The Metaphysical Qualities of Your Birthstone

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The custom of wearing birthstone jewelry became fashionable in Poland in the fifteenth or sixteenth century. But its origins, most gem scholars agree, is associated with the Breastplate of Aaron described in Exodus 28:15-20 of the Old Testament. The breastplate was a ceremonial priestly garment that was set with twelve gemstones, each assigned to one of the twelve tribes of Israel. The stones also corresponded with the twelve signs of the zodiac and were later modernized to represent the twelve months of the year. Today, the custom of wearing your birthstone in a piece jewelry invokes very real energies and magical properties corresponding to the month you were born.

Besides being beautiful, precious and semi-precious gemstones lend their radiance and unique qualities to the wearer. These faceted or polished gems, worn as adornments on the body, are beautiful expressions of light that complement your own radiance. Each gem has a unique code of light vibrating and transmitting its unique properties into your field and its effects can be uplifting, enlivening, warm, soothing, healing or strengthening depending on the stone’s unique metaphysical properties.

The following list defines the metaphysical quality and attributes associated with each birthstone and the benefits derived from wearing it:

January: Garnet

The deep dark rose-red of a faceted garnet lends a beautiful love note to the heart. Its qualities are devotional love, passion and radiant beauty, helping you express these qualities openly with those around you. As the gemstone most associated with the divine feminine, wearing a garnet coaxes out the love goddess in you so that you may more readily share your love, beauty and grace with the world.

February: Amethyst

There is nothing like the beautiful violet amethyst to awaken the third-eye center. Enhancing intuition and clairvoyant abilities, the amethyst is the awakener to the psychic dimensions. For those who are already very psychic, this stone will quiet an overactive third eye bringing soothing and an overall sense of wellbeing and peace. Amethyst is also an excellent stone to stimulate dreams as it heightens consciousness of the spiritual realms.

March: Aquamarine

The green blue of an aquamarine is an energizer to the subtle body (your emotional self). Wearing an aquamarine will uplift and revitalize you. It stimulates your thinking function, helping you feel more intelligent, even brilliant. Associated with the throat chakra and communication, it will bring soothing healing energy to the area of the throat removing any constriction. Its effects coax you out of shyness and help you voice your ideas, feelings and heart’s desires.

April: Diamond

Diamonds are truly a girl’s best friend creating a sparkle and cheerful radiant glow to your energy field. There’s nothing like the gift of a diamond to make you feel more valuable to your romantic partner. However, the true value of a diamond is in its metaphysical properties. It brings the clarity of light to all that you do, shining a radiant beam at the third eye to awaken intuition, stimulating the higher mind and raising your awareness to the light that shines within you. A diamond will help uncloud a cluttered mind, energize a depressed heart and brings the spring back in your step as your walk the path of your life.

May: Emerald

Associated with the heart chakra, the elegant emerald with its deep dark green tones is one of the most powerful healing gemstones. It heals the physical body by opening the heart to the healing power of love and the potentials for self-healing that reside within us all. It is especially good for diabetics and works to heal the lymphatic system and the various glands of the body. Those attracted to emeralds are true healers to those around them.

June: Alexandrite

Alexandrite combines the rose-pink and violet rays to transmit a vibration of love. It bridges the intuitive center of the mind with the heart center stimulating compassion and helping you become more sensitive to other’s feelings. The vibrant qualities of alexandrite point the wearer to the wisdom of her soul and the gnosis of her heart. It will summon you to use your intuitive gifts for the greater good of those around you.

July: Ruby

Yes, ruby slippers create magic! The bright and deep red ruby activates your creative center and empowers you to manifest what your heart desires. It heals sexual wounds and helps bring balance to the reproductive system. Ruby helps you feel more passionate about life, more attractive, appealing to the opposite sex and more desired as a mate. And its magical powers can even call in the right romantic partner.

August: Peridot

The yellow and green colors of peridot combine to help even the most sensitive person feel more stable and at peace. It subtlety works on the nervous and endocrine systems of the body benefiting your health and alleviating stress. Peridot sooths your worries and tames your fears and is the perfect gemstone to wear during stressful times.

September: Sapphire

There’s nothing like a blue sapphire to make a woman feel like a princess. The gemstone associated with an enlightened mind, the blue sapphire raises your consciousness to accept your divinity, brilliance and other exceptional qualities. Yes, you are an angel of earth and sapphire teaches you just how you can use your enlightened wisdom to help others see the true meaning of life. It will help you attract people who complement your style and who help you advance your career.

October: Opal

Depending on the grade and type of opal, the qualities of opal are expressive and creatively stimulating. The stone transmits a stellar blue ray and often combines with a red/orange fire to produce an energizing glow. Wearing an opal is energizing and enlivening. It acts as a blood cleanser and stimulates appetite. The more fiery opals activate the second chakra (sexual center) improving sexual vitality and sex appeal.

November: Citrine

The yellow-orange colored citrine transmits a powerful energy for attracting the things you really want for your life. Citrine helps to transmit your thoughts out on streams of consciousness attract experiences and situations where you can demonstrate your worth. Yes, citrine can attract money into your life, if you consciously use it for that purpose. Citrine is associated with the navel chakra and therefore is a stone that helps you feel more empowered, strengthening your will and helping you develop the leadership qualities you need to succeed in the world. Physically, citrine also aids in digestion.

December: Turquoise

One of the philosopher’s stones, turquoise denotes wisdom and higher truth. Native Americans valued this semi-precious stone for its shamanic medicine, believing it helped a medicine man communicate his visions and the revelations of Great Spirit. Associated with the throat chakra, turquoise helps you give voice to your wisdom and accept greater authority amongst those in your inner circle. A favorite stone of teachers and those who are meant to influence others, it will help you earn the respect you deserve.

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