of the soul to heal, battle the dark demons and resolve these conflicts. Forgiveness, prayer, the miracle of love, ritual, a shaman’s helping hand or the help of an experienced psychic healer and advisor can help the process along.

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